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Government Whitewashing

The process of government whitewashing begins with Operation Mockingbird launched by the CIA in 1947.  This was the CIA’s enormously successful attempt at controlling the US media.  The ruling class all come from the same Ivy League Universities, especially Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. These same buddies divide up into CIA agents, businessmen, journalists and officials.

The CIA budget exceeds the sales of the book publishing industry.  Disinformation is better funded than information in our society.  Journalists with an intelligence background and security clearance often write more interesting stories with the help of the secrecy agencies.  Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, and Bob Woodward are examples of intelligence agency journalists.  Bob Woodward’s one time partner in Watergate, Carl Bernstein, is an example of a journalist given lower status because he wrote the Rolling Stone article explaining the CIA control of 400 major media personalities, as revealed in congressional hearings.

The New York Times systematically under reports the size of anti-war rallies.  The Times does a hatchet job on Gary Webb’s reporting of CIA drug sales to support the contras.  Times’ Judith Miller helps sell the Iraq War with lies.  All of this makes sense when you realize many journalists are on the CIA payroll.  An agency with a long history of overthrowing governments overseas gets away with the pretense that they don’t do that here, just overseas.  I’m not that naive.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,  608-230-6640, for audio at bottom of listing


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