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Global Warming Slows, Mystifying Elites

Global Warming Slows, Mystifying Elites

In a small way many people are listening to me and respecting my ideas.  But that doesn’t include many of Madison’s self appointed elites such as UW snobs, conventional economists, and mainstream media who won’t even give time to hear me out.  For example, John Maynard Keynes ideas are alive and well except he completely blew it on military spending, he didn’t understand the damage a lack of output from the military plays on the economy.

So when the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) meeting in Sweden baffled over the stall in global warming, it’s not because I didn’t try to tell them so, it’s because they won’t listen.  Yes, for years now I’ve told any speaker who will listen and in many conferences, both as a presenter and questioner, that we are in the middle of a 27 year period from 1994 to 2021 that will be a relative cooling period in the global warming record.  Until academics wake up and stop pretending the Kondratiev Wave 54 year cycle is anything but real, anything but accurate, they will be left behind by the future.  They will be forgotten by future generations as the young adopt and use the new tools I’m giving them.

Global warming should no longer be considered a random walk like the stock market, it is three straight lines before, during, and after the dates 1910 and 1973.  That’s right, if you adjust with a 55 year moving average, the current global warming rate since 1973 has doubled to two degrees Fahrenheit per century, holding steady and straight, adjusted for the cycle.  See the one hour video on my website or my academic papers for details of the how and why.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,

Press Freedom

Reporters With Out Borders

America likes to pat itself on the back as the free-est country in the world.

But “Reporters without borders” ranks us only 47th in press freedom, 57th in our overseas operations.  When you drop Italy from the analysis, where the government in power is lead by the man who owns the press there, we are the lowest of the G7 powers.  Canada 10th, Germany 16th, and Japan 22nd, lead the way, with Britain 28th in the middle, then France 37th and lowest of all, the United States at 47th.

Even Jimmy Carter admits we no longer have a functioning Democracy.

If you want to, corporate control, or control by the rich, or dare we use the F word, fascism, seems to be the common thread in Italy and America.  The Tea Party craze seems to capture the essence of that problem.

The Spirit Level book has a thesis of income inequality explaining the many developed world leading negative social and health statistics America has.  But empire, as expressed by long term military spending averages, has a much stronger pull on the leading Spirit Level statistics.  And press freedom correlates a robust negative .76 with empire versus only a moderate .63 with inequality, the same 13 point differential that exists with the Spirit Level top six.  So the ten worst effects of empire are, in order, social mobility, then manufacturing productivity, prisoners, teen births, homicides, workhours, mental illness, inequality, press freedom and obesity.

Dr. Peace (my license plate),

Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,

Eisenhower and the Military

Eisenhower coined the phrase “military industrial complex” and warned us about the undue influence it seeks.  Although this was in his farewell address in January 1961, he made similar statements on taking office in 1953.

What the peace movement too often forgets is Eisenhower’s role in establishing the military industrial complex after World War II.  In 1946 Ike called for our keeping some major military factories running to be perpetually ready for the next war.  This strategy was in sharp contrast with the founding fathers fear of a large standing army that would corrupt the economy and weaken civil rights.

Churchill came to Missouri to give his Iron Curtain speech, start the Cold War, and get the United States to take over world security where the British Empire left off.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War Department both opposed what Truman, the Secretary of State, and Eisenhower wanted and got with the 1947 National Security Act.  The military wanted to return to the successful American tradition of a small military between wars filled with volunteers during wartime.

Truman had the military at 5% of the economy in the late forties, but Eisenhower doubled the military to 10% of the economy in the fifties.  That doubling of the military took us twenty years to get back down to the Truman levels.

So when Peace Fest comes at 5pm on the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Marquis Room 6220 Nesbitt Road and we explore the Cuban Missile Crisis and other events of the early sixties fifty years ago this year, consider the start of the Eisenhower story before the warning.

Details on and in

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Miles Per Gallon Ethanol Fraud

The Miles Per Gallon Ethanol FRAUD

Ethanol in your gasoline does not improve the environment or save oil at all.  The 10% Ethanol standard has lead to 10% less miles per gallon on all three of my cars used since 2011.  Since I calculate miles per gallon every time I fill up this is based on very consistent averages, both city miles and highway miles show the 10% lost mpg.  As an engineer accountant with a doctorate, I do these calculations very seriously.

The new cars I have owned since 1974 show that EPA mpg in new cars have been very reliable up until recently.  Our new Chevrolet Cruz, bought in April 2011, is the first new car in 37 years that does not perform up to specs unless you use no ethanol gasoline such as that available from Wayne’s U.S. brand on Cottage Grove Road.

We are supposed to get 36 mpg highway on this car, we actually get about 35 mpg on round trips to Milwaukee and Whitewater on no ethanol gas and only 31 mpg with 10% ethanol gas on long trips such as Kansas.  I’m convinced that the EPA mpg posted on cars today is a complete fraud if using 10% ethanol gasoline.  To get the higher mpg posted on new cars they must be using no ethanol gas in the testing.  Government must be in collusion with the auto and ethanol industries in order to continue this fraud, they are ripe for a class action law suit.

Dr. Peace,  Dr. Bob Reuschlein,

New Feudalism

Saturday’s Peace Fest September 7, 2013, featured an education about the new feudalism. The old feudalism arose in that gloomy time between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance of the modern age. It was a time of rampant militarism, where no one was safe unarmed on the roads. It was a time when the church flourished at the expense of science, sound familiar? It was a time of lords and serfs, where the lords protected the serfs with castles and motes and knights in shining armor. That is to say, rampant income inequality like today’s America. It was a time of income stagnation.
Today we have right wingers selling the poor serfs on the nonsense that the welfare state is causing the collapse. Don’t blame that rich lord for starving the middle class and driving them into deeper into debt. Give that lord more tax breaks to invest the excess overseas without restrictions. Double the share of national income going to corporate profits. Quadruple the ratio of top 1% income to average incomes. Bust unions whenever you can. Go back to home schooling and eliminate the public schools. Force the poor into the emergency room and drive up health care costs on the middle class. Lock up as many black males as you can with drug wars and privatize the prisons. Twelve percent think they are in the 1% and another twenty three percent aspire to be. Those are the gullible Republican base of 35%.
Dr. Peace (my license plate),
Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,

New Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow

The new jim crow began with Nixon’s Southern Strategy and the ratcheting up of Drug Laws targeted at blacks.  Reagan piled on with three strikes and you’re out laws and the number of black males in prison is five times what it was in Jimmy Carter’s presidency thirty five years ago.

Conservatives like to cite that unwed births in the black community were only 24% fifty years ago and are 72% today.  Well, of course, when one third of all black males have served time in prison, that’s going to have a big impact on the stability of black families.  Crack cocaine, popular with blacks, was penalized ten times as much as powder cocaine, popular with whites.

So, yeah, Bill O’Reilly, when you lock up huge numbers of black males, destroying their vote and career prospects and college loan prospects, you should expect that to either prevent or destroy a lot of black marriages, giving rise to the statistics you quote.

Then compound it all with high military spending disrupting the economy and driving up the murder rate.  Our drug war, just like real war, is ruining all of us but especially with laws and law enforcement directed at the black and latino community.  Nonwhite state population percentage correlates about 90% with a state’s murder rate.  By international rates, military spending is even a better predictor of murder rates, so the brunt of the burden of empire falls on blacks.  Still the burdens of empire are more and more affecting all of us including whites.

Dr. Peace (my license plate),

Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,

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