Military Empire and Climate Cycle Views

Military Economy-Direct 11

Preparing for another book chapter, I combine these 11 Direct Military Economics press releases:

Nature of Military Spending 7-2-16

This is a well laid out evaluation of how military spending really functions in our economy, together with rebuttals of the pro-military interpretations.  This is the most thoughtful and clearly spelled out piece.

History Military Economy 4-9-16

This covers one hundred years of the US military economy, beginning with WILSON and World War I, ending with Obama, 1910-2009. This consistently shows how the military drags down the economy, not adds to the economy.

Not Economic Conversion 7-3-15

The path out of military spending is not conversion but replacement by letting the military factories slow down and disappear while the resources build up manufacturing elsewhere in the same state or country.  You don’t have to beat a dead horse, just let the economy adjust naturally.

War and Occupy Economics 5-8-15

Occupied countries operate at 40% lower than potential, and busts come after every war.

Regional Military Economy 2-1-15

The false positive of military spending propping up communities ignores the boomerang of lost manufacturing that goes with the military buildups.  Overall economics is never better with the military unless there are massive deficits involved.  Deficit economic booms are falsely claimed by military as evidence of economic growth coming from military spending.

The Worthlessness of War 1-23-15

Takes a hard look at the rosy colored glasses of the militarists theories.  Great civilian achievements often come first, then the military takes credit from those inventions.

Next Generation Economics 12-30-13

The new world of economics begins with Peace Economics with tons of common sense spin-offs from the basic finding of lost capital investment wasted on the military.

Military Dis-Economics 11-3-14

Here are the thirteen defining correlations, eight of them .99 or better.  Then you can understand how military spending brings down empires from within.

Proof of Peace Economics 7-12-14

The ultimate proof is the sixty year model of the US economy with a correlation of .999.  Accuracy makes physics-like hard science out of the spineless jellyfish of the social sciences.

Real Peace Economics or Not 6-7-14

Imitators using the term Peace Economics are opportunists stealing the title of my 1986 book and using it as just another large economic number, not the lost opportunity cost that really makes the military spending significant.

Roosevelt, Depression and War 5-16-14

This destroys the myth of the World War pulling US out of the Great Depression.  When you see the real numbers, it takes a while, but nothing else makes as much sense as the new understanding.

Link for full text of these 11 releases:

Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace, Real Economy Institute, Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 and 2017, Contact Info


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