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Kennedy Denial

Few TV programs reflect today’s sophisticated academic research into the killing of Kennedy.  Fifty years later almost every important question has been answered, yet the mainstream media, even liberals like Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews, are still stuck on the Oswald button.

Thanks Madison for making the JFK and Empire program a huge success as the Red Dragon TV Studio was standing room only.  The thirst for the truth is still strong.  When Oswald returned from the Soviet Union he was admitted without any questions, despite renouncing his citizenship over there.  Why?  Because he was part of a program with 30 other CIA agents.  Interrogated on November 22nd for more than 24 hours, he was never asked about shooting the president.  Then he is visible shaken when he finally learns a reporter considers him the president’s assassin.  He says he is the patsy.  So he is silenced.  Johnson threatens Earl Warren that 40 million US citizens will die in nuclear war if he doesn’t agree to blame Oswald.  So they do, and the mainstream media falls for this.  No wonder the rest of the world ranks us 47th in press freedom.

Until you widen the scope a little, you don’t see the whole picture of assassination to protect the CIA and the military industrial complex.  Until you widen some more, you don’t see the fraud of the entire Cold War.  You don’t see the loss of 25 more years of expensive Cold War with the lost fivefold growth of  US median annual incomes to $200,000, yes, $200,000 per year.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,, 608-230-6640. click at bottom for audio



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