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Minimum Wage

With 80% approval in the polls and income inequality a cause celeb how can anyone overlook raising the minimum wage?  People are in the streets all over America on this issue, wake up!  Restaurant workers in Milwaukee have had several rallies by now for their “Raise Up Milwaukee” campaign for a $15 minimum wage.

You can view and sign the white house petition here:

Here’s more information about this petition:

Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

In the new documentary “Inequality for all” featuring Robert Reich, we find out that average Joe income drops 30% from $48,000 in 1978 to  $33,000 in 2010, while the top 1% triple from $393,000 to $1,100,000.  The 8.15  to 1 inequality spread goes to 32.6 to 1.  That’s right, it quadruples in 32 years.  The British book “Spirit Level” shows how this contributes to obesity, mental illness, murder, teen births, prisoners, and lack of social mobility among the 22 rich nations.  This is the decay of empire, folks, as correlations with long term military spending levels among nations are even stronger.  The new feudalism, with lords and serfs.

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Empire Economics

Military Spending is the dominant economic problem.   See

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