Military Empire and Climate Cycle Views


This blog is about the two main inhibitors of economic activity, military spending and temperature increase.
A. Military spending is the main cause of decay in nations or empires.
This is because military spending diverts research, engineering, and capital resources away from manufacturing, construction, mining, and agriculture. A flat economy then produces lower social mobility, higher crime rates, and adverse health consequences. All of these produce political stagnation and widespread social frustration. This is the essence of collapse of empire. See or for more information.
B. Temperature is a main drag to economic development.
Global warming stunts economic growth, while short term cooling helps growth. 1) 95 F. lowers productivity 37%; 2) cooler regions tend to be more prosperous in America and Europe than warmer regions, with tropical world regions the poorest; 3) the biggest 20th Century five year temperature surge was from the late twenties to the early thirties, half a century’s warming in five years, exactly the timing of the US Great Depression. 15 of 18 five year periods agree.) 4) Investments grow about 6% more in the coldest six months than the warmest six months.


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