Military Empire and Climate Cycle Views

Solstice and Peace Shopping

#1. Solstice is really two different events here in Madison, Wisconsin, 43 N., according to Sunset solstice is December 9th and sunrise solstice is January 3rd, giving an average solstice of December 21st, with sunrise 12 days earlier and sunset 14 days later.
#2. December 2 to December 16 the time of sunset did not change from 4:24 am for fifteen days.
#3. Nine days from December 30 to January 7, 2015, the latest sunrise time stayed at 7:30am.  From December 26 to January 11 the other days were all 7:29am, a 17 day flat period, eight days before the central day of January 3, eight days after that day.
#4. The first 12:00 hour day of the year was March 17th and the next one was September 25th.  The first was 3 days before the 12:09 hour day March 20 equinox and the second 3 days after the 12:10 hour day September 22 equinox. With daytime changing 3 minutes per day at either equinox, September 25 is actually a 12:01 day, the closest to a 12:00 day in that period.
#5. Shortest day of year was 8:59 hours December 19, December 21, December 23.
#6. Longest day of year was 15:22 hours eight days from June 17 to June 24, 2014.
#7. Latest sunset was 8:41 pm CDT from June 22 to July 1, center: June 26-27.
#8 Earliest sunrise 5:18 am CDT from June 9 to June 21, 13 days, June 15 center.

Peace Shopping
#9 We have been shopping since 2006 for peace signs or the word peace found on plaques, t-shirts, bags, notebooks, boxes, lamps, backpacks, luggage, pouches, purses, wallets and belts.
#10 In 2006 there was very little, lots after the 2006 election in 2007 and 2008, then a decline starting in 2009 until almost nothing this year 2014. Now men’s wear has lots of war but no peace, and women’s wear features peace with skulls and skeletons. One chest has both the peace symbol and word but also many tanks and warplanes on the box. The now rare peace stuff seems to sell out fast as the demand exceeds the supply. When articles have a variety of signs, the peace stuff will be sold out and the other stuff still sits there, usually. The new absence of peace or vicious peace helps prepare today’s elementary school students for the next war in the next decade, the middle twenties.

Favorite Peace Songs:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute
best contact to ask Bob to speak to your group:
to leave message: 608-230-6640
for more info:
Real Economy and/or Peace Economics free pdf on request by members of the press


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