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All summer long Bob Reuschlein’s Military Dis-Economics SUMMARY page had only two visits and Empire Economics only five visits.

Suddenly there were four SUMMARY visits in a row with a CIA look to them:

Tacoma Park, MD, a notable DC suburb, visited Monday night October 28.

Saint Paul, MN, Fairfax, VA, and Managua, Nicaragua, follow in just 14 total hours.

Fairfax, home of many spooks at CIA headquarters, visited the more detailed Empire Economics powerpoint twice.  This looks like a team of CIA military spending analysts had suddenly noticed my work.


The pentagon has shown major concern about wars breaking out because of climate change.  Suddenly these four sequential visits viewing my CLIMATE WAR CYCLE paper look pentagon related:

Missoula, MT finds my work on 1pm Sunday October 20.  Alexandria,VA, home of the pentagon, visits fourteen hours later Monday. Two hours later Alexandria also views the 34 Key Events page.

Britain, a likely pentagon associate, visits three hours later at 8am Monday.

De Soto, TX, a suburb of Dallas, near the famous military aircraft factory in Fort Worth, visits Tuesday night (Oct 22). This suspiciously pentagon sequence completes in just 54 hours.

So other than the military and CIA, who else is interested in my work?  I have three new visits in the last two days of October:  “Speaking Requests” by Mountainview (Is it Google? Oct 31) and “Crime and the Military” by Cambridge (Is is Harvard or MIT? Oct 30).  AND my resume (CV) gets the first look in months by someone from Honolulu (Oct 31), a major military city.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,  608-230-6640  audio at bottom of page


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