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Russian Hacker Election

Harry Reid, his successor Chuck Schumer, and former Republican Presidential Candidate Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain are the leading Senators, along with the President, of those wanting to investigate this further.

Malcolm Nance has been on both CNN and MSNBC, so the centrist CNN also takes this seriously. His book has been out for some time:   The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election.   Paperback – October 10, 2016  by Malcolm Nance 

Malcolm Nance gives a very rational and clear headed interview on these matters, he is a very straight talker.  There is nothing breathless about Rachel Maddow, she is just a good journalist and presenter, as are Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell who also had stories.

Harry Reid is very right to consider Richard Comey of the FBI a partisan hack who violated his ethics and the Hatch Act by selectively suppressing this hacker story and instead blowing up the email story out of proportion eleven days out from the election, violating the 60 day before the election no release standard, and instead using the devastatingly strategic eleven day before timing.  Guiliani had said something special was about to happen just a couple days before.  Harry Reid believes that Comey should resign, but there is not enough time to force him out before the new pro Russian president takes office with his pro Russian Secretary of State, the Exxon Mobil guy, Rex Tillerson, who had a $145 billion dollar deal with the Russian Oil Company blocked by sanctions. Those sanctions were imposed by the West after the Crimean and Eastern Ukraine revolt from the CIA induced Western takeover of Ukraine in 2014.

Clinton foolishly tried to expand her lead into Arizona and Georgia instead of shoring up the Midwest where she never even visited Wisconsin.   Comey turned a landslide into a squeaker.  Remember the Pennsylvania Republican who promised the election law changes would deliver Pennsylvania to the Republicans in 2012?  He was just four years off.  Pennsylvania is the rare swing state that has not allowed advance voting, hence everything depends on election day, hence old tricks like not enough voting machines in black areas can be relied on to suppress the vote, combined with new voter ID laws.

“Mike Turzai, the Republican leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, predicted the state’s voter ID law would help Mitt Romney win there in 2012.” Michael Wines, New York Times, 9-16-16.

I don’t know the details of the voter ID laws, but estimates put out in Wisconsin were that 380,000 voters, mostly young, black, Hispanic, and old, like many in the Democratic coalition, would not be able to vote.  Working the polls as I have since the 2011 uprising in Wisconsin, I noticed a surprising low turnout in our Madison ward, about 1500 of the usual 2000, about 100 voters short.  Taken statewide those 200,000 or so votes would be much more than enough to shift the election.

Harry Targ of Purdue is “right on” in the description of the US provocations since 1990. Supplement this with my report in an earlier release of $5 billion US spending in the Ukraine over 20 years before the 2014 militaristic events.  More details in this link to that 9-1-14 Reuschlein report:

The electoral college victory should be appealed to the courts and have the electoral college declared unconstitutional as a artifact of the slave era compromise that violates “one person one vote” and the 14th Amendment.  That’s one way out of this constitutional crisis of interference in the vote and election by Republicans (voter suppression) and Russians (hacker-gate).  Then Hillary’s vote margin, larger than Obama’s in 2012, would elect the candidate with the most votes.  However, Hillary Clinton would have to initiate the appeal to the courts, and despite this happening to Gore in 2000, such an initiative does not seem likely.  Until someone does so, the right wingers will keep steamrolling over the left, because they are seeking total victory and the left is playing by the old rules.

Presidency tendencies report:


Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016,

Real Economy Institute,




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