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America is going through a lot of problems right now.  Americans for the first time in their history no longer believe the next generation will be better off than their parents’ generation.  Manufacturing employment, 40% in the fifties has shrunk to 10% today.  For many decades, America had trade surpluses, now since the eighties it has had trade deficits.  The national debt has grown to the size of the annual economy for the first time since fighting World War II.  Income inequality has hit historical highs, even higher than just before the Great Depression of the thirties.  Crime is at record levels compared to other developed countries, although half the rate of the last decade of the Cold War.  Politics is in gridlock.  How did we get this way and is there a way out?  Looking at America as a modern empire is the best way to explain it all.  High military spending leads directly to all those consequences given enough time.  Lowering military spending is the only way out.

Modern Empire 8-6-16

This traces the evolution of society and institutions over time as militarism gradually changes the nature of a society.

Football Baseball Empire 5-28-16

Pure sports are healthy, empire sports are full of violence and militarism.  This paper explores how the top sport of a nation can shift under the pressures of empire and widespread war.

Control Freak Society 3-14-15

Power and control are the opposites of freedom and ingenuity.  An achievement society has healthy economic growth, a power and control society comes from an excessively militarized society.  Control freaks are much more prevalent in a more militarized society.

Modern Feudalism 2-21-15

If the complete absence of military spending is world peace, the extensive presence of militarism all around a society is feudalism, like the Middle and Dark Ages of Europe.  This paper discusses these issues, lords and serfs, castles and moats, and explains the nature of that system compared to present times in America.

Religion and Empire 1-3-15

The cooptation of the Christian religion by the Roman Empire has turned the church away from nonviolence allowing war under just war theory.  This is a clear contradiction with the gospels.  This revisits the historical and religious records into a new interpretation of scripture.

12 Days of Empire 11-29-14

This is a parody of the Christmas song.

Capitalism vs Empire 11-23-14

Socialism and the two capitalistic economic theories, monetarism and Keynesianism, each have some evidence in their favor and some evidence against.  These three types are belief systems rather than scientific systems.  I seek to replace all three with Peace Economics.  Empire Economics is the best way to explain Peace Economics other than by mathematics.  The uncanny mathematical precision of my theory is the basis for my confidence in this.

10 Empire Warps 10-12-14

These are examples of distortions military spending and militarism will eventually inflict on society.

12 Stages of Empire 9-29-14

This is the earlier version of the Modern Empire paper mentioned first in this list.

Work and Empire 7-26-14

This takes a closer look at work and occupations that fit the empire mold.

Empire Concept 2-18-14

This looks at the importance of the empire concept to explain the many deviations from previous norms affecting American society.

Health and Crime 12-13-13

The Spirit Level book provides a rationale for poor health and crime resulting from a developed nation’s level of income inequality.  But their correlations on the main factors of their index are only half as accurate as my military spending long term averages correlating to those factors.  Empire is a better explanation than income inequality for these ugly statistics.

Crime and Empire 12-5-13

Murder and crime are proportional to the long term average military spending of a developed nation.  Here is the statistical connection between the social decay of empire and the military spending that brings an empire down.  The two decades it takes to raise a child to adulthood are the formative years.  The military spending percentage of an economy during this time determines the crime rate.

For the complete texts of the thirteen press releases:

Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016,

To be announced October 7, in Oslo Norway.

Real Economy Institute,




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