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FIVE LOST PRESS RELEASES of (system failure 11-7-14)
For those who missed the chance to see these releases in my file,
here they are repeated:
Twelve Stages of Empire September 29, 2014:
#1. Isolation and Growth. A non empire society with promise can grow if isolated from older militarized neighbors and allowed to devote resources to economic growth rather than military spending.
#2. Economic Dominance. The growing society eventually overtakes the slower growing militarized economies around it and becomes dominant economically.
#3. Military Domination War. Economic domination leads to military domination after war between the top two economic powers. Usually the other power has been dominant but has limited its growth through militarism allowing the new power to catch up and overtake it.
Remainder of this very popular “Democratic Underground” press release is here:
For more information about how these twelve points apply to America:

10 Truths About Research October 20, 2014:
#1. Military Research is often too military specific to give any civilian benefit to the economy. New areas of research bring the greatest results, but much military research improves on existing ideas without creating anything truly new.
#2. Military Research is often too top secret to benefit from normal academic testing in conferences. Without the widespread dissemination of ideas, serendipity cannot happen.
#3. Much of mainstream research money goes to follow on research rather than truly original research. Grants are awarded for research desired by the grantee, not necessarily for new innovations that have no obvious benefactor at first, but often change the world.
#4. Most of the greatest innovations come from the little person not from major research institutions. Like many others, Steve Jobs started out in a garage.
#5. Independent researchers are often looked down upon by the snobs in leading academic institutions. Colleagues have recommended I present my ideas to various UW Madison forums, but with Madison the 9th ranked city in snobbery, it’s hard to get recognition as an independent researcher.
Complete press release:
Example of Independent Research:

10 Ways Empire Warps Us All October 12, 2014:
#1. Domination and control became ways of life and work. The military top down hierarchy and control become the standard for industry, education and government over time.
#2. Talent is diverted from useful productive purposes meeting ordinary human needs to use as destructive forces and political pawns.
#3. Manipulations into wars keep working as emotional tugs on ordinary citizens are used to instill fears and encourage reactionary over-reactions.
#4. Distant threats are conjured up as immediate and close at hand as resources are diverted from the homeland to distant shores.
#5. The media imperative of “it bleeds it leads” is used to promote national security types to the top of the media food chain, reducing resistance to foreign wars over relatively trivial and distant objectives.
Complete press release:
For more information about how empire affects us all:

10 Ways Football Mimics War October 5, 2014:
#1. Only 10% of Roman Gladiators died in the coliseum. NFL Football players have longevity 20% less than average, thereby losing twice as much life as the gladiators did.
#2. Most football players step out of bed painfully on Monday mornings and many experience multiple brain concussions. War veterans have PTSD and multiple concussions.
#3. Both teams put most of there men on the imaginary line between the teams, the so-called “front lines”, and call play in this area “in the trenches” unlike most other sports; hockey and soccer come close, but do so much less frequently than the every down football standard formation.
#4. When a team wants to put pressure on the quarterback, they resort to a tactic called blitzing, very reminiscent of the German “blitzkrieg” attack plans of the Second World War. In both cases men are sent through the front lines attempting to get beyond the normal front line men in order to cause havoc.
#5. Both soldiers and football players wear helmets as standard equipment, as well as other kinds of shielding and protective gear.
Complete press release:
For more information about how football and baseball apply to America before and after empire:

Growing Reputation, Requests August 24, 2014:
When I reached out to to send press releases out to 7000 people once a week, I never dreamed it would go like this. With press releases averaging 200 views starting the once a week in December, none of them exceeded 300 until April 2014. Then I broke the 500 level in May with 900 in June, then 1000 in July, now 1400 in August. Military Money and Power is still growing strong at the end of its second week, might break 1500 fairly soon. Then Ferguson Missouri exploded with protests and “Militarized Terror Policing” becomes an online magazine article on page 125 for the Fall edition of Here at home Urban League leader Kaleem Caire writes “Bob, thank you so much for organizing the Rally!! That’s leadership!” as Madison seeks to join the country’s vigil Thursday August 14th.
The rest is available here:
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The Worthlessness of War

Book review and comments on:

The Worth of War by Benjamin Ginsberg of

Johns Hopkins University Political Science Department

Baltimore, MD

Reuschlein Note: Johns Hopkins is the number one military research institution today with their foreign policy orientation, just as Massachusetts Institute of Technology was number one during the Cold War with their engineering orientation for weapons design. Just as Detroit was our richest city in 1960 when we lead the world in manufacturing and Boston was our richest city at the end of the Cold War missile era, now 7 of the 10 richest counties in America are in the Baltimore Washington DC area, with Maryland and Virginia clearly the most militarized part of America. Anything coming from the most militarized educational institution in America must be taken with a large grain of salt.  You can read Ginsberg’s student ratings online.

Amazon review of Ginsberg’s book (partial) (Largely inaccurate according to Reuschlein):

“Although war is terrible and brutal, history shows that it has been a great driver of human progress. So argues political scientist Benjamin Ginsberg in this incisive, well-researched study of the benefits to civilization derived from armed conflict.
“History also clearly reveals the technological benefits that result from war—ranging from the sundial to nuclear power. And in regard to economics, preparation for war often spurs on economic development; by the same token, nations with economic clout in peacetime usually have a huge advantage in times of war. Finally, war and the threat of war have encouraged governments to become more congenial to the needs and wants of their citizens because of the increasing reliance of governments on their citizens’ full cooperation in times of war.”

On Tuesday January 13, 2015 CSPAN Booknotes interviewed Ginsberg.

Reuschlein’s comments follow:

Ginsberg claims engineering started with war.
That’s funny; I always thought engineering started with the aqueducts of Egypt bringing Nile water to croplands and the building of the pyramids.
Sure much later Archimedes developed the catapult for the Greeks, but that is long afterwards.
Americans developed airplanes without any need for war use until much later.
Railroads were started to bring coal from Newcastle to Manchester, not for war.
Automobiles were started for transportation before they were adopted for war.

The internet was started in part by British and Swiss inventors before being adopted by the US military research agency called DARPA. I remember the British making much ado about their internet researcher in the London Olympics.

Wars have a long record of producing worthless results. The North won the Civil War supposedly, but subsequently congress and the presidency came to be dominated by Southerners. Most of the key committee chairmen often come from the South, under Democrats 54 year ago and under Republicans now. Usually over time low military Midwesterners have been gradually replaced by Southerners in the leadership of congress and the Supreme Court.

The United States supposedly won World War II, but the resultant militarism eventually lead to low military Germany and Japan winning the Cold War period economically.

The United States supposedly won the Mexican American War, but all the territory conquered from Mexico will have Mexican American majorities in each state by 2030.

The United States supposedly won the Spanish American War but Cuba revolted and turned Communist ever since 1959 and the Philippines revolted under Cory Aquino. After the Philippines volcano in 1991 the US was not allowed to rebuild their naval base. And if not for the Philippines the US would not have been dragged into World War II against the Japanese. With the October 1941 US embargo of oil to Japan, Japan was forced to seize Indonesia for oil. With the US occupied Philippines astride the sea lanes back to Japan, Japan had to attack the US.

Choose your enemies well, for soon you will be like them. (Unknown source). Supposedly the United States won the Cold War, but became much more like the Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War as the NSA invasion of privacy shows. The national security state has made the US more Stalinist over time. Likewise the Soviet empire has become more democratic.

The empire we created to fight the Cold War had gradually turned us into a more Third World like income inequality society. In the last forty years the American geni coefficient has dropped from 4 to 5 while the Brazilian geni went from 6 to 5. Just as the Monroe Doctrine has made us more like Latin America, they have become more like us.

The founding fathers were so sure human rights suffered during wartime that James Madison fought the war of 1812 on the cheap to minimize the human rights damage to society. Introducing the draft into war so traumatized Europe during the Napoleon Wars that the next round of wars in Europe were easily eclipsed by America’s Civil War in deaths as a percentage of the population. The claim of treating the population well during wartime is ludicrous.

This deals with the great myth that the war brought us out of the Great Depression:

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Gestalt for 1961 and 2015

The times they are repeating. The 54 Year cycle can be demonstrated by comparing similar events about 54 years apart. These can be weather events, economic events, or political events like wars. But all of these can create socioeconomic gestalts that can be very similar 54 years apart as well. We use the term atmospherics to describe the tone of a situation without realizing how related to atmospheric changes the situation may actually be.

Then we were in the middle of the Cold War, which has mixed origins but could be defined as beginning with the 1947 National Security Act that created the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and re-titled the Department of War into the Department of Defense. Now the twin towers in New York came down and the so-called War on Terror and the Patriot Act were authorized in 2001, exactly 54 years later. Each could properly be called the defining Foreign Policy issue of its respective time. Then as now, by 1961 and by 2015 each had been normalized into an indefinitely ongoing situation. In 1961, a key benchmark of the Cold War was the erection of the Berlin Wall. In 2014, about 53 and one half years later, a key benchmark in the War on Terror is the rise of the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL. Then, a key issue was Cuba over which a nuclear war was almost fought because of missiles on that island. Today Iran raises a similar specter over the presence or absence of a nuclear threat.

The other defining issue of its time, then as now, was civil rights. Back then the landmark event was the Supreme Court decision to desegregate the nation’s schools in 1954. Now the big event is the election of a black president in 2008, exactly 54 years later. Then society was divided for more than a decade as the Civil Rights movement was opposed by State’s Rights Southerners. Now the Congress has been divided by the rise of the Tea Party opposition to the first black president, starting with the election of 2010, two years after the black presidential election. Then the Montgomery Bus Boycott began in December 1955 and ended in January1957, essentially 1956, which is about 54 years before 2010. Just as the Montgomery Bus Boycott started one year before the 1956 date and ended January one year after that date, the Tea Party started one year before 2010 and the new elected officials were installed the next January 2011. Then in 1960 Kennedy may have won the presidential election due to his support of black rights. Now Obama may have secured the Hispanic vote for Democrats with his decision not to deport parents of US children. Then the Civil Rights Act of 1964 may have turned the solid South from Democratic to now Republican with completion of the Republican 2014 sweep of all state Governors and US Senators from the 11 former Confederate States. Then the Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln, now the Republican Party is the party of Jefferson Davis, the first and only President of the Confederate States of America. Then Northerners went South to help the Civil Rights Movement, today Southern ideologues have taken over state governments in the North rolling back labor rights and election rights.

Two fifty four year cycles ago, in the Progressive Era, President Theodore Roosevelt got congress to adopt measures mentioned in this Wikipedia quote: “Regulation of railroads was strengthened by the Elkins Act of 1903 and the Hepburn Act of 1906, which curbed the monopolistic power of the railroads.” This led to trust busting to break up the robber barons of the gilded age. Today the top 1% in income has quadrupled their incomes in the last thirty years as of 2007 while the rest of America has had negligible growth in income. This pattern even worsened after the Great Recession up until the present.

In the late sixties, riots seemed to sweep the planet, as the Northern Hemisphere Era of being the hottest hemisphere ended in 1968 and the Southern Hemisphere became the hotter in 1969. The Watts riots happened in 1965 the same year of the Marines being sent to Vietnam and the coldest year in America since Korea to this present day. Then China had its cultural revolution in 1966, followed by riots in France in 1968. Martin Luther King was shot and blacks rioted across America in the spring and the Chicago police riot attacked war protestors that summer. The next year Russia and China almost came to blows with border clashes in 1969. These last events would correspond to 2022 and 2023 in current terms, with a major war breaking out in 2025 in six of 17 cases looking back over a thousand years of history.

Listed here are 56 cyclical events with their historical precedents:
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Paris Terror, Who Gains?

As the story unfolds about yesterday’s attack on satirist weekly Charlie Debdo in Paris, a long list of beneficiaries emerges.

1) ISIS had a multi-million dollar bounty on such journalists, so these well trained operators could have been in it for the money.
2) France has put troops in Mali stemming the tide of the al Magreb Islamic organization there, so French North Africa, when the parents came from Algeria, joins the list of partial motivators.
3) Department of Homeland Security, whose budget was delayed by immigration issues, may now get a boost in their funding in February approvals. The angry right wingers will probably be rechanneled by congress into funding increases for Homeland Security in exchange for not putting undue restrictions on the president’s new executive order immigration policies.
4) Department of Defense moves closer to approval for ground troops against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and possibly helping the French in Mali.
5) Senatorial batman and robin team of John McCain and Lindsey Graham have arguments for their militarism enhanced and may end up on the Sunday talk shows.
6) Comedian Bill Maher’s campaign against all religious crazies returns to the air this Friday.

The “fighting words” doctrine is one of the main exceptions to the First Amendment right of free speech. Inciting to riot using fighting words or arguments that use fighting words can be considered not protected free speech, just as yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre is not protected by free speech rights. Satire against the prophet Muhammed and the religion of Islam could be considered not protected by free speech rights under judicial interpretation in the Islamic world, if an American style democracy existed somewhere in the Islamic world. Silence seems to be coming from the leaders in Islamic countries. So the fighting words doctrine is being conveniently overlooked in the Western outrage over the assassination of 10 journalists in Paris. From Wikipedia: “It is also used in a general sense of words that when uttered tend to create (deliberately or not) a verbal or physical confrontation by their mere usage.” And: “Fighting words are written or spoken words, generally expressed to incite hatred or violence from their target.” Obviously there is a thin line between satire and fighting words, subject to the eye of the beholder. However, the Imam of Paris has condemned these attacks along with many Westernized Muslims.

As the two gunmen and one more in the car ditch the first vehicle in North Paris, they will probably now head South to continue the escape, having diverted authorities in the North move.

This piece offers a decade of information about Homeland Security and Defense budget changes:

As the wars wind down, so does our domestic murder rate, here’s the story:
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Religion Empire History

It is interesting that Christianity emerged when and where it did. The Roman Empire had expanded to its limits for the most part at that time, and had recently begun the emperor system of dictatorship replacing the republic of the Senate. It was a turning point in the history of the empire, as the fresh young successful republic had begun to sow the fatal seeds of high military spending empire, a time somewhat like our own. The part time volunteer army of the republic expansion phase was being replaced by an increasing costly professional military. It was about half way from the beginning to the collapse.
Jesus eschewed politics when he answered the Pharisees trick question about paying taxes to Rome. He took a coin and said “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” His message was about how to live a full life, and he recognized the trap of power and money as vehicles to keep one away from living that full life. “I come that you may live life more abundantly” is the key phrase. Leading Jesus Seminar scholar Marcus Borg believes his key message was opposed to systems of domination. Empire is all about domination and control. Time and again, Jesus favors the unfortunate individual over various forms of group solidarity, even that of the family, certainly that of religious, financial, and political empires.
Early Church
The early church stayed true to the message of love thy neighbor, love thy enemies, and turn the other cheek. His sermon on the mount expressed the peace economics truth, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall inherit the earth.” Personal growth and societal growth involve not wasting key resources on war and destruction. A Unitarian friend of mine calls Christianity “a nice little Jewish reform movement taken over by the marketing department.” Saint Paul is that marketing department. The violence of Saul of Tarsus and the misogyny of many in the military never quite leaves this messenger renamed Paul. Many of the early church catacomb cells, some say half, were run by women, some early bishops were women, and possibly one pope. Then after about three hundred years, Constantine, the Roman Emperor, adopts and co-opts the new religion. Saint Augustine develops the first rationale for Just War at this time.
Middle Church
Then after eight hundred years, priests were required to remain celibate, further removing the male hierarchy from womankind solidifying the patriarchy, a gender form of empire. Then the church becomes the first Protestant Church by setting Rome above the other four seats of the church as the early orthodox church was run by the five leaders of Rome, Antioch, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Alexandria by consensus, a non-violent form of hierarchy. From Wikipedia: “In 1095 Pope Urban II proclaimed the First Crusade with the stated goal of restoring Christian access to holy places in and near Jerusalem.” Clearly the war system had been completely adopted by the religion started by the Prince of Peace by this time. After the Crusades, Thomas Aquinas offers his concept of Just War.
Evolution of the Church
Clearly over time the church made its peace with the Roman Empire and began to rationalize the religion of Jesus in favor of the religion of Saint Paul and justifications for war. The church even launched wars in the period of the Crusades from 1095 to 1291. At the same time the church over time purged women from the leadership in favor of the current patriarchy. The “Chalice and the Blade” argues that war itself largely arose with a transition from matriarchy to patriarchy about 5000 years ago. I myself think the transition from hunter gatherer to agricultural society makes the defense of land something worth fighting for, hence wars. Is the new Pope Francis ready to challenge some of these ancient precepts and more closely align with the “Teachings of Jesus”? That question remains outstanding. Another problematic concern is the conflict between what scripture says about the rich and the need for fundraising to run a modern church. Have the middle class and rich compromised the church away from the gospel devotion to the poor? Many of the attitudes and prejudices of the church going faithful of today are seemingly at odds with the teachings of Jesus. For more on the teachings of Jesus found in the gospels, try the link below:

Four page sermon on “Jesus and Empire”:

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