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Are Chile and Nepal Related?


With only three days separating the natural events in Chile and Nepal at very close to direct opposite sides of the globe, there could be a connection between these events. The 6000 evacuated in Chile due to the volcano somewhat compares to the 4000 deaths in Nepal due to the earthquake, at least in number if not in severity. One town in Chile was buried in gray ash, covered by a gray desert. Chile’s Calbuco volcano covered the town of Ensenada, population 1500. One website that calculates distances between cities lists five places in Chile as the farthest away from Katmandu, Nepal, all of them over 11,000 miles. 12,440 miles is half way around the earth. My first press release was found by someone with the search term “is something bigger happening from the Chile volcano?”


The surface crust of the Earth is as thin as the skin on an apple, proportionately. It rests on a sea of molten magma. Think of a waterbed and how it easily adjusts to changing pressures. Yet the crust is rigid, so it is all connected, and the rigidity is broken on occasion by adjustments in the tectonic plates resulting in volcanoes and earthquakes. We know that opposite ends of the earth are connected. That’s why the centrifugal force of the spinning earth results in the circumference of the earth being wider at the equator and narrower at the poles. This shape, caused by the flattening at the poles, is called an oblate spheroid. The circumference of the earth is 24, 902 miles on the equator and 24,860 at the poles. That small difference is 42 miles, seven times the distance of the tallest mountain to the surface of the earth. That difference of 42 miles is eight times the distance to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. When you throw a pebble into a lake, ripples go out in larger and larger circles. So the shattering of the earth’s crust in one area will send out ripples in all directions. Those ripples will all meet again in the opposite side of the earth and concentrate there somewhat, so the idea that an event in Chile impacts an event in Nepal is quite plausible on this fragile layer of crust on the earth.


Looking at one website that calculates distances from one part of the world to another, it lists five locations as the locations farthest away from Katmandu, Nepal, and all five of those locations are in Chile, including several locations that bracket the area around the Calbuco volcano that erupted on Wednesday, Earth Day. Thus the earthquake three days later in Nepal could be related in part to the volcanic eruption three days before. When the volcano Krakatoa erupted in 1883, it took three days and three passes around the earth for the volcanic atmospheric debris cloud to cover the earth. An area 50 miles around the Krakatoa volcano was so covered with the ash cloud that sunlight was not seen for two and a half days. So a three day interval is comparable to similar historic natural events. Massive blizzards like the blizzard of 1888 and 1993 were three day events. So three day intervals are very common for massive natural events.


The reaction to my Chile Volcano press release has been much stronger overseas. Whereas academia is usually 25% foreign, this time it was 70% foreign. Likewise with wordpress, where the normal 10% foreign response increased to 40%. Global warming and foreign news are lesser issues in the United States. The global warming cycle phase we are in now is eradic, with the ocean slowly pulling the overheated land down to its level. This year is in the middle of the oceanic caused slowing down of global warming, so anything can happen.

Full Short Story of the Earth Weather Cycle:

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