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Who Killed JFK? for radio audio (at bottom of listing)

When Jackie Kennedy saw her husband killed, she asked the French Intelligence Agency to determine who did it.  They came back with the conclusion Lyndon Johnson did it.  The Soviet Union KGB also conducted their own investigation, also concluding that the Vice President had done it.  Two weeks after the assassination, Jackie and Bobby both sent the Soviet Union a message that they knew the Soviets were not responsible and that right wing elements in America had done the job.  Nixon in a moment of candor said the difference between Johnson and he was that he didn’t kill to become president.

The morning of the Dallas motorcade Johnson wanted his political ally Governor Connally sitting in the vice president’s car and Kennedy’s political ally Senator Yarborough sitting with Kennedy, but was overruled by Jack.  They argued vehemently over this, as Johnson was unwilling to yield on this point, for some strange reason.

The new book by Roger Stone reveals these details and much more.  Johnson was on the verge of being indicted and disgraced over the Billy Sol Estis affair and was anxiously getting reports of an ongoing investigation that final day.  Malcolm Wallace, Johnson’s hit man, was actually once convicted of murder, but given a five year suspended sentence by the Texas judge.  Eye witnesses saw a man with a gun shooting out of the Texas School Book Depository that fit the heavyset bald horned rim glasses look of Wallace.  Yes, Texas, with two thirds of the Dallas Police force belonging to the KKK, was Johnson country.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,,  608-230-6640,


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