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This year is the seventieth anniversary of the atomic bomb, which was used in war the first time against the Japanese city of Hiroshima by US President Harry Truman.  Two of the conferences in Hiroshima associated with this anniversary are COSGA (about sociology and globalization) and the new PSYSUS (about psychology and sustainability).  Having made submissions to both, I discovered I have been elevated to one of three Featured Speakers, an important milestone in my career.  These joint conferences will be held in August at the KKR Hotel Hiroshima.  Hiroshima today is a major city in Southern Japan with over a million citizens.



Historians such as Gar Alperovitz of the University of Maryland found that the generals did not want to drop the bomb.  Apparently Truman wanted to send a proverbial “shot across the bow” of the Soviets more to begin the Cold War than to end the World War.  Cruel indifference to human beings is not unknown to governments.


Text on Conference Home Page as Featured Speaker with Picture:

Robert Reuschlein, EdD, MBA, CPA, BSEE
Professor, Radio For Peace International
Founder, Real Economy Institute, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Robert Reuschlein earned an BSEE in electrical engineering and later an MBA and CPA (management and accounting degrees and certifications).  He has held several high offices in political party activities in the State of Oregon.  In 2009, he earned a doctorate in educational leadership with a dissertation on peace economics and program change in peace studies.

Dr. Robert Reuschlein’s principal academic initiatives since 1985 have been in the reinvention of macroeconomics, empire theory, and global temperature cycle theory. Using military spending and temperature as variables he improved both macroeconomics and global warming theory by an order of magnitude.  In 2011 he produced a video that constitutes a twenty-five year update of his peace economics and empire theories.

Empire theory explains that military spending is inherently nonproductive, hence a primary cause of decline in an empire.  Reuschlein shows how simple psychological models and an economic pie chart explain how the economic decline of empire leads to political, social, criminal, and health decay.

The importance of a 54-year cycle approach emerges when a 55-year moving average of the global temperature record is taken; the global warming record reduces to three straight lines.  Reuschlein takes on the challenge of demonstrating how global warming affects the economy, then showing how economic factors lead to wars.

Link to conference:


After quickly making the basic points about military spending reducing economic growth, Reuschlein will trace several examples of the social decay that goes with the economic decline of empire.  Then he will briefly show how heat affects economics, and the long cycle explains how climate change, economic change, and major wars are interconnected with examples of the 54 year cycle.


Press Release #100

This is my 100th press release this past two years, with over 47,000 viewings on  After posting there, I send out three more mailings to other lists.  My over 2000 new hits on the last two years could indicate another 20,000 viewings if only 10% of those viewers link to the additional readings recommended at the bottom of the page.  I have various data that suggest the 10% ratio is a reasonable expectation.  So about 10,000 viewings have probably occurred on the peace and justice studies association listserve.

Text of the leading (5700 views) press release of the past two years:

Hint: to read this paper for free, you must click on the tiny word “read” in the middle of the bottom of the screen after you go to the above link on

Dr. Peace, Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Madison,Wisconsin

MESSAGE: 608-230-6640
(Real Economy and/or Peace Economics free eBook for the press)


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One thought on “Hiroshima Featured Speaker

  1. Thanks, Dr. Peace, for attending the Veterans For Peace, Madison, WI, Event regarding the 70th (year) of the detonation of the Trinity Atomic Bomb where WWII Veteran Lincoln Grahlfs spoke.

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