Military Empire and Climate Cycle Views

Notable People In My Life  

Gary Gygax

Principal Inventor of “Dungeons and Dragons.”  Named number one Nerd in America in 2002 by Sync magazine.  A close wargaming associate from 1965 to 1974, we were two of the leading wargamers in the world, Gary more than me, in the International Federation of Wargaming.  His son Ernie assures me that he talked about me all the time, as I defeated Gary Gygax and the editor of the Avalon Hill General in my career without losing a tournament.

Jesse Jackson

Presidential Candidate 1984 and 1988, Close associate of Martin Luther King Jr., invited me as one of two people from Oregon to his Rainbow Coalition meeting in February 1987.  His aide Lewis Carter III later gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up at the Raleigh, NC, presidential announcement in October 1987.  My Peace Economics was distributed freely at both meetings.  Jesse used Chapter Six material to inspire a popular poetic framing of Peace Economics.  Jesse asked “How many people have a VCR from Japan?  How many people have an MX missile in your backyard?  What a nation does most of, a nation does best.”

Ralph Nader

Consumer Advocate who wrote “Unsafe at Any Speed” saved millions of lives with seat belts.  Nader’s raiders formed PIRGs across the country in many states.  PIRGs are public interest research groups, I worked for one in Oregon in the eighties.  My partner and I attended two Nader workshops in Rowe, Massachusetts in May 2015 and May 2018.  Nader still doesn’t grasp the essence of Peace Economics, the opportunity costs of resources used by the military deprives their use to bolster and grow the civilian manufacturing economy.  Military gives you power, but manufacturing gives you achievement.  Military stagnates and manufacturing grows the economy.

Neil Goldschmidt

Governor of Oregon, Mayor of Portland, Transportation Secretary for President Jimmy Carter.  On the morning of his election to Governor, in the iconic 5th Street Mall, our eyes met, and we went over to shake hands.  I was the 4th congressional district Democratic Party Chair 1982-87 at the time.  From 1987 to 2011, I personally knew each governor of Oregon, thanks to my legislative intern and lobbyist work in 1981-1985.

Ed Fadeley

Supreme Court Justice State of Oregon, longtime my State Senator.  I was working with Ed in the gubernatorial primary until he told me in a car ride to back off, we both knew he wouldn’t win, and I later saw that he was only gaining name familiarity to run for his dream job, Supreme Court Justice in 1988.  I was teaching Peace Economics at the University of Oregon in those years.  Paul Olum, president of UO and former Manhattan Project scientist, advised me to go into the private sector and make money from Peace Economics.  Olum and I were sharing a table at an event.  John Moseley UO research director loved my work and high fived me on the street once.  Ed Fadeley asked me to help on the 1981 reapportionment amendment I was successfully working on but even a whiff of partisanship would have killed the effort, so I had to ignore him.  The committee all eyed me carefully and thoughtfully stared at me as they slowly but unanimously adopted the amendment because it followed prior law.

Richard Holbrooke

Obama Ambassador to United Nations, Assistant Secretary of State to Carter and later Clinton.  Negotiated the Dayton Peace Accord for Bosnia with the former Swedish PM Carl Bildt.  In September 1994 I was in the room as he announced the Russian troop withdrawal from Berlin.  He was the US German Ambassador and we both could see the Russian troops on last parade in the courtyard below.   UW Madison Professor of German Rosemary Lester from my Madison church and born in Berlin had organized the alumni trip.  A war bride of an American soldier, she evaded the widespread rape in 1945 as Berlin fell to the Soviets, ending the very vicious Eastern Front war.

Ken Keyes Jr

Author of “Handbook of Higher Consciousness” (sold and made millions), “Hundredth Monkey Principle” and “Planethood.”  We shared a workshop at the “True Meaning of Peace” conference for the grand opening of the United Nations University of Peace located in Costa Rica.  Afterword he used five clips from my Peace Economics in the book Planethood making me an instant celebrity amongst my fellow World Federalists who consider Planethood a kind of bible to them.

Dalai Llama

Religious leader of Tibetan Buddhists.  A keynoter at the June 1989 Conference mentioned under Ken Keyes Jr., I made the great religious leader laugh by talking to him after his speech.  A belly laugh, as I remember.

Lucy Webster

Director of World Federalist Movement, the international organization of which the US World Federalists were one of many country chapters.  Lucy attended my workshop at the 1999 hundredth anniversary conference of the Hague International Peace Congress and purchased $200 worth of Peace Economics writings.  I visited Norway and Copenhagen on my way to Holland.

Dede Halleck

Promotor of Peace Economy Conference on 40th anniversary of Woodstock, Dede founded the Amy Goodman show on public radio.  I flew into the conference directly from defending my dissertation the day before, and so dominated the conference from the sidelines that:  the local paper used the photo of me addressing the small group that met the second day for the cover of their paper.  My partner and I stayed at Dede’s house overnight.

Richard Schneider

Founder of “Radio for Peace International” 1986-2004.  When he found out we were both going to the UN University of Peace conference he talked me into the RFPI conference the week before.  Later he asked me to present a Weather Wealth & Wars course, half on Peace Economics and half on the global warming and cooling cycle.  Transcripts of that 1997 course, updated every decade, make up the text first part of each chapter in the 35th anniversary book, Weather Wealth & Wars.

Midge Miller

Recruited Senator Gene McCarthy to run against President Johnson 1968, State Representative Wisconsin, founder Madison Institute think tank.  Rewrote entire Wisconsin legal code to make it gender neutral.  Leader in “The War At Home” video about UW Madison anti-Vietnam War movement (including Paul Soglin then a student protester).

Dorothy Pratt

Oregon United Nations Association and Senator Mark Hatfield Promotor.  It was in Dorothy’s own living room that Peace Economics was discovered.  A Ruth Sivard bar chart of the G7 military v. manufacturing productivity was on the back of a “Fellowship of Reconciliation” brochure.  Ada Sanchez was the FOR staff.  Dorothy even got the City of Salem to put the flag of the United Nations on an equal footing with the flags of the State of Oregon and the USA.

Jean Auel

Author of “Clan of the Cave Bear”.  I met Jean and her husband Ray at the annual Mensa Oregon retreat at Longbow campground in the Cascades.  She sang “I love arithmetic” by the fireside.  She received the largest advance of the time for fiction, $130,000 in 1980.  She wrote out of anger for being passed over for advancement when she earned an MBA.  She quit her job and researched the history of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals.  Later her book was made into a movie.  The book definitely evokes memories of Longbow campground.

Jewel and Derrick Bell

This power couple came from Harvard Law School where Derrick taught for nine years before becoming Dean of Oregon Law School for five years.  I met Jewel in the living room of their house with about thirty Jesse Jackson Democratic Party precinct persons.  I explained to her, and the others present, that I had been the author of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s National Delegate Selection Plan for 1984.  Then I explained how by block voting these delegates would vote for each other for state delegates and win in the unorganized Hart caucus.  The tactic worked in three of five congressional districts so well that Jesse Jackson was able to pick up a delegate out of two delegates chosen at the state level.  We had 80 Jackson delegates, Hart 92 delegates, and Mondale had 78 delegates.  I made a deal with the Hart folks to elect one of each.

Bob Bowman

Director of “Star Wars” Program under Jimmy Carter and Reagan.  Later stayed at our Peace House next door when giving a lecture in Madison.  We planted a tree for him when he passed.  He was brilliant.

Paul Soglin

Red Mayor (he visited Castro in Cuba) of Madison Wisconsin, returned to office every so often over the years for a few terms.  Built Frank Lloyd Wright’s dream Monona Terrace.

I remember when he beat the very anti-protestor Bill Dyke in 1973 and we celebrated at the labor temple.  Decades later I met him biking and at the same health club.  A true child of the sixties, Paul was all about peace and civil rights.  He always had my vote.

Gary Bender

TV Personality WKOW TV who interviewed me in June 1968 at the first Madison Wargaming Convention, with Gary Gygax playing the Germans in Stalingrad.  Gary Bender was later covering sports for the national ABC sports.  Very polished young man.

Curriculum Vitae:

Book Launch:   

Weather Wealth & Wars, Empire and Climate Discoveries Change Everything!

This 400 page book is scheduled for release October 1.

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, September 23), “Notable People In My Life” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021261457.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to 68% ahead of last year’s pace (305/182) so far, 348 days since the last Nobel Peace Prize announcement.

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Taliban America Stories


The Taliban in Afghanistan has a lot in common with the Trump Cult in America.  Trump prefers strongmen over democratic leaders worldwide, no wonder he negotiated surrender terms in Afghanistan with them bypassing the elected but corrupt leaders in power in Kabul a year ago.  Both the Taliban and Trump cult have big issues with women.  The new Taliban government has no women ministers.  The Trump initial cabinet had no women in the top fifteen cabinet presidential succession positions.  Reuschlein theory suggests a lot in common between medievalism and the modern empire society.  See link at the end of this article.   Education and professional jobs for women and girls were not available to the old Taliban regime twenty years ago and after twenty years of these rights for women it remains to be seen how the Taliban accommodates the new reality or not.  The Trump cult now seeks to make abortions illegal as the 1973 Roe v Wade decision hangs in the balance.  Controlling women’s bodies against their will is very problematic.

Taliban Surrender Deal

When Trump and Pompeo negotiated a “peace” deal with the Taliban without the Afghan government involvement they undermined that government significantly and probably irreversibly.  One Afghan US veteran observed that the corruption of the American’s military industrial complex was matched by the leaders of the Afghan government.  Trump himself engineered lots of “grifting” and self-serving payments to Trump properties by the US military and other agencies as foreign governments would ingratiate themselves by staying at the Trump hotel while visiting Washington DC.   Trump used the government to make corrupt deals with China helping an Indonesian Trump project, Qatar be coerced to loan mortgage money to support his son-in-law’s 666 5th Avenue alligator real estate and abandoned the Syrian Kurds that crushed ISIS in a deal with Turkey. 

Sabotaging the Afghan Withdrawal

Trump wanted immigration blocked wherever he could do so.  Steve Miller engineered a very cumbersome 14 part process for special immigration visas and then stopped all processing of those visas in March 2020 until Biden took office about eleven months later.  Lowering troop levels to 2500 troops from 15,000 made any reversal of the deal almost impossible.  With the Afghan government so undermined the collapse was very quick and with the immigration visa freeze for eleven months the chaos of withdrawal was assured.  The quick Afghan military collapse left half the Afghan interpreters and others outside the Kabul area with little opportunity to be rescued.  Then the stupid and blind US media put all the blame on Biden.  “Context” is the blind spot of most modern reporting.

Cruelty is the Point

The author of the book of this title, Adam Serwer, points out that the cruelty of Trump policies is not accidental but is designed to please the Fox News viewer that makes up the Trump base.  Owning the libs is the phrase of choice in the Trump media.  A cartoon character description of opponents with lots of demonization does not have to be accurate to have impact.  Such propaganda taken to current extremes can destroy democracy, because democracy requires equal parts tolerance and forbearance, aspects not present in FOX “news” most popular host Tucker Carlson.  Respect for the other side has died with respect for not over doing it against the other side.  Kind of like warfare with war crimes rules to hold both sides to some restraint.  The widespread breaking of political and social norms by Trumpism has pushed the democracy to the brink.  Constantly presenting lies as the truth is very problematic.  Lack of forbearance is to pursue every possible advantage without any consideration of fairness or justice or restraint or truth. One of the three recent books about Trumps last year (Cruelty is the Point, I Alone Can Fix It, Yes I Did Win the Election) contains the story that the Trump regime was preparing to mail multiple masks to every American, when they found out April 7th that black and brown people were dying at twice the rate of whites, so they immediately adopted an anti-mask strategy.  Seeing Covid as a means to win the election, this policy illustrates the indifference to human suffering of the Trump extremists.

Feudalism Aspects of the Empire Society:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, September 6), “Taliban America Stories” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021260786.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to 71% ahead of last year’s pace (290/169) so far, 331 days since the last Nobel Peace Prize announcement.

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Review Empire Climate Book

Writing the Empire Climate Book “Weather Wealth & Wars”

Once you have the material together it’s easy to write a book, especially if you have been working on it for many years.  The basic text was created in the nineties for the Radio for Peace International “University of the Air” and updated every few years (2007, 2014).  Each chapter is written in three parts, the main part is textbook like with all the details fitting into the various chapter topics as we explore the world of the military and climate systematically, using a systems dynamics approach, always asking the question “How does this effect other related things?” The idea that military spending hurts the economy rather than helps it, is enormous.  The idea that we are all on a great cycle curve that is like a roller coaster, going up and down, starting with weather, which in turn causes economic ups and downs over the decades and sets up the major war situation, is enormous.  The Empire part starts first through Chapter 15, followed by the Climate part in Chapters 16-29, followed by the three special chapters on Science, Nobel Peace Prize, and Biography.

Where People Are At Right Now

People are conservative by nature, resistant to change, preferring to stick to old familiar habits rather than try new things.  My partner and I are different, looking to learn and grow all the time, going to the many local lectures available in a college town community.   Many people are happy just living their lives, enjoying family friends and sports.  Propaganda has narrowed the way to respond to new information.  Trump’s repeated lies swallowed whole by his followers and captive media have severely poisoned American politics on the way to turning a democracy into an autocracy.

Reviewers Needed

The book needs reviewers and quotes on the jacket right now.  Academics, professionals, and journalists please ask me for a compressed pdf under 8 megabytes of the book to review.  Then send me your thoughts and quotes for publication as soon as possible.  I’m thinking of an early October release date.  Books are amazingly affordable right now.  Probably all you need is an E-book and a perfect bound soft cover edition.  One place in Ann Arbor offers copies at $2.59 each.  I have about 200,000 words in my 435 pages at 14 point Calibri for senior readability, expected to cost more.   Each chapter starts with the textbook like part (about 100,000 words), followed by Releases for about 100,000 more words, ending with the extremely informative Special Charts section at the end of ten of the 32 chapters.

Purpose of the Book

National Security experts will find this a must read.  Hurricane and Climate forecasters will find this a must read.  Criminologists will find this a must read.  In the absence of this book, national security blunders will continue as usual, the climate future will remain full of wild guess work with major inaccuracies, and the failure to connect crime and the military will continue.  20% of the 560 charged with crimes during the January 6th insurrection were either current or former military.  Yes, everything changes when this book is fully absorbed into the national consciousness, and new academic departments may have to be created in our universities to follow up on the many leads created by this book.

Short Booklet of half size pages about Peace Economics:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, August 4), “Review Empire Climate Book” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021259480.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to 79% ahead of last year’s pace (267/149) so far, these 299 days since the last Nobel Peace Prize announcement.

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The US Empire Strikes Back

Fighting the Military Industrial Complex against heavy resistance:

Short history of the struggle to present Peace Economics to the world:

My life changed forever in March 1983 in my second Oregon State legislative session when I discovered that military spending does not stimulate economic growth like I had been taught in school, it depletes manufacturing instead.  Presidents and many mainstream economists and academics still believe and teach classic Keynesian Economics (1936).  Two years later I saw the graph that had inspired and motivated me in my files after my third and final Oregon legislative session in August 1985.  An avaricious newspaper reader at the time, I was struck by the absence in news of ANY stories that confirmed my finding.  This is still largely true today.  So the engineer in me decided to test the bar chart out for accuracy.  After six long months of filling thick spiral notebooks full of multi-year averagings and other techniques for looking for patterns in a century of annual statistics, I built a sixty-year model of economic growth with an astounding 99.9% accuracy.  But the world did not beat a path to my door, so I wrote it up in Peace Economics (1986) as a powerful political friend offered to submit my name to the Pulitzer Prize committee.

Wargaming 1964-1974

Gary Gygax, the leader of all wargamers in the sixties asked me to join the new International Federation of Wargaming (IFW).  While Gary was the most prolific writer in the wargaming journals of the time, I walloped him in a play by mail game of “Battle of the Bulge” in 1966, our only direct game together.  His son says he talked about me all the time.  Then I beat the editor of the Avalon Hill General (to his disgust) in a game of “Waterloo” to win the first wargaming tournament at GenCon VI in 1973.  As Coordinator of Wargaming, I had a player rating twice as high above the average as the second ranked person and was unbeaten for all but one time.  The point of this paragraph is that we all joked we must have had FBI records for our activity, my first inkling of the dark side of this “The US Empire Strikes Back” paper.  Gary Gygax went on to invent “Dungeons and Dragons” in 1974 with fame and fortune to follow.  I moved to Oregon in 1974, the last time I saw him. I had my friend Gary sell almost all my games at GenCon in 1974 as I moved on from my high school college years with wargaming and eventually got into politics in 1978.

CIA Application

In 1976 with an MBA degree and an engineering undergraduate degree, I applied for a CIA job.  I thought it would be interesting and challenging work.  But I freaked out when the interview was moved off campus to a local diner.  I never showed up as it dawned on me that spy work could be very dangerous.

Trouble In River City

Peace activists and the Jesse Jackson campaign (1987) loved my work and spread copies of my work around to institutions and politicians like Ted Kennedy.  Then a famous peace activist exploded in one of my three lecture workshops in a January 1990 “Peace Economy Conference” workshop in Miami, Florida.  24 books were bought out of 72 participants.  That famous activist explosion workshop only sold three copies. This example shows how sensitive even peace movement people are about military spending.  In January 1986 someone at the Progressive Magazine threw me out of his office, citing the New York Times as his source for not believing me.  Alexander Cockburn, leftist writer, wrote a column contradicting Peace Economics, after I gave him a copy of my book after he spoke at the University of Oregon in the late 1980s.  Thanks to the military Keynesianism of Larry Summers, Barack Obama took troops out of Iraq and tripled troops in Afghanistan falsely expecting stimulus that never came.  This stunt stalled the economic recovery after the 2009 recession for a couple of years.  Plenty of examples exist that show the lack of understanding that military spending reduces manufacturing job growth, contrary to the Keynesian presumption.  Only Joseph Stiglitz, Clinton’s economist, of all the famous modern economists, has seen the truth that lower military spending (after the Cold War ended) produced the economic growth surge of the 1990s.  Even Robert Pollin, famous URPE economist, did not understand Peace Economics or the nineties surge and post 9-11-01 slump despite three times scheduling me to speak at URPE conferences in Cape Cod in the 1987-1989 period.  When the Cold War ended producing the peace dividend of high economic growth in the 1990s, even local former “red mayor” peace activist of Madison Wisconsin Paul Soglin denied the existence of a peace dividend after the Cold War in a speech in front of me in the 1990s.  Peace Economics fell out of favor in the 1990s without the Cold War threat.  So I earned a doctorate in 2009 to establish academic credibility.  But my economist doctorate major advisor on my dissertation limited me to a survey only approach to Peace Economics to avoid facing the main issues.

The Empire Strikes Back

After being a big hit at Youngstown State and the World Futures Society in 2013, Mitchell Davis of Washington DC accepted me at starting in October 2013.  That same month the pentagon noticed my climate cycle theory and the CIA noticed my military spending theory.  Then a leader in the peace and justice studies association from Georgetown, the leading school of CIA graduates, criticized me while others love my work.  Leading world federalist Lucy Webster, Planethood author Ken Keyes, and a top War Resisters League person supported me and my work.  This is my 255th press release on as my reputation is steadily growing.  Gandhi says first they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.  Here I come in this 35th anniversary year of Peace Economics as I complete my anniversary book right now looking for reviewers this month or next.  Hoping Ralph Nader will move to reviewer.  In 1987 I answered the why question directed at Seymour Melman in an Oregon State conference because I knew he did not have a clue.  Peace people are either anti-interventionists or anti-nukes, that’s why peace economics has few friends among them.  World Federalists, where I made five presentations in fall conferences 1998-2002, are much more practical and accepting of my ideas (example famous Lucy Webster who attended my workshop at the 1999 Hague Peace Conference hundredth anniversary).  My invention of the term Peace Economics was to avoid the awful term “economic conversion” because nobody wants a religious conversion on their doorstep.


Moving from politics in Eugene Oregon to a CPA job in Madison Wisconsin in May 1993, I gave up local popularity for relative obscurity to concentrate on promoting my scientific findings rather than my political career.  I had been warned by an Oregon legislator in 1989 about “watch your back challenging the military industrial complex.”  Later a Democratic Party opponent had placed a spy on my team when I ran for legislator in 1992.  I had divisive opponents in the Party when I left Eugene, so I hoped to avoid divisiveness by channeling my energy to the activist community in Madison.  I was kept off the board of Midge Miller’s Madison Institute because I shared her doubts about the CIA whitewash of the JFK assassination.  Still I had six presentations at the Madison Institute and six services at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.  Who is Midge Miller?  She was the woman who recruited Gene McCarthy to be the peace candidate for president in 1968 and ran against President Johnson and the Vietnam War.  I gave her a last hug before cancer took her in 2008 just after the election of Obama.  We had met on the floor of the 1984 Democratic Convention as delegates from the two different states of Oregon (me) and Wisconsin (her).

Latest Deep State Assault

I appeared on a WORT radio show 3-12-2020 and gave the final presentation of the Peregrine Forum the next night.  A mysterious man listened to me who was later identified as a Madison “red squad” policeman.  Then two months later a 23-year-old rookie mailman began a yearlong campaign of bullying and intimidating my partner and me before taking our mail for the second time in six months in violation of postal regulations.  Then using all the Trump tactics of the big lie, the probable Marine brat mailman who was probably, given his name, a member of a pro-Trump fundamentalist church, and probably beaten growing up (common in conservative households) by his father who flies a Marine flag in front of the house he still lived at.  Well, well, well.  There is a good chance I had been targeted for this abuse as two police, two postal managers, and the city attorney all lied to me and ridiculed me.  The city attorney would be disbarred if she lied to court like she lied to me, and the two police lied on the police report about the fake mail truck incident Joshua lied about.  They mocked me over the use of the word “steal” rather than investigate the inappropriate nature of the mail taking by the mailman.  For six months my partner was bullied to keep the mailbox empty, one slip up led to the incident.  This police report was full of seven major lies by Joshua.  Later the 911 call notes came out with several more lies and a phony hide in the garage story.  Finally released two months later, just before scheduled trial, came out a complete video which exonerated me, showing that honking and cutting his mail truck in traffic were completely made-up stories.  The Marine brat abused his power taking our mail, arranged for two others to call police before he did and arranged to block my access to his direct supervisor.  The mail counter people sympathized with me while higher ups lied to protect the abusive mailman.  Truth was the first casualty in this war against me, as first they laugh, then attack, then I will someday win.  Mail management was compromised with a strange national assignment to police social media (under Trump appointee DeJoy), much like Kennedy’s Peace Corps volunteers being used over the years by the CIA.  Militarization everywhere.  I would like to get affidavits on all these co-conspirators to deprive me of my constitutional right to petition my government over grievances.  Weaponizing with false disorderly conduct charges turned an obvious mediation situation sour not unlike the “red squad” monitoring of peaceful protestors and activists.  Taking on the military empire state is a constant challenge promoting Peace Economics for thirty-five years.  Yet my math is conclusive as is the evidence for my proposition.

Short but comprehensive Booklet of half size pages about Peace Economics:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, June 18), “The US Empire Strikes Back” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021257570.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (221/115) so far, these 252 days since the last Peace award.

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Groupthink Dangers All Over


Google “groupthink” definition:  the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.  Google “iconoclast” definition:  characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions.  I consider myself an iconoclast because I question everything in the light of my unique empirical findings about the diseconomy of military spending.  That informs the nature and evolution of empire.  And how the immense energy transfer of differential evaporation rates over the planet’s land versus ocean creates a 54-year cycle of global warming temperatures that profoundly influences humankind’s economics, politics, wars, and the timing and location of natural disasters.  This latter natural influence continues unabated and independent from the ongoing greenhouse effect crisis.  The groupthink denial of this newly researched approach is to refuse to recognize that global temperature projections are dramatically improved with this new tool.

Mailman Incident

Our family has been harassed all year long by a rookie year mailman who routinely insisted on autocratic “control freak” tactics against me and my partner.  More info:   He has been protected in his abuse of authority by his supervisors who refused to meet with me or even give a written reply to our formal three-page complaint 1-7-21.  In his first week he pulled weeks’ worth of mail out of our mailbox without leaving the postal service required 10-day notice before that mail would be returned to sender.  Three times I met with him on his route in our neighborhood one year ago (May 2020) this month.  He eagerly sought to keep me from talking to his supervisor that first time so that he could dominate the communication against my interest.  Communication is essential for reasonable mediation of an incident but the rookie on probation must have been terrified I would tell the truth about his hostile and abusive behavior.  Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.  The civil resolution of the first incident in May 2020 ended after several incorrect statements told to me about the process of getting my mail back, a red flag I unfortunately ignored.  When I asked him whether he had reported the incident to his supervisor, he answered yes in a low voice, another red flag I ignored at the time.  As a business executive I learned the best way to solve problems was to talk them out in person, but the mailman and his supervisor preferred to keep me ignorant rather than informed; this yearlong attitude allowed the mailman to abuse me and my partner.  FedEx and UPS would never treat customers this way, and the postal bill of customer rights applies only to the front counter staff at post offices.  So when the November 10th incident happened, the front staff were horrified that no ten-day notice was left after the new inappropriate taking of our mail.  But the West Madison manager refused to acknowledge the required ten-day notice to protect his immature mailman to my disadvantage.  This same manager later lied to me promising a written reply to my postal complaint and instead turned the complaint over to the wayward mailman instead stabbing me in the back.  This happened after I settled the fraudulent disorderly conduct charge with a $187 payment to the City of Madison, exactly as I had explained in my last call to the Westside station manager.  Instead two weeks later the Marine brat mailman weaponized the process for a second time calling police when I tried to defend myself and my partner, falsely claiming stalking charges as we researched our counterclaim against the Marine brat.  Justice blocked for a second time with two policepersons.  The first time November 10th my constitutional right to petition my government over grievances was blocked as I was waiting to talk to the and the second time (April 30,2021) my right to defend myself against the seven perjury (lying in police report) mailman was blocked by immature young police.  In both cases the Marine brat used lies and distortions to create a police response.  But they cannot block my defamation lawsuit if a use an attorney.  Expense and time drains favor the paid institutions of the postal service, police, and city attorney over a citizen only seeking to be treated fairly.  The mailman was bullying my partner to keep the mailbox empty each day and when two days of mail was left in the mailbox, the mailman took it November 10th claiming that a 93% empty mailbox was “completely full” as it had to be for the mailman to legally remove mail.  Bullied by a criminal postman and one-sided police.  Police seem to be biased in favor of large organizations and against individuals, clear case of groupthink.


Capitalism is based on the products becoming popular and more of the product is made and sold.  Life experience is that once you find a great new product, it is soon discontinued, rather than more product produced to meet the need.  This is what my partner calls “crapitalism”.  Kind of like planned obsolescence in automobiles, products are forced down the consumers throat, rather than producing more of what people want.


Economic history shows that individuals, small inventors, are more productive in research than large organizations.  Hence the relatively slower progress of the empire society due to the lack of economic productivity of military spending.  Military spending does have, however, high political power productivity.  Power can reap economic benefits, but these are usually very limited in scope and benefits.  Military research is arcane and often too military specific or shrouded in secrecy to help the general economy.


Large organizations, businesses, governments, often have a feudalistic fiefdom nature in the militaristic society, where groupthink limits their potential.  Small business is the engine of ingenuity and job growth.  More info:

Future Trends

Large organizations and governments often slip into major wars under the circumstances where the last major war has become a distant memory.  Common sense in these things depend on forgetfulness of the terror of war.  Also governments are full of themselves with recent growth and capital accumulation.  Just as railroads led the way in the gilded age before the first World War, today the internet giants dominate the new gilded age where the rich have become enormously rich and powerful again.  Cycle theory (54-year) fits well for wars, civil rights changes, and pandemics, all of which peaked about a century ago (108-year cycle).  The Spanish Flu of 103 years ago compares to Covid 19 today, The World War of 1914 (1917 for USA) compares to rising tensions with China today and 2025 would be 108 years from America’s entry into the World War.  Women’s right to vote and Black Lives Matter George Floyd are 100 years apart and the voting rights act was 56 years ago.  But nuclear weapons deterred the Sino-Soviet border clashes of 1969 from developing into war and the nature of conflict is changing.  Have we already had our war with the virus killing 600,000 Americans?  Not clear.  Cyber war seems to be the new nature of war today.  Cross border wars have become rarer and rarer, with 90% soldier death in the first World War and 90% civilian deaths today.  Clearly the nature of war has changed and may be about to change again.

Groupthink Story by an Ancient Philosopher:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, May 15), “Groupthink Dangers All Over” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021256152.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (187/101) so far, these 218 days since the last Peace award.

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How A System Did Not Work

Attacked By A Trump Supporter

We live in a divided society in the United States, thanks to propaganda from right wing radio and TV.  This is a natural tendency for a highly militarized empire society over the course of time.  Why? Because the economic stagnancy that comes from draining key resources away from production and into power dominance leads to a similar stagnancy in the political regime.  Having a crazy president like Trump only clarifies trends long time developing.  Thanks to tutoring from Russia’s Putin the former president has pushed America closer to dictatorship under Trump with his careful demeaning of all truth that comes from the mainstream press, as he gaslights his way forward denying he ever does anything wrong.  When challenged, he doubles down with the falsehoods to get his way, calling all negative evidence against him a hoax.  This is exactly what happened when a new rookie mailman had problems with our mail and then acted out against our family and was backed up by police when he lied to falsely characterize the surprise attempt to reclaim our mail in real time.  This occurred while the mailman was still on his route after the inappropriate taking of mail from our box late in the day.  It became almost impossible to take on the various bureaucracies of the postal service, police, city attorney and Marines in the face of nine or more major lies documented in the police report.  Fortunately, false statements to police constitute perjury with up to a six year or $10,000 fine for each perjury.  This is a story of how easily a person can be framed and denied rights thanks to institutional and personal biases and incompetence.  Pandemic has forced a lot of junior hires as government is underfunded.

Cast of Characters

Mailman, 23, six months experience.  Afraid the male resident might actually talk to his supervisor, he convinces everyone on an excessive three calls to police that the mail resident attacked him.  Then he concedes that the male resident never came closer than 10 feet away, a gross underestimate of that closest distance as it was more like 25 feet away.  One witness sees him relaxed despite the claim of an attack.  He is easily twice as fast as the old man, who keeps trying to walk up to him to talk about the mail.  He refuses to make eye contact most of the time and keeps moving away until the mailman stops 100 feet away and answers the question “will you give me my mail back?” with the one word answer, “NO”.  If he returns the mail, he does not get to punish the old man by forcing him to go to the post office ten minutes away, wait in a long line, to get his mail back in a half hour.

Male Resident, 70, 14-year resident, seeks to get mail back after 7% full mailbox is falsely declared “completely full” on police report.  No required 10-day notice is left in the box despite postal regulations.  Policeman never inquires about size of mailbox, just assumes small mail stack completely fills mailbox.  Must assume an apartment size mailbox, not the 1000 cubic inch mailbox of the resident.

Female Resident, 66, 14-year resident.  Police report leaves out her testimony that no threat to harm the mailman ever occurred, as if two witnesses to one impeached witness does not win the case.

Male Policeman, 35, 20 months experience.  Too inexperienced to detect obvious lies, he fell for everyone of the seven big lies of the mailman, and hid those hideous lies from the male resident, refusing to give him a chance to refute them.  When asked about the police report, he laughs, again showing his bias, guilty until proven innocent.  Then he either does not view the video or he would see that there is no mail truck involved in the incident like the mailman’s shaggy dog story lie.  No honking or cutting off in traffic.

Female Policeman, young trainee, months experience at most.  When the lead cop lies and cites the mail truck lie was confirmed by the old man, it must be based on the woman cop asking the old man if he followed the mail truck.  When the old man stared at her, she nodded her head up and down and claimed the old man had confirmed the non-existent episode.  Mailman are 90% on foot and maybe 10% driving while on the route.  There is no room on the timeline for this big “traffic” lie.

Postal Management, generally most experienced of all parties other than the two elderly residents.  At one point on the police call notes the old man is still at the scene and then two minutes later at the postal counter a ten minute drive away.  This was needed to maintain the illusion of “hiding in a garage” long after old man and woman have left the scene.  Despite old man’s request to talk to the supervision, the call notes suggest he was trying to see the mailman again.  How absurd, the mailman said “NO” and that is why the couple went to see the supervisor at the post office.

City Attorney, 27, two years experience.  Old man talks to her for 30 minutes, she is incapable of discussing the case intelligently, unlike prior experience with a city attorney.

City Attorney, 33, eight years experience.  Insultingly suggests the mailman should be treated better and that 10 hours of community service is not worth $2000 of the old man’s time.  Suggests the post office took the mailman off the route “temporarily” ignoring the postal complaint that completely explains the incident from an honest perspective.  Mail station manager confirms that this is a lie, that the decision to remove postman from the route was for the mutual protection of all parties. 

Key Evidence

Google:  What postal authority exists for removal of all mail from a mailbox?

Answer:  If a mail receptacle is deemed by the letter carrier to be full, the letter carrier will leave a “We ReDeliver for You” form (PS Form 3849) in that receptacle and return the overflow mail to the local Post Office™ location for pickup. Oct 21, 2020.

Video:  Shows no chase ever happened, either by vehicles or on foot.  Completeness belies the traffic incident lie of the mailman and the lie in the police report that the old man confirmed the non-existent traffic incident.  Mailman and policeman perjuries revealed by this video, which covers the whole four-minute incident which began four minutes after the mail was found missing.  The ten minute drive to the post office and a two minute wait in line are confirmed by the police call notes.

Mailman Motive

The Marine flag at the home where the mailman lives with his parents and where another Marine witness made up false charges like honking and swearing and acting like a big ape.  Sounds like one Marine doing a favor for another Marine’s son.  Also explains how a “No F-35” and many peace signs on residents property would offend the mailman.  The incident took place on the second workday after the media declared Trump a loser in the election.  The mailman must be a Trump fan and acted out impulsively and with anger taking mail from the resident’s mailbox.  Then he lied and called the police when the citizen sought to pursue his constitutional right to petition the government over grievances.  The forty minutes he spent talking to the policeman shows how he had to make more and more outrageous claims to convince the police to issue a ticket.  The policeman was more interested in revenue than justice.  When and if the policeman watched the video without sound he should have dropped the charges after seeing no mail truck involved in the incident at all.  One major lie is enough to lose a case, especially two witnesses to one impeached witness.  But almost no one acted with honor or integrity while falsely framing the old man, except the partner with the old man during the entire incident, who was ignored repeatedly.  Abuse of power by mailman, cops, and prosecutors is disgraceful.


Police refusal to allow old man to talk to the mailman’s supervisor, not paying attention to his story and not revealing the extensive false claims of the rookie mailman to allow a response show the unfairness of the policeman.  Both policepersons and the mailman may be guilty of ageism to the elderly couple and sexism to the old man’s partner.  They also thought very little of the older residents, treating them both with disrespect and failure to engage in dialogue about the numerous outlandish charges of the mailman.  Waiting 41 days for the police report with nine major lies in it, more weeks for the call notes, and more weeks for the video, shows the callous disregard for a defendant facing false charges with at least nine big lies in it.  The hard evidence clearly shows the injustice by a variety of youngsters against the baby boomers they often hate and resent.  

Tomorrow is my deceased mom’s 99th birthday.  Happy birthday mom!

Another Policing Story:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, March 25), “How A System Did Not Work” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2021254037.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (140/69) so far, this 167 days.

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Not Grandpa’s Republicans

History Overview

The Cold War changed everything, as an America, reluctant to get involved in foreign entanglements since President Washington, became an empire society post 1945 dominated domestically by high levels of military spending, a Permanent War Economy as stated by the great Seymour Melman in 1970.  Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential candidate, launched the modern conservative movement as future president Ronald Reagan nominated him in the Republican Convention of that year.  America operated much like pre-World War II America until Reagan’s election in 1980 entrenched the modern empire state.  George Orwell’s book 1984, written in 1948, does a brilliant job of describing Reagan’s re-election year 1984 as I re-read it that year, with rhetoric like short range Peacekeeper missiles were installed in Europe (Orwell’s war is peace) and the opposition Nuclear Freeze won on ballots in 1982 in Wisconsin and elsewhere.  The Goldwater campaign began the process of turning the solid South from Democratic to Republican, an historic reversal of the Lincoln Civil War election of 1860.  The modern Republican party has become the party of Jefferson Davis, president of the 1861 Confederacy, no longer the party of Lincoln, as the Confederate flag of 1861 flew for the first time ever in the US Capitol building during the January 6th, 2021 Trump insurrection.  (160 years is only 2 years off a 54×3=162 years perfect long cycle)

Evolution of the Republicants

Lincoln, the first Republican president, started the transcontinental railroad during the Civil War.  Republican President Teddy Roosevelt championed the trust-busting progressive movement after 1900.  My middle namesake grandfather William Markham secured funding in 1927 for the dam creating the third largest wildlife refuge in North America, the Horicon Marsh, after his election to the Wisconsin State Senate in 1926.  Republican president Eisenhower started the Interstate highway system in America in the 1950s.  These are examples of the old Republican Party before the modern reversal.  Even Senator Barry Goldwater accepted the 1973 Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion and told President Richard Nixon he needed to resign in 1974.  Richard Nixon followed his Southern Strategy into office in 1968 and turned the tide in economics from Keynesianism to Monetarism through his funding, two staples of the modern Republicans.  Newt Gingrich stopped forty years of Democratic rule of the House of Representatives in 1994.  But Senator Mitch McConnell of former slave state Kentucky began the party of “no” Republicans of today, hence the term Republicants, adding the “t” to the name, the extreme “can’t do” philosophy of obstructionism Republicans of today.  This reflects the twisting of the name by Republicans to calling the Democratic Party the Democrat Party to emphasize the “rat” at the end of the name as the modern Republicans have waged war against and demonized their opponents.  Under Obama and Biden this party has deviated from the American tradition of the loyal opposition and violated the two principles essential to democracy of “tolerance” of the opposition party and “forbearance” of doing all you can do against your opposition.  Instead, the modern Republicants falsely ascribe all manor of evil about “liberals” and attempt to reverse all opposition policies, especially health care.  Much of this dates to the 1987 Reagan reversal of the “equal time” doctrine of mass media, starting with Rush Limbaugh in 1988 and FOX news in 1997.  Our national discourse has become increasing argumentative leading up to the one-sided cult of Trumpism.  No longer do they think “there but for the grace of God go I” or give their opponents a honeymoon period after presidential elections, as in the past.

Policy Reversals

Small government conservative and Mathew 25 Christian Joe Scarborough of the Morning Joe show on MSNBC has become an independent in the face of McConnell and Trump Republicanism.   Once the party of local and state government under the theory of that government closest to the people is the best government, now the Mitch McConnell Republicans decry state and local government funding as a “blue state bailout” as if red state governors and mayors don’t need funding in the pandemic to keep from “defunding the police” and healthcare workers and educators.  They oppose masks and want businesses and schools to open prematurely in the pandemic, as if that and Trump rallies are not super-spreader events that lead to mass sickness and death.  They defend gun sellers over the rights of people to avoid gun sales to criminals and the mentally ill.  They make voting hard for elderly young and low-income people trying to maintain white supremacy and the oligarchy of the rich.  In hard economic times, they accept Democratic support for stimulus under Republican presidents but not for Democratic presidents.  Instead of putting country first, they put partisanship first, seeking to hurt us all to hurt Democrats at the polls in the next election.  They deny reality to gaslight and use big lies to control the political order.  They support calling investigations into their law breaking and pandemic mistakes hoaxes.  Trump calls his law breaking and his cabinets law breaking support for law and order.  Trump supporters think his 30,000 lies are candor and honesty.  Honest news is stereotyped as fake news, Trump big lies are called alternate reality.  Small cuts in other programs and big military buildups have make the so-called small government conservatives just another big lie as Republicans increase government spending more than Democrats decade after decade.  Balance the budget is replaced by unfunded tax decreases in decade after decade.  Biggest sinner ever is supported by fundamentalist Christians who want a conservative court.  The myth that Republicans are good for the economy and small business are denied by the historical record that shows Democrats usually have a much better economic growth rate and Republicans favor big business over small business in policy after policy.

History of the Presidents Economics 1910-2009:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, March 3), “Not Grandpa’s Republicans” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:’s-Republicans,2021253088.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (118/62) so far, this 144 days.

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Stop The Steal Rationale

Stop The Steal

This was the rallying cry of the mob that stormed the capitol building on January 6, 2021.  How did Trump manage to create this impression in the mind of his followers?  This is the one key omission in the otherwise brilliant presentation of the House managers in the impeachment trial.  Rachel Maddow asked whether the trial could have had a secret ballot changing everything, and was answered by two House managers that yes, the Senate could have required a secret ballot.  That would have changed the result, removing the bully’s ability to primary those that crossed the Trump mobster.  Don the mafia Don.

Starting The Year

Trump expected the strong economy to reelect him and was horrified to find a pandemic ruining that idea.  He did not like the optics, so he started to create his own separate reality.  So he denied the danger and reality of the pandemic in public while confirming the danger in private to Bob Woodward and refused to wear a mask.  His followers gleefully followed while Democrats were horrified.  So he exploited Democratic horror by insisting Wisconsin voters vote in person and not by mail April 7th.  Too bad he did not “stop the steal” in Wisconsin as the gerrymandered Republican majority in Wisconsin stole lopsided Republican control for a decade.  So he began by destroying the postal service as his appointee removed 671 mass mail processing machines reducing deliverance from 90% reliability to 80% reliability and to heck with seniors’ vital medicines.  300,000 votes were stuck in the post office on election day.  He continued mass rallies spreading the disease to 30,000 of his followers leading to 700 deaths by the Stanford study and possibly doubling those figures again by election day. 

Red Mirage

With 40% of the vote by mail as mostly Democrats voted safely as the president urged his voters to vote in person only, the setup was in place.  Loyal Republican legislatures blocked any sensible processing of voter envelopes ready to be counted before election day in key states so the early vote would only show election day vote and not the mail vote for several days in Pennsylvania for example.  This allowed Trump to claim he won in a landslide on election night that was stolen from him as ballots arrived “mysteriously” in the night from cities with a huge black vote.  Stop the count became a rallying cry.  Lawsuits sought to block the counting of urban black votes.  Anyone can see that he won in a landslide Trump complained to his followers, so show up January 6th to stop the stolen election from going to Biden.  Trump tried to claim massive vote fraud from all these “late” counted ballots, but 61 court cases said otherwise, many decided by Trump appointed judges.

Trump Does Not Care

When the Michigan governor was threatened with a plot to kidnap and try her for treason, Trump encouraged the plotters and not the governor as he continued a long pattern of endorsing violence by white supremacists.  In the September debate he told the Proud Boys (terrorist group according to Canada) to “Stand Back and Stand By” which quickly became a jacket design worn by the Proud Boys.  They began to prepare for violence after election day, showing up in force with police, military, veterans, and 57 elected persons for the rally and capital assault January 6th.

When Republican House Leader McCarthy complained about the assault to Trump with an angry phone call, he was interrupted by breaking glass while Trump dryly responded, “Perhaps they care more about the election than you do.”  Ten minutes after hearing from Senator Tuberville that loyal up until that day Vice President Mike Pence had been evacuated from the Senate chamber, probably after hearing the mob chants of “Hang Mike Pence” on television, he tweeted another anti Pence tweet to his rampaging supporters.  Looking for Nancy Pelosi and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez rioters asked “where is she” as Pelosi staff hid in a room nearby and AOC hid in a bathroom closet fearing for her life.  Trump sees the world as killers (him) and weaklings (others).  Like the Roman Caligula, Trump is the crazy one.  His niece, Mary Trump, psychologist, sees him as the most dangerous man on earth.  Malignant narcissist or sociopath, your choice.  American needs a two party system, not one party and one cult.

Seventeen Revolutionary Findings About Military Spending, Empire, and the Long Cycle:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, February 16), “Stop The Steal Rationale” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2020252477.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (102/57) so far, this 129 days.

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Dangerous Times For America

Overall Perspective

Trump has prepared for the 2020 election with seven phone calls to his dictatorship mentor Putin from March to July 2020.  Then he planned to take advantage of the pandemic and Democratic “weakness” to prefer vote by mail, using state legislative allies to stop early processing of mail-in ballots, so he could declare early landslide victory from election day votes being counted first.  Then he says “everybody knows we won” before these ballots came out of nowhere overnight to steal the election for Biden.  His foolish followers believe him in this charade, thinking he is an honest man unlike the 30,000 lies documented by the “fake” mainstream media.  And of course, the pandemic is a hoax and Russian interference is a hoax, and his job growth was weaker than Obama’s second term as he declares he has the “best economy of all time” (one of the lower growth records since 1945).  Trump supporters have been trained to ignore the mainstream news in favor of his propaganda echoed by right wing radio and television and repeated on social media by his followers to the less informed followers.  Cutting Trump off Twitter after storming of the capitol January 6th has led to a 73% reduction of disinformation, but the damage has been done as Trump’s hold on the masses of Republicans remains high, though drifting slightly lower as many states show thousands leaving the Republican party voter registration. 

Sedition Caucus

Most Republican office holders, terrified by the murderous mob, initially looked to abandon Trump but now fearing being primaried by Trump supporters in their next re-election are rallying to acquit Trump of impeachment charges. Now most Republicans repeat the “big lies” instilled in Trump supporters in the Twitter days when Trump heretics were mercilessly attacked.  He has learned well from his Russian puppet master.  Trump has learned to never attack Putin personally when he is forced to criticize Russia, especially Helsinki where he showed loyalty to Putin over his own CIA.  Very strange “law and order” candidate who constantly commits crimes to stay in power.  Trump claimed to be against the unfortunate “Defund the police” cry of some Black Lives Matter protesters, even as he and McConnell resist the “Blue state bailout” funds for state and local government that inevitably forces state and local budget cuts in the police force and other first responders and health care workers.  Red states are equally suffering with the blue states as red governors go along with the cuts to their states.  The big lie worked again as 13 congressional seats went from Democrat to Republican thanks to the defund police false narrative.  Draining the swamp is another Trump false narrative as his cabinet is at record highs in corruption, compared to no corrupt resignations under Obama.

White Power Terrorism

The capital now has 10,000 national guard troops to protect from right wing terrorists like the Proud Boys, Oath Takers, and Three Percenters that planned and executed the storming the capitol on January 6th beginning plans right after the election.  Trump put flunkies in charge of the pentagon in December so he could delay response to the mob at the capitol by an hour and a half, as he smiled watching the invasion on television.  FBI violence reports indicate domestic violence in 2019 was about 98% by white supremacy type groups and 2% antifa type groups.  There is no domestic terrorism law against whites, only Islamic terror laws, but the FBI has definitions and laws to work with and has shown ties between congresspersons and the plotters of the capitol invasion.  Treason charges could include such attacks against the US.  Congresspeople allowed plotters to view the capitol the day before the attack despite tourism being banned under the pandemic since March.  Some congress persons were twittering locations of AOC and other Democrats, aiding, and abetting the invasion.  Legal charges should follow.  Photos of the crowd show many ex-servicemen in the invasion.

Personal Threats and Gains

I discovered the key to Peace Economics by Ruth Leger Sivard on a brochure from Ada Sanchez of the Fellowship of Reconciliation at a meeting held at the famous Dorothy Patch’s house in March 1983.  Dorothy Patch was United Nations Association power behind the throne of Peace Republican US Senator Mark Hatfield Chair of Appropriations.  Hatfield was the only “no” vote in the 1981 largest peacetime increase in military spending in American history, Dorothy and Mark both of Salem Oregon.  Dorothy got the City of Salem to fly the United Nations flag equally with the federal and state flags.  I made copies of the Sivard chart and plastered them all over the state legislative offices.  Then I realized going through my papers two years later that the world did not believe military spending was disastrous for any economy.  So I began testing the Sivard concept for reality and found a near perfect (-1.00 is perfect) -0.997 correlation and a sixty-year fit in the US economy of 0.999.  So I wrote the book Peace Economics in February March 1986.  The popular paperback edition was released that Hiroshima Day to rave reviews. While thrilling most people with my results, including Jesse Jackson, I began getting negative feedback from leftists like Colman McCarthy’s brother and socialists like Alexander Cockburn who thought economics dominated the arms race, contrary to even Marx.  A state legislator in 1991 warned me to watch my back because powerful people would want to stop me.  But the SANE Freeze Congress adopted Peace Economy as a top priority in 1988 and had balloons with my 1989 book title Strength Through Peace behind every chair in 1990.  It has been up and down ever since.  One County Commissioner wanted to submit me for Pulitzer consideration, and another thought I had proven my point to a ridiculous extent.  Still denial was strong despite more quotes (five) in the book Planethood than Kennedy or Reagan after sharing a workshop with Ken Keyes Jr. in 1989 at the UN University of Peace in Costa Rica.  Fast forward to the present.  The pentagon (global warming) and CIA (military spending) noticed my work in 2013 and a strange visitor (police? FBI? Military? Intelligence?) appeared at my last public speech at the Peregrine Forum just as the pandemic shut things down March 13, 2020.  The World Federalists have always treated me better than peace people, because they think “big picture” structures better.  In my Gary Gygax days (1964-1974) we wargamers all figured we had extensive FBI files.  I can always use an extra Nobel Peace Prize nomination just before the deadline:

Deadline January 31 midnight CET (Norway time) for Nobel Peace Prize nominations by national legislators, cabinets, and leaders or certain associate professors or higher academics and many other peace related orgs:

Seventeen Key Findings About Military Spending, Empire, and the Long Cycle:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, January 30), “Dangerous Times For America” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2020241810.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2020 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website; daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (93/48) so far, this 113 days.

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Where Big Lies Come From

Peace Economics Perspective

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” Roman Empire philosopher Aeschylus said.  If war starts the lying, empire makes it much worse and can institutionalize lying.  Just as military spending increases drive down manufacturing jobs and economic growth, it drives up crime and murder rates and general corruption.  The corruption of empire hurts our health, mental health, and captures control of our politics.  The general decay of empire is reversible if you can reverse the military budget (there is hope), hence empire decay is not inevitable, just all too likely.  The Republican party is drunk with the power of military spending, locally and long term.  Both parties fail to see the trade-off with manufacturing, although it is obvious in the jobs’ statistics.  The international financial service sector booms with a global economy (tenfold % GDP growth since the seventies) as the technology loaded manufacturing sector withers at home.  Lies have emerged as one strategy to help white nationalists win despite the looming non-white national majority.  Lies are part of the corruption of empire in America since the 1945 war of empires.

Public Relations Industry

John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton wrote Toxic Sludge is Good for You and started the Center for Media and Democracy (1993).  John cites World War I as the beginning of the modern public relations industry.  David Brock wrote The Republican Noise Machine (2004) and according to Brock and Wikipedia “conservative and Republican strategists ‘concoct smears, distortions, and outright lies’, and then disseminate the product as ‘talking points’ to right-wing radio and Fox News, which Brock says set a narrative echoed by more mainstream news sources.  Heritage Foundation (founded 2-16-1973) is cited as the leading think tank on the right.  CATO Institute (founded 1974) and ALEC (1973) were founded by the Koch brothers.  Following the 1971 Powell memo, this begins the modern conservative reaction after the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s.  Manhattan Institute (1977) and Bradley Foundation (1943) and Hoover Institute (1919) all founded in war or postwar all contribute to conservative propaganda today.  Note that five of the ten dates were in the seventies, the strong anti-Vietnam reaction that elected Ronald Reagan and doomed the middle class ever since 1980.  When do the lies stop? Never.

Extremism and Democracy

US Senate Filibuster was an accidental development in the early nineteenth century and only used about once a two-year congress in the middle of the 20th century.  But since the arrival of Mitch McConnell as Republican leader in 2007 the filibuster has been abused by Republicans to the point of constant use for all major legislation, today.  This is an absurd change from majority to 3/5ths majority rule at a time when tolerance and forbearance, key necessities for a healthy democracy have all but disappeared.  Like the Roman Empire’s evolution from a republic to a dictatorship, excessive militarism is steadily destroying the democratic fabric of American society.  The engine of this development is the propaganda media of the right wing developed from the 1987 repeal of the equal time doctrine that once required equal time to both sides of an issue.  Never mind that there are more than two sides to many issues, the right to outright lie and radically distort information has gone too far without some check and balance mechanism.  Free speech does not extend to the right to holler “fire” in a crowded theatre, and normal TOLERANCE for other points of view and FORBEARANCE from taking advantage of power to use any means necessary to reach your goals must be parts of democracy; that without those two attributes democracies die.  Trump and today’s Republican Party have “jumped the shark” in that respect.  The sedition caucus operates today in today’s Senate and House Republican Parties.  Finding new ways to dominate the other side is a recipe for fascism.  Demanding unconditional surrender may have been necessary to win World War Two, but it shows a disastrous tendency of intolerance for the other side in a healthy democracy drifting deeper and deeper into a state of empire, dictatorship, and the “Big Lie” tactic of Donald John Trump (26,000 lies and 400,000 COVID-19 deaths).

End the Filibuster

The US Senate is no longer the world’s greatest political body, it has almost been destroyed by extremism on the right as they pack the courts.  Before our democracy completely dissolves, the left must take this opportunity to correct course on democracy.  The start is to repair the voting rights act by outlawing irresponsible states from employing all manner of voter suppression measures without pre-clearance from the Justice Department.  It is time to guarantee the right to vote once and for all.  It is time to end gerrymandering, like the locked in majority for a decade Republican legislative control of the Wisconsin Legislature since 2010.  Several times the shift back to Democratic Party and voter control have been thwarted in the last ten years, with the extreme example of the Supreme Court refusing to correct on a pretext of “standing”.  DC needs to become a state, not governed by a committee in the national legislature, not thwarted from asking for reinforcements from Maryland for 90 minutes when the capital was under siege January 6th.  Finally the Secretary of the Army approved national guard and special police.  Two more blacks in the US Senate would make the Senate look more like America.  A 51-star flag would be symmetrical (eight nine eight nine eight nine).  Sixty votes would make a farce of such plans to restore democracy.  Red states already have eighteen more Senators and Electoral College votes, two Senators would give better balance desperately needed.

Seventeen Key Findings About Military Spending and Long Cycles:

Please cite this work as follows:  Reuschlein, Robert. (2021, January 20), “Where Do ‘Lies’ Come From?” Madison, WI, Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:“Lies”-Come-From?,2020241343.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2020 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my website, daily “hard looks” per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year’s pace (83/41) so far, this 102 days.

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