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Top 10 Election Plus Peace

By Dr. Robert Reuschlein
As our elections continue to be defined by the party of military spending against the party of domestic spending, it is crucial to look at state rankings, on a per capita military spending basis, to understand what is going on in the Senate elections this year.
#1 Of the 36 SENATE elections this year, the high military spending top 17 split 14 (82%) for Republicans and 3 (18%) for Democrats. The low military 19 split 10 (52%) for Republicans and 9 (48%) for Democrats.
#2 The only OPEN SEAT to go to the Democrats was in Michigan, ranked 47th of the 50 states in military spending, a solid blue presidential state. Republicans won six open seats with an average military state ranking of 31.
#3 The only INCUMBENTS defeated were five Democrats, and four of the five were from the high military group of states. This includes Louisiana where the Democrat has no chance in the runoff. The only low military state incumbent defeated Democrat was Arkansas, ranked 38, but a deep South state surrounded by high military spending states.
#4 In GOVERNOR’s races, the advantage for Republicans was more across the board and a little less decisive in favor of military states than in the Senate. Republicans won 12 (75%) to 4 (25%) in the higher military spending states, but they also won 12 (63%) to 7 (37%) in the low military spending states. Two independents won governorships.
#5 2002 Iraq NO WAR vote was compared to the Campaign For United Nations Reform voting record on issues and found to be 0.80 correlated to the average of the congressional delegation of each state. Vermont and Hawaii topped the list against the war with perfect 100% records and CUNR with 93% and 91% respectively.
Best of 2014
#6 Top press release for the one year anniversary of (see is 10 Military Domestic Effects with 5550 press release views out of 31,314 by October 31st this year. I’m really catching on with less than 3000 views a month the first eight months and less than 10,000 total views until June 5th. Since the start of the last four months in July every month has been over 3600 peaking at 7208 in October.
10 Military Domestic Effects can be found here:
#7 Top paper on my academic website is Military Dis-Economics with 132 views and total views for the website since I began keeping track last October 7th of 1327. Military Dis-Economics is here:
#8 Top published paper Militarized Terror Policing published by the Journal of Nonviolent Change Fall 2014 has had 37 academic viewings since October 30th and 712 views of the original press release issued on August 17th after the Michael Brown police execution in Ferguson, Missouri August 9th.
Here is Militarized Terror Policing
#9 Reached the top 4% of all websites when Jim Peterson (who met me at my annual PeaceFest in Baraboo, WI) reposted 12 Stages of Empire on the Democratic Underground September 29, 2014. This power point version of 12 Stages of Empire listed on has 70 visits, 37 from the Democratic Underground:
#10 My “other theory” about the 54 year global warming cycle also generated a lot of interest, as the TEMPERATURE graph became number two on with 92 views and Evaporation Changes World became the number two press release with 2060 viewings.
Here is the temperature graph:
Here is Evaporation Changes World:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,
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(Real Economy 1999 available as $10 ebook)
An archive of this yearlong press release campaign can be found at:


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