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10 Scientific Revolution Facts

This is mainly a book review by Robert Reuschlein of:

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn (1962, 1972)

#1.   Kuhn defines a scientific revolution as a paradigm shift in a scientific field.

#2.   Paradigm shifts change the worldview in a field of science. (Kuhn)

#3.   Kuhn is a historian of science and works primarily in the physical sciences.

#4.   Kuhn says a new theory “requires the reconstruction of prior theory and re-evaluation of prior fact, an intrinsically revolutionary process that is seldom completed by a single person ‘and never overnight.'”

#5.   “History suggests that the road to a firm research consensus is very arduous.” (Kuhn)

#6.   “it remains an open question what parts of social science have yet acquired such paradigms at all.” (Kuhn)

#7.   “In the absence of a paradigm or some candidate for paradigm, all of the facts that could possibly pertain to the development of a given science are likely to seem equally relevant.  As a result, early fact-gathering is a far more nearly random activity than the one that subsequent scientific development makes familiar.” (Kuhn)

#8   “Therefore, at times of revolution, when the normal-scientific tradition changes, the scientists perception of his environment must be re-educated – in some familiar situations he” or she “must learn to see a new gestalt.” (Kuhn)

#9   “schools guided by different paradigms are always slightly at cross-purposes.” (Kuhn)

#10  “what a person sees depends both on what a person looks at and also upon what a person’s previous visual-conceptual experience has taught him or her to see.” (Kuhn)

Examples of paradigm shifts; macroeconomics, empire theory, global warming cycle:

Statistics and Main Ideas documenting these paradigm shifts:

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