Military Empire and Climate Cycle Views



Robert W. Reuschlein, Ed.D., MBA, CPA, BSEE, Website:  Email:,   Mail:  4930 Ascot Ln, Madison, WI 53711,   Phone: 608-230-6640


Ed.D. August 2009, Educational Leadership, Edgewood College, Madison, WI.  Dissertation:  “Peace Economics and Program Change in Undergraduate Peace Studies Programs”

MBA, Accounting, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.  CPA since December 13, 1993, State of Wisconsin

BS Electrical Engineering, Economics Minor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Academic Courses Taught:

“Weather, Wealth and Wars”, Professor, University of the Air, Radio for Peace International 1997-1998.

“Peace Economics”, Innovative Education Department, University of Oregon Spring 1987-Fall 89

“Advanced Accounting I”, Adjunct Professor, Lakeland College Madison, Spring 2010.


1)  Math is my first mastery and love, four way tie for the highest MAA high school contest in State of Wisconsin, I developed the Pythagorean formula, the Trapezoidal rule, and the Binomial expansion formula, before being taught those things, usually the prior summer.

2)  Wargaming my second, I was the highest ranking wargamer twice above average number 2’s score in the International Federation of Wargaming where I met and defeated Gary Gygax, the founder of Dungeons and Dragons.  We both wrote articles for wargaming magazines, Gary more than me.  For ten years I averaged 15 hours a day wargaming, starting and quadrupling Madison Wargaming Convention in four years.  Excellent World War II historian, read a couple dozen books.

3)  Science my third, my Electrical Engineering degree was 20 semester credits more than Applied Math and Physics.         (I won the Rennselaer Polytechnic Award as best in my class in Science and Math in the leading Catholic College Prep High School in Madison, Wisconsin, Edgewood.)

4)  Engineering my fourth, I asked for the toughest four year program at UW Madison, and graduated from the 3rd ranked nationally electrical engineering program in the top fourth of my class making four honor societies.

5)  Accounting my fifth, I am a 22 year Certified Public Accountant, following in my father’s footsteps.  Certified December 13, 1995.

6)  Business my sixth, as an MBA CPA, I was president of two dry cleaning companies with 11 stores for thirteen years ending 2011 when last stores sold.

7)  Politics my seventh, five years Congressional District Chair and on the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, national convention delegate in 1984 and electoral college nominee in 1984.  I Escorted Gary Hart and Gerry Ferraro through crowd in 1984, on stage with Jesse Jackson in 1987 and Clinton in 1992, invited to Clinton Inauguration in 1993.  Thirteen years on Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, 1980-1993. Lobbying led to 5% venture capital investment by Oregon Retirement board.

8)  Peace Economics my eighth, discovered Ruth Sivard’s work while working three State of Oregon legislative sessions as an intern and lobbyist.  Became monthly columnist for Oregon Peaceworker, asked to write a statement by Congressman DeFazio, later president of Progressive Caucus.  One ex-congressman in Eugene audience called Paul Samuelson to ask about my ideas.

Wrote “Peace Economics” in 1986, “Strength Through Peace” in 1989 and “Real Economy” in 1999.  42,000 views of 85 press releases on from October 2013 to April 2015.

Reached top 2% on last December 2014, 1842 views in last sixteen months. About fifty major presentations in my career, half since 2006, about 80% academic.  Forecast economic collapse January 2007.

9)  Global Warming my ninth.  Used Oakridge Tennessee Trends Ninety book on warming statistics and other sources to develop “Natural Global Warming” paper May 7, 1991.  Pinatuba volcanic eruption my first proof, June 16, 1991.  Currently only explanation for 15 year climate warming pause.  Used Maxwell Taylor’s work to connect warming to slow economy.  Klyashtorin’s work and my work and chart of 56 events prove the 54 year cycle in temperature, weather, economics, and war.


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