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Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Several unprecedented events on my websites these last two weeks suggest the vetting is continuing of my Nobel Peace Prize nomination.  From the website:  “There are 376 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 out of which 228 are individuals and 148 are organizations.  376 is by far the highest number of candidates ever.  The previous record, 278 candidates, was set in 2014.”  The short list typically contains from twenty to thirty candidates.  In the first meeting at the end of the week nominations close, then the surviving nominations would be divided up by the five member committee.  Someone with some economics background would probably be assigned to vet my nomination and report back to the committee as a whole.  That has apparently happened, according to the following events.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch 3-8-16 Tuesday morning

On Monday March 7, I was interviewed by Mitch Henck on radio for a half hour at 10am.  Mitch asked how the Nobel Peace Prize nomination was going.  I told him it’s private, but my website was showing signs of an intelligent evaluative choice of press releases to read lately, not the usual random selection of the typical casually interested reader.  I must have been clairvoyant, because that night between 1:20am and 2:40am Tuesday, which corresponds to 8:20am to 9:40am Tuesday morning Oslo Norway time, someone looked at 18 of my emails.   That corresponds to a rate of 14 per hour compared to the rate of 1.7 per hour for everyone else that day, and it was a normally quieter time of day in the US.  Two press releases had an unusual three looks each, they were:  “National Security State” and “Peace is Very Hard to Sell.”    The first one helps explain my comments about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the release 10 days before, and the second shows how hard it is to favor peace in militaristic America, possibly justifying the case for picking a US activist academic like myself for the Nobel Peace Prize.  So apparently the vetting is ongoing.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch 3-10-16 Thursday morning

Another very unusual thing happened on my website.  Just before 7am French time, someone from France looked at my site and archives 22 times, very close to the single day record of 26 views.  After going to the site, that meant 21 looks at the archives.  That takes it back to July 2014, when I published “Proof of Peace Economics” one of three that month in my “top seven most viewed press releases of all time.”  Not only is the Nobel Peace Prize mentioned in that release, but all the main evidence for the singular result that military spending does not move the economy forward but only acts as a placeholder in the economy.  This link seems to be the perfect place to stop the search backward:

The Norwegian Nobel Committee consists of five Norwegians.  One is living in France.  One of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee is a former prime minister of Norway and a Social Democrat according to one wiki and member of the Labour party according to his personal wiki.  He currently serves as Secretary General of the Council of Europe, based in Strasbourg, France, in the Alsace Lorraine area near Germany on the Rhine River.  He was majoring in economics in college but did not finish his studies according to his wiki.  His name  is Thorbjørn Jagland.  His listing on the Nobel site is as follows:  Born 1950.  Secretary General, Council of Europe 2009-2020. President of the Storting, 2005-2009. Prime Minister 1996-1997, Foreign Minister 2000-2001. Member of the Storting, 1993-2009.  Member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee since 2009, reappointed for the period 2015-2020.  He appears to be the ideal candidate to vet my nomination.  Jagland is very interesting, unexpectedly resigning as Prime Minister due to a 1% drop in election results, later being demoted from Chair of the Nobel Committee in unprecedented fashion, after the Obama award, but staying on as member.  He was reappointed Secretary General of the European Council for a second five year term, also unprecedented, thanks to his good work in Ukraine.  This sounds a lot like my own up and down political career in the Democratic Party of Oregon 1980-1993.  My Peace Economics (1986 book) and “Natural Global Warming” (1991 paper) were produced in this very productive period also.  See what I mean here:

Nobel Peace Prize Watch 3-13-16 Sunday morning

An unusual viewing of my most recent press releases on happens at between 9am and 10am Oslo Norway time:  2 viewing each of the last ten press releases for a total of 20 views.  Later in the day the two other press releases in 2016 showed 2 viewing each, so all twelve press releases for 2016 are being reviewed.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch 3-14-16 Monday morning

24 views after 7am and before 10am Norway France Europe time, at a time in the US when all other views were averaging about one per hour.  The ten most recent press releases were repeat viewed.

The announcement is usually made on the second Friday of October at 11am, October 14th this year.  Wouldn’t that make a nice 3am phone call.  Current exchange rate suggests the Nobel Peace Prize is worth $959,000 (8 million Swedish krona).

The “reduction of armies” clause in Nobel’s Will is my best basis for the Peace Prize.  The will states “prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.”  I question how important timeliness is, since awards often go to discoveries thirty years old.  Coincidentally, my book Peace Economics is thirty years old this year (1986-2016).

Here is the “searched for” press release “Proof of Peace Economics”:

Professor Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Real Economy Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

CONTACT: 608-230-6640,


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