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The link at the bottom of the page has six of the best press releases for a general audience about the Peace Economics Theory.  Together they will give the reader a good feel for Reuschlein’s Empire Theory.  Military Spending has so many profound impacts on society that together it explains many of the modern complaints about American society.  What we seem to be going through is the long slow collapse of a high military spending empire.  In fact, I often treat high military spending as the defining hallmark of empire.  Here are synopses of these five most popular press releases on and the most popular single article on 

Domestic Effects of Military Spending

This was the going away favorite press release citing ten domestic effects of military spending or empire.  It was having a normal release of high initial interest gradually fading over time when suddenly, two weeks in, interest started coming in at 250 a day for several weeks.  This suggested unusually strong referrals were going on.  The ten adverse effects were productivity, crime, inequality, decline, politics, regional, social mobility, health, prisoners, and press freedom.  Many of these correlations are in the high nineties, highly robust for international comparisons.

Political Effects of Military Spending

Control of the budget is the most important tool of power in Washington DC.  Nothing is more arbitrarily, unequally, and easily distributed than military spending.  No wonder every elected president and Speaker of the House came from high military spending states during the Cold War.  In the eighties, the top twenty states had unequal distribution of per capita federal spending that was 80% coming from military spending differences by state.  80% of congressional leadership, the Supreme Court, the Presidential cabinet, and the Presidents now come from the high military spending half of America.

Defense Strategy of Military Spending

One of the biggest lies is this notion that high military spending makes a nation strong.  Actually it only gradually weakens a nation while new competitors grow more quickly and become more powerful in real strength, economic strength.  Premature high military spending leads to considerable military and economic weakness in just a few decades time.  The half life of the manufacturing sector has been thirty years during America’s long continuous decline, since  the 1945 end of World War II.

Regional Effects of Military Spending

The rise of the Sunbelt and the demise of the Rustbelt have more to do with Cold War military spending than anything else, including trade.  Half of the Cold War budget represents a transfer of wealth from the 28 Northern states to the 22 Southern states.  Trade deals have rewarded the unproductive financial and military sectors of the bi coastal economy at the expense of the productive Great Lakes region of the country.  Hollowing out the middle of the country has combined with hollowing out the middle class to feed the insatiable appetite of empire.  But the process is bringing all of us down.

Importance of Peace Economics

Personal income, the manufacturing sector, the stock market, sociology, history, politics, science, labor, education, and the environment will all have to be rewritten extensively to recognize the extensive impacts of peace economics in all these areas of life and understanding.  Many sure bets in the stock market could have been made over the years using peace economics principles.

Criminal Effects of Militarized Society

The near perfect correlation between leading economies military spending and their crime rates demands an explanation.  Once understood, it explains what the criminologists can’t explain, the sudden drop in crime and murder rates in the nineties to about half their previous levels.  Seventy years of empire have lead to invasions in the Middle East and occupations of America’s central cities by militarized “shoot first and ask questions later” police forces.  This press released the week after the Ferguson police shooting of unarmed Michael Brown became a number one big hit on

These six great top press releases are all here on these six pages:    Hint: to read this paper for free, you must click on the tiny word “read”

Professor Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Real Economy Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

CONTACT: 608-230-6640,



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