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10 Nobel Prize Pathways

#1. The Nobel Peace Prize could be awarded to an individual who has done extensive work to show that military spending at all times and in all nations represents lost capital investment. That means that nation’s economy will grow less by the amount of that lost capital investment. This would raise the cost of national security to its true long term enormous cost in lost economic growth, with the related loss in national status among the other nations. This in turn would put real value into any peace dividend. This puts enormous pressure to economize, to the maximum extent, in long term military preparations for war. In the long term, the highest military spending nations would be those left farthest behind other nations economically and therefore militarily as well. This would fulfill the terms of Nobel’s will “best work for ……reduction of standing armies……”
#2. The Nobel Economics Prize could be awarded to an individual who fixed a major flaw in the Keynesian economic analysis, the failure to differentiate the economic stimulus value between military spending and all other government spending. Health, Education, and Safety Net have direct value to a society, while the military has almost no value in peacetime, and the double negative rationale in wartime is still negative. Destruction is fundamentally different than construction.
#3. The Nobel Physics Prize could be awarded to an individual who showed that the Kondratiev Wave 54 year cycle begins with a long term fluctuation in the changing growth rates of global warming. This in turn changes the status of the cycle from fringe social science idea to mainstream physical sciences idea.
#4. The Nobel Economics Prize could be offered to an individual who showed how empire changes everything in an economy. Immigration flows of talent to the center, along with social disfunction internally when the military economy blocks strong growth, and the shift to the service and financial centers from manufacturing are all unique aspects of the high military spending empire condition of the economy. Changes in the workforce and politics reflect this empire condition and reinforce the negative aspects of empire.
#5. The Nobel Economics Prize could be offered to an individual who showed how dependent regional economies are on changes in the military budget. Current economic analysis focuses on corporate and financial flows only, missing a good analysis of the politically directed budget, which is mainly the military budget at the federal level in the United States. Current economics misses the opportunity cost of those regions supplying federal taxes in excess of the lack of federal funding in low military spending states and regions.
#6. The Nobel Economics Prize could be offered to an individual who constructed an accurate long term model of a major factor in a major economy with accuracy that covered nearly a full century.
#7. The Nobel Physics Prize could be awarded to an individual who discovered that major aspects of economics can actually be modeled with physics like accuracy, showing that economics is actually a branch of the physical sciences rather than a social science with all the normal human irregularities.
#8. The Nobel Peace Prize could be awarded to an individual who showed that peace can be attained not only by politics, social reformation, and attitude change, but by widespread understanding of the dire economic results of high levels of military spending for long periods of time.
#9. The Nobel Physics Prize could be awarded to an individual who turned the study of global warming into an actual precise science with a precision almost an order of magnitude higher than existing modeling. Research could explain the fifteen year pause since the last global warming high year in 1998 and explain why this pause could last until about the year 2025.
#10. The Nobel Peace Prize is open to nominations by February 1st of each year by professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology, or members of national assemblies and governments, among others. Nobel’s will states “to the person who shall have done the most or best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding or promoting of peace congresses.” The deciding committee is in Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Economics Prize is decided and awarded in Sweden, and the Nobel Physics Prize is also decided and awarded in Sweden. The names of the nominees cannot be revealed until 50 years later.
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Example of research that would encourage the “reduction of standing armies”:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,
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