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FIVE LOST PRESS RELEASES of (system failure 11-7-14)
For those who missed the chance to see these releases in my file,
here they are repeated:
Twelve Stages of Empire September 29, 2014:
#1. Isolation and Growth. A non empire society with promise can grow if isolated from older militarized neighbors and allowed to devote resources to economic growth rather than military spending.
#2. Economic Dominance. The growing society eventually overtakes the slower growing militarized economies around it and becomes dominant economically.
#3. Military Domination War. Economic domination leads to military domination after war between the top two economic powers. Usually the other power has been dominant but has limited its growth through militarism allowing the new power to catch up and overtake it.
Remainder of this very popular “Democratic Underground” press release is here:
For more information about how these twelve points apply to America:

10 Truths About Research October 20, 2014:
#1. Military Research is often too military specific to give any civilian benefit to the economy. New areas of research bring the greatest results, but much military research improves on existing ideas without creating anything truly new.
#2. Military Research is often too top secret to benefit from normal academic testing in conferences. Without the widespread dissemination of ideas, serendipity cannot happen.
#3. Much of mainstream research money goes to follow on research rather than truly original research. Grants are awarded for research desired by the grantee, not necessarily for new innovations that have no obvious benefactor at first, but often change the world.
#4. Most of the greatest innovations come from the little person not from major research institutions. Like many others, Steve Jobs started out in a garage.
#5. Independent researchers are often looked down upon by the snobs in leading academic institutions. Colleagues have recommended I present my ideas to various UW Madison forums, but with Madison the 9th ranked city in snobbery, it’s hard to get recognition as an independent researcher.
Complete press release:
Example of Independent Research:

10 Ways Empire Warps Us All October 12, 2014:
#1. Domination and control became ways of life and work. The military top down hierarchy and control become the standard for industry, education and government over time.
#2. Talent is diverted from useful productive purposes meeting ordinary human needs to use as destructive forces and political pawns.
#3. Manipulations into wars keep working as emotional tugs on ordinary citizens are used to instill fears and encourage reactionary over-reactions.
#4. Distant threats are conjured up as immediate and close at hand as resources are diverted from the homeland to distant shores.
#5. The media imperative of “it bleeds it leads” is used to promote national security types to the top of the media food chain, reducing resistance to foreign wars over relatively trivial and distant objectives.
Complete press release:
For more information about how empire affects us all:

10 Ways Football Mimics War October 5, 2014:
#1. Only 10% of Roman Gladiators died in the coliseum. NFL Football players have longevity 20% less than average, thereby losing twice as much life as the gladiators did.
#2. Most football players step out of bed painfully on Monday mornings and many experience multiple brain concussions. War veterans have PTSD and multiple concussions.
#3. Both teams put most of there men on the imaginary line between the teams, the so-called “front lines”, and call play in this area “in the trenches” unlike most other sports; hockey and soccer come close, but do so much less frequently than the every down football standard formation.
#4. When a team wants to put pressure on the quarterback, they resort to a tactic called blitzing, very reminiscent of the German “blitzkrieg” attack plans of the Second World War. In both cases men are sent through the front lines attempting to get beyond the normal front line men in order to cause havoc.
#5. Both soldiers and football players wear helmets as standard equipment, as well as other kinds of shielding and protective gear.
Complete press release:
For more information about how football and baseball apply to America before and after empire:

Growing Reputation, Requests August 24, 2014:
When I reached out to to send press releases out to 7000 people once a week, I never dreamed it would go like this. With press releases averaging 200 views starting the once a week in December, none of them exceeded 300 until April 2014. Then I broke the 500 level in May with 900 in June, then 1000 in July, now 1400 in August. Military Money and Power is still growing strong at the end of its second week, might break 1500 fairly soon. Then Ferguson Missouri exploded with protests and “Militarized Terror Policing” becomes an online magazine article on page 125 for the Fall edition of Here at home Urban League leader Kaleem Caire writes “Bob, thank you so much for organizing the Rally!! That’s leadership!” as Madison seeks to join the country’s vigil Thursday August 14th.
The rest is available here:
Older Press Release Titles and Details:


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