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The Dr. Peace train is gaining momentum.  The West Suburban Faith Based Peace Coalition of Chicago, mainly Du Page County centered, has an annual dinner to celebrate their peace essay contest.  The basis of their peace essay is the Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928 outlawing war and the threat of war in international affairs.  Unfortunately, this agreement is largely ignored in the world today.  Students in particular were encouraged to enter.  An 800 word letter to a significant person in the world is sent out and the reply is included in order to be eligible to win the first second and third place cash awards.  Dr. Peace was encouraged repeatedly to send in a submission, but when he did, he found out about the reply.  Sending to presidential candidates was too much to ask for such busy people, and even broadening the request out to third party candidates Jill Stein of the Greens and Austin Peterson of the Libertarians left no reply.  Still the committee apparently liked my entry enough to earn a Special Recognition Award and a give me a five minute acceptance speech at the banquet on the anniversary of the agreement August 27, 2016.

It was noted at the banquet that the main speaker, Kathy Kelly, is a three time nominated person for the Nobel Peace Prize, and that I was a one time nominee.  The main winner of the award was not present due to being from another country far away, but had a representative there.  It was my random good fortune to end up at the same table as the second place winner, son of a staff person for Democratic U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid.  His letter was addressed to Senator Reid who did reply to the letter.  I was able to enjoy conversation with his dad as I gave both of them the flyer I passed out to everyone about the “Paradigm Shifts of Peace Economics” which would have been the subject of the last monthly coffee house meeting until I had to cancel due to a schedule conflict.  Encouraged by the conversation I also gave both the son and the dad copies of my “Summary of Military Dis-Economics” one page summary of the thirteen key correlations that define the essence of my theories.

When the moment came for my speech, after the main speaker and before the award winners, I decided the best idea to focus in on was the concept of empire, how military spending leads to empire decline and how that decline shapes the health, safety, civic structure, and politics of the whole society as a direct result.  The main organizer sent me this thank you:  “Thanks, Bob.  You added a lot to the success of the program and you did a wonderful job of summarizing your contribution to the understanding of the benefits to a peace-focused economy.”  My colleague present thought I was a highlight of the whole event.  At the end of my speech I awarded copies of my video to the main speaker and a peace columnist for the Chicago Tribune.  The aide to Senator Reid asked for a copy of the video and I went back to my car and found two more copies and gave him one and took a donation for the other copy from a lady I later found out to be another one of the organizers.  Every one standing around afterwards was eager to talk with me, as I talked with several people.  I urged a social scientist to nominate me for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize, as I expect the process could take several years.

Next month, October 2016, the SAGE Encyclopedia of War is due to be published with two peer reviewed entries of mine in it, each 2000 words, “Military Keynesianism” and “Political Economy of War.”

For the text of the contest entry letter:

For the five paradigm shifts in the flyer distributed:

For a one page summary of the scope and accuracy of my work given to the Senator’s aide:

Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Nominated and vetted for the Nobel Peace Prize 2016,

to be awarded October 7, in Oslo Norway.

Real Economy Institute,




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