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Kennedy Denial

Few TV programs reflect today’s sophisticated academic research into the killing of Kennedy.  Fifty years later almost every important question has been answered, yet the mainstream media, even liberals like Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews, are still stuck on the Oswald button.

Thanks Madison for making the JFK and Empire program a huge success as the Red Dragon TV Studio was standing room only.  The thirst for the truth is still strong.  When Oswald returned from the Soviet Union he was admitted without any questions, despite renouncing his citizenship over there.  Why?  Because he was part of a program with 30 other CIA agents.  Interrogated on November 22nd for more than 24 hours, he was never asked about shooting the president.  Then he is visible shaken when he finally learns a reporter considers him the president’s assassin.  He says he is the patsy.  So he is silenced.  Johnson threatens Earl Warren that 40 million US citizens will die in nuclear war if he doesn’t agree to blame Oswald.  So they do, and the mainstream media falls for this.  No wonder the rest of the world ranks us 47th in press freedom.

Until you widen the scope a little, you don’t see the whole picture of assassination to protect the CIA and the military industrial complex.  Until you widen some more, you don’t see the fraud of the entire Cold War.  You don’t see the loss of 25 more years of expensive Cold War with the lost fivefold growth of  US median annual incomes to $200,000, yes, $200,000 per year.

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Who Killed JFK? for radio audio (at bottom of listing)

When Jackie Kennedy saw her husband killed, she asked the French Intelligence Agency to determine who did it.  They came back with the conclusion Lyndon Johnson did it.  The Soviet Union KGB also conducted their own investigation, also concluding that the Vice President had done it.  Two weeks after the assassination, Jackie and Bobby both sent the Soviet Union a message that they knew the Soviets were not responsible and that right wing elements in America had done the job.  Nixon in a moment of candor said the difference between Johnson and he was that he didn’t kill to become president.

The morning of the Dallas motorcade Johnson wanted his political ally Governor Connally sitting in the vice president’s car and Kennedy’s political ally Senator Yarborough sitting with Kennedy, but was overruled by Jack.  They argued vehemently over this, as Johnson was unwilling to yield on this point, for some strange reason.

The new book by Roger Stone reveals these details and much more.  Johnson was on the verge of being indicted and disgraced over the Billy Sol Estis affair and was anxiously getting reports of an ongoing investigation that final day.  Malcolm Wallace, Johnson’s hit man, was actually once convicted of murder, but given a five year suspended sentence by the Texas judge.  Eye witnesses saw a man with a gun shooting out of the Texas School Book Depository that fit the heavyset bald horned rim glasses look of Wallace.  Yes, Texas, with two thirds of the Dallas Police force belonging to the KKK, was Johnson country.

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Government Whitewashing

The process of government whitewashing begins with Operation Mockingbird launched by the CIA in 1947.  This was the CIA’s enormously successful attempt at controlling the US media.  The ruling class all come from the same Ivy League Universities, especially Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. These same buddies divide up into CIA agents, businessmen, journalists and officials.

The CIA budget exceeds the sales of the book publishing industry.  Disinformation is better funded than information in our society.  Journalists with an intelligence background and security clearance often write more interesting stories with the help of the secrecy agencies.  Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, and Bob Woodward are examples of intelligence agency journalists.  Bob Woodward’s one time partner in Watergate, Carl Bernstein, is an example of a journalist given lower status because he wrote the Rolling Stone article explaining the CIA control of 400 major media personalities, as revealed in congressional hearings.

The New York Times systematically under reports the size of anti-war rallies.  The Times does a hatchet job on Gary Webb’s reporting of CIA drug sales to support the contras.  Times’ Judith Miller helps sell the Iraq War with lies.  All of this makes sense when you realize many journalists are on the CIA payroll.  An agency with a long history of overthrowing governments overseas gets away with the pretense that they don’t do that here, just overseas.  I’m not that naive.

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All summer long Bob Reuschlein’s Military Dis-Economics SUMMARY page had only two visits and Empire Economics only five visits.

Suddenly there were four SUMMARY visits in a row with a CIA look to them:

Tacoma Park, MD, a notable DC suburb, visited Monday night October 28.

Saint Paul, MN, Fairfax, VA, and Managua, Nicaragua, follow in just 14 total hours.

Fairfax, home of many spooks at CIA headquarters, visited the more detailed Empire Economics powerpoint twice.  This looks like a team of CIA military spending analysts had suddenly noticed my work.


The pentagon has shown major concern about wars breaking out because of climate change.  Suddenly these four sequential visits viewing my CLIMATE WAR CYCLE paper look pentagon related:

Missoula, MT finds my work on 1pm Sunday October 20.  Alexandria,VA, home of the pentagon, visits fourteen hours later Monday. Two hours later Alexandria also views the 34 Key Events page.

Britain, a likely pentagon associate, visits three hours later at 8am Monday.

De Soto, TX, a suburb of Dallas, near the famous military aircraft factory in Fort Worth, visits Tuesday night (Oct 22). This suspiciously pentagon sequence completes in just 54 hours.

So other than the military and CIA, who else is interested in my work?  I have three new visits in the last two days of October:  “Speaking Requests” by Mountainview (Is it Google? Oct 31) and “Crime and the Military” by Cambridge (Is is Harvard or MIT? Oct 30).  AND my resume (CV) gets the first look in months by someone from Honolulu (Oct 31), a major military city.

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