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It’s that time of year before the February 1st deadline for nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Last year I received at least two known nominations and that was enough to trigger a full review of my press releases and active consideration by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.  One member, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, did the in depth checking out of my candidacy after I had sent in my most recent video.  This year I’m looking for volume of nominations, all social science professors and members of national assemblies are eligible to make that nomination and may submit nominations to be kept confidential for fifty years, or send me a copy to be kept confidential or free to share as you see fit.  The purpose of this release is to encourage such nominations, and be given some reasons to nominate me.  To nominate by simple email see  Thank you in advance.

Accomplishments 2016

My foremost accomplishment of the year was of course the nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize January 24 and February 1.  On August 24th I was awarded a “Special Recognition Award” by the West Suburban Faith Based Peace Coalition of the Chicago area.  My academic career took off with two entries in the “SAGE Encyclopedia of War, Social Science Edition” by Paul Joseph.  Since that October release, my usual 10% downloads per visitor on went up to 70% for the “Political Economy of War” entry and 30% for the “Military Keynesianism” entry.  My usual 25% foreign and 75% United States viewings on Academia went up to 62% foreign and 38% United States and has stayed at that new high level of international interest and recognition.  Just a couple months ago I upgraded my reports on Academia and found out that I’ve been in their top 1% on a twelve month basis.  Thanks to a Certification of my “Military Keynesianism” article by an Economic Professor and former Finance Minister of Nigeria with a million views on his website, I am now ranked as an author on Academia.  The upward spiral is beginning to go exponential.  On January 14th I presented the paper “Goal of the Terrorists:  Raise the Cost to Society” explaining how economically and socially corrupting high military spending is to a society.

Lifetime Accomplishments for Nobel Peace Prize

1)         The greatest “reduction of armies” (from Nobel’s Will) ever should occur when my work on military spending and the economy becomes the new standard for economics.  This is just a matter of time.  Every test I can think of shows extremely high statistical correlations proving military spending is lost capital investment or lost manufacturing productivity growth or essentially deadweight on the economy with no growth potential.  Put another way, the stimulative value of military spending in the economy is best modeled as zero.  In my sixty year model of United States manufacturing productivity that modeling produces an essentially perfect fit of R=.999.  This also explains how the regional positive correlation with military spending shows it to borrow growth from productive regions during military buildups and return growth to productive regions when there is reduced military spending.  Borrowing and lending economic growth among the regions is not economic growth, it is redistribution of growth.  Put another way, manufacturing shrinks during military buildups and expands during military reductions.  Details:

2)         The first point leads to the second point, that the best long term way for a nation or alliance to defend is to keep military spending low, relying on economic growth to improve defense capability steadily over time.  Leading with economic growth rather than military spending is much stronger in the long run.  One of the keynote speakers at the Telos conference on “Asymmetric Warfare” in New York, Steve Metz, makes exactly that point that the military needs to use commercial products that have outpaced the pentagon, in the future.  Before going to a perpetual high level of military spending after World War II, America used to let the civilian technology go first.   America civilians pioneered in airplanes and automobile mass production preceding the tanks and planes of the World War.  That is the winning way of the founding figures like George Washington.  That peacetime low military first way won wars consistently from 1776 to 1945.  Since then, American wars have all been problematic.  Details:

3)         The first point leads to the domestic consequences third point.  My finding that G7 countries had crime and murder rates proportional to their military spending rate is the keystone of declining empire theory.  Yoko Ono had pointed out on the anniversary that 1.2 million people have been murdered in America since John Lennon was murdered December 8, 1980.  Imagine if the military spending rate had been cut in half that whole time, and 600,000 murders had been avoided.  Oh wait, that actually happened after the Cold War ended, and murder rates were and have been cut in half since then.  And the criminologists don’t have a clue why.  That is more than the souls lost in Columbia in that multi-decade long conflict recently arriving at peace, thanks to the Nobel Prize winner from that country last year.  That alone is an excellent reason to award the Peace Prize based on this research.  Details:

4)         The fourth point on global warming is a direct spin-off from the American sixty year model of the economy based on manufacturing productivity.  The 54 year cycle is a direct result of the unequal evaporation rates over ocean compared to land.  The three years of research from 1988 to 1991 lead to a combined theory of climate change, economic change, and periodic wars.  Later Hurricane Sandy hitting New York in October 2012 lead to my trying the 55 year moving average on the then 160 year global warming record.  Low and behold, that resulted in exact fits in the 1910 to 1973 one degree Fahrenheit per century period, and the post 1973 two degrees Fahrenheit per century period we are now in.  Projection suggests the next upward increase will be when the 2025 cycle begins the process of land heating up first before ocean regulates the land second in the 54 year cycle.  To predict wars is the first step in preventing wars.  Details:

Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace, Real Economy Institute, Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016, Contact Info


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