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Although is my hub website, three others provide detailed responses to my weekly press releases.  Each of the three tends to represent a different group of people. represents the press, represents the academic world, and represents the public in general, often people I know from political activism send out links to to their friends.  To see how different these groups react to my press releases I put together a chart of the first eight press releases of 2016.

Website ExpertClick Academia WordPress WordPress
Date Name Press Academia Direct Complete
2-Jan CNNTop5 228 27 4 12 CNN Top Stories: All Empire
9-Jan PEPolitics 662 9 7 18 Peace and American Politics
16-Jan UsefulPE 618 16 9 14 Useful Peace Economics
23-Jan CIAPresidents 519 31 10 13 CIA Presidents: Obama Clinton
27-Jan NobelNomin 143 6 20 30 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
31-Jan Respect 203 23 4 20 Peace Nomination Respect
6-Feb NorwayRes 201 30 5 15 Response from Oslo Norway
13-Feb Invade 127 40 9 17 Where To Invade Next
Totals 2701 182 68 139
Press 1.00000 -0.36940 -0.10340 -0.37359
Academia -0.36940 1.00000 -0.47038 -0.59451
Public Direct -0.10340 -0.47038 1.00000 0.74561
Public Complete -0.37359 -0.59451 0.74561 1.00000

As indicated in the above chart, the favorite of the press was “Peace and American Politics” and this also seems to be a favorite of the Nobel Prize Committee.  The favorite of the academics is Michael Moore’s new movie “Where To Invade Next” although least popular with the press.  The favorite of the public is “Nobel Peace Prize Nominee” although least popular among the academics and second lowest for the press.  So each group has very different tastes and prejudices.  Overall, according to the correlations, the public and academics are the most different.  The second biggest disparity is between the academics and the press.  The press and public were closest in taste.  The disparity in numbers comes from the press going out to 7000, while the academic peace and justice list serve goes out to 750, and my local list is about 250.  Also, the press list is direct, while the academic list largely comes from academics who read a press release and then pursue further information with a link on the bottom of the page.  The public list mostly comes from those on my personal list and some academics who send out a link to their friends and followers.  People I meet at conferences or on the street and random googles can add to all of these totals.  The two publics come from those who directly link to a new release and those who look at a variety of releases in that week that starts with a new release.

This second chart shows how well each release appealed to the various audiences relatively.

The strongest overall result comes from the direct public for the “Nobel Peace Prize Nominee”.

Press Academia WordPress WordPress Average
ExpertClick Academia Direct Complete
CNN Top Stories: All Empire 8.4% 14.8% 5.9% 8.6% 9.4%
Peace and American Politics 24.5% 4.9% 10.3% 12.9% 13.2%
Useful Peace Economics 22.9% 8.8% 13.2% 10.1% 13.7%
CIA Presidents: Obama Clinton 19.2% 17.0% 14.7% 9.4% 15.1%
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 5.3% 3.3% 29.4% 21.6% 14.9%
Peace Nomination Respect 7.5% 12.6% 5.9% 14.4% 10.1%
Response from Oslo Norway 7.4% 16.5% 7.4% 10.8% 10.5%
Where To Invade Next 4.7% 22.0% 13.2% 12.2% 13.0%
100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%


The next two strongest results come from the press interest in “Peace and American Politics” and “Useful Peace Economics” followed by the academic interest in the Michael Moore movie “Where To Invade Next”  The extremely low interest in “Nobel Peace Prize Nominee” by the press and academics stands in stark contrast to the high public interest in the same.  That reflects my personal experience as my radio host wanted to go with me to Oslo if I win and the UW alumni office wanted to announce my success in the coming summer newsletter.  Yet the academics gave me no encouragement, just a snarky comment by a self important academic that the nomination meant nothing.  But I did get one encouragement from another Peace Education Institute attendee where I spent a week in Toledo last summer.

Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Continuing unusual activity on my websites reveal intense scrutiny and vetting by the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee.  Until now, the activity has all been on, but Thursday February 18, someone looked at one of my papers from Ekero, Sweden, 47 minutes from the Nobel Museum in Sweden. It came at 2:23pm Swedish time and was on the paper “POLITICAL Military Presidency”.  This was just two days after an unusual 10 views on the press release called “Peace and American Politics” February 16, 2016.  Most views come in the first month, slowing down after a hot start.  One week into the second month views seldom exceed one or two a day.  Press releases have a hot three day start, then slow down.  That fourth day Tuesday showed a 40% increase over the second and third day.  Also, the pattern looked like someone reading to evaluate me and the writings rather than to just enjoy the readings.  All this came after a Sweden entry on the same paper February 10 at 10:53am Swedish time.  Both viewings came from one of my 67 followers on the site.  This also comes at a time when I’m in the top 3% on academia.  The idea that the Nobel committee was watching me hadn’t occurred to me before.  Apparently this goes back to long before I was nominated.  I know the Pentagon and the CIA are aware of my work, and Google seems to go to academia nearly every time I issue a press release lately, with over 30 contacts from Mountain View in the last six months or so.  In addition to the “Peace and American Politics” burst last Tuesday seemingly coming from Scandinavia, “Peace Economics, Only Way,” “Low Level Military Defense,” “Solstice and Peace Shopping,” “National Security State,” “Reuschlein World View,” “Peace Is Very Hard to Sell,” “Violent Change Period Cycle,” and “First They Ignore You, Then” were all showing high levels of interest for old press releases.

Here is the 24 page booklet included with each of my video dvds:

Hint: to read this paper for free, you must click on the tiny word “read”

Professor Robert Reuschlein, Dr. Peace,

Real Economy Institute, Madison, Wisconsin

CONTACT: 608-230-6640,



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