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This is looking at the invisible (beyond the first fifty) press release views on from 51 to 198.  These show increased results from the last year and are quite instructive.  Name, date, new views and rank of new views.

CIA Presidents, 1-23-16, 267 views (#1)

This drew the top interest.  Few know that Presidents Clinton and Obama worked for the CIA prior to being elected president, and, no doubt it was a major contributing factor to their success.  To be elected emperor requires either coming from a high military spending state or the CIA.   The other CIA president, George Bush Sr., was appointed CIA director under Ford “despite his lack of CIA experience.”  Evidence shows he was CIA circa 1963 in Dallas.  Obama went to Pakistan twice 1981-83, the staging ground for the Afghanistan War by the CIA against Russia.  Clinton’s home state of Arkansas was ground zero for factories contributing to the eighties Contra War in Nicaragua.  See also CIA lifetime history, 4-16-16, 117 views (#26)

Earthquake Prediction, 8-26-14, 261 views (#2)

Earthquake prediction and especially hurricane prediction are important components of the natural 54 year cycle theory, a key to the 63 year US economic model, and the timing of major wars (US, Europe, and Rome).  War prediction enables a country to take advantage of peace economics to keep military spending minimal (and growth high) during more peaceful periods (circa 1977 to 2004, circa 2031 to 2058) and to better prepare for the circa 2025 major war.  See also Nepal Chile 4-28-15, 185 views (#7) and Violence Cycle, 11-29-15, 172 views (#10) and Cycle Matters, 8-3-14, 118 views (#25).

Nobel Prize Watch, 3-19-16, 254 views (#3)

This summarizes my early attempts to watch the Norwegian Nobel Committee watch me after my first nomination due 2-1-16.  The near miss in 2017 and the “ten times normal” heavy watching this year in 2018 make me very optimistic about October 5th.  See also Response Norway, 2-6-16, 130 views (#18)

Religion and Empire, 1-3-15, 207 views (#4)

Some have estimated that as much as 63% of wars have religion as a main cause.  My point in this release was that the Roman Empire coopted Christianity and put a lesser importance on doctrines of the peaceful shall inherit the earth, live by the sword and die by the sword, good Samaritan, and turn the other cheek.  Also that the Roman Catholic church became the first protestant church when Rome asserted authority over the four other Pentarchy centers of the early Chistian church, Alexandria, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Antioch.  Note that half the leaders of communes in first two hundred years of the early church were women, before patriarchy took over.  Empire and militarism promote patriarchy.  See also Modern Feudalism, 2-21-15, 115 views (#28)

Football Baseball War, 5-28-16, 206 views (#5)

American football with its heavy emphasis on militaristic terms and practices, supplants baseball as America’s top sport during the Cold War.  Meanwhile demilitarized Japan adopts baseball as its top sport.  Empire militarizes the culture of a country.

Walker Work Dignity, 2-28-15, 193 views (#6)

This talks about the 500,000 people of the Wisconsin uprising who protested the taking away of public union and teacher trade union rights in a right wing takeover by Governor Walker of Wisconsin after the 2010 election.  The protest lasted four weeks long, taking over the state capital with at least 10,000 people every day protesting and crowds up to 150,000 on the four Saturdays.  Anti-union is a sign of empire or fascism.  The move was a sneak attack by the far right in an attempt to gut support for the other political party.

10 Scientific Revolution Facts, 2-28-15, 174 views (#8)

Scientific Revolution, 2-28-15, 173 views (#9)

These two combined would actually be #1 with 347 views.  These ten facts adopted from Thomas Kuhn’s book illustrate the difficulties of getting recognition for a new scientific paradigm.  In the case of Peace Economics, economists believe a science of economics is not possible.  In the Copernican Revolution, the church persecuted Galileo.  This has been my story for the last thirty years or so.

Eugene Politician, 5-14-14, 166 views (#11)

This is the political career I was following until I discovered Peace Economics.  My goals then changed to seek scientific glory instead of political glory.  Served thirteen years 1980-93 on the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, Congressional District Chair 1982-1987, National delegate 1984, and invited to Clinton inaugural 1993.  Starting two new fields, Peace Economics and Natural Cycle Theory, will save countless lives, with “reduced military spending” leading to less wars, more prosperity, and lower murder and crime rates.  Not to mention, better stock market opportunities, less political corruption, and better long term hurricane forecasts among other benefits of empire and cycle theory.

Grandpa Horicon Marsh, 3-1-14, 148 views (#14)

My heritage includes the grandfather who as State Senator funded the Horicon Marsh dam in 1927, third largest wildlife refuge in America.  My mother’s third cousin was President Kennedy, and my father’s third cousin founded Villanova Law School.  I’m a sixth generation descendent of the Bishop of York 1776 John Markham.  Direct descendent of Claron de Marsham, top general of William the Conqueror 1066.

10 Ferguson Jury Mistakes, 12-6-14, 146 views (#16)

This account of the murder of Michael Brown starting the Black Lives Matter movement “hands up don’t shoot” clearly explains how and why the jury made a huge mistake.  Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his NFL career to take a knee at football games.  See also Baltimore Riot, 5-2-15, 103 views (#38)

Violent Society, 7-23-16, 118 views (#23)

Military Terror Policing, 8-17-14, 108 views (#33)

This explains the militarization of America’s police forces used to quell protests in Ferguson.  Another case of the deepening of empire over time in America.

Low Military Defense, 12-5-15, 102 views (#41)

This is the key peace economics concept:  that too much too soon military spending is actually counterproductive to defending a nation, because:  the ultimate defense depends on the size of nation’s economy and excessive military spending steadily erodes that crucial economic strength.  An alternative title could be “Real Politics Re-Invented”.

Seventeen Key Findings and Claims of Peace Economics over thirty years:

Please cite this work as follows:

Reuschlein, Robert. (2018, September 21), “Spectrum Peace Economics”, Madison, WI:  Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2018162207.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute

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Misogyny Militarism Empire

When Lawrence Britt coined the “14 Characteristics of Fascism” in the Spring 2003 Issue of “Free Inquiry” magazine, these two stood out from a recent experience:

Rampant Sexism
The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.

Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

Academic Conference Story

In the seventy-third year of empire, American’s heavy military drain on manufacturing has taken its toll on the American economy.  With the steel industry under assault in the sixties, autos in the seventies, unions in the eighties, the end of the Cold War gave a peace dividend to the tech industry nineties. Then new wars and uncontrolled derivatives gave us the Great Recession.  Now America’s last premier industry, higher education, is showing strains.  In a conference in Europe, 90% of the panelists were male.  And of the four women, three were master’s students.  Then cronyism and chauvinism teamed up against the one full professor woman.  She was told not to respond to one question and also a colleague with hand raised from the start was deliberately passed over trying to ask a question.  She asked about this afterwards and was told “You got your fifteen minutes.” She was later called a cry baby.  One of the other cronies kept trying to force a young woman grad student to say something positive about Trump’s attacks of Amazon, when it was completely unwarranted.  The woman professor and her colleague were later singled out as outstanding presentations of the conference by a friendly old timer in a wrap up session.  These are examples of the persistent sexism and cronyism in today’s academic institutions.  Good new ideas are often greeted with cynicism by the cronies.

Best Countries for Women

US News and World Report ranked the best countries for women in 2014.  Five of the G7 countries were in the top 16, all five in perfect inverse order of their military spending as a percent of the economy in 2005.  Canada was 6th best for women with 1.1% military economy, followed by Germany 10th with 1.5%, United Kingdom 13th with 2.4%, France 14th with 2.6%, and last the United States 16th with 4.1%.  The Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands were in the top five, and Switzerland Australia and New Zealand were between Germany and Canada in the top 10.  The top seven were all cold or Northern countries, while Australia and New Zealand are both close to the South Pole.

Women in National Legislatures

Those same top five of the G7 countries for women had above world average women in legislature percentages except for the high military United States which had 19% in 2010, below the world average of 23%.  The two most humbled countries that had lost a war in the forties and been occupied, had the highest percentage of women in the legislature, France 39% and Germany 37%.  The three former British Empire countries had the lowest percent of women in the legislature, Britain 32%, Canada 26%, and United States 19%.  Australia was between Britain and Canada at 29%, and Britain was more like the other European countries.

Arrogance of Empire

Whether you call it empire, fascism, militarism or misogyny, these terms tend to travel together and promote sexism.  What ever it is, it tends to make things stagnant and backwards, kind of like the militarism, inequality, and scientific backwardness of the medieval and feudal ages.  Please note in the above statistics the pattern of militarism adversely impacting women.  Also note the sexism cronyism and corruption of the current American President Trump. 

First two pages were my presentation handouts at the empire conference mentioned above:

Please cite this work as follows:

Reuschlein, Robert. (2018, September 10), “Misogyny Militarism Empire”, Madison, WI:  Real Economy Institute.  Retrieved from:,2018161729.aspx

Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute

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