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10 Truths About Research

#1. Military Research is often too military specific to give any civilian benefit to the economy. New areas of research bring the greatest results, but much military research improves on existing ideas without creating anything truly new.
#2. Military Research is often too top secret to benefit from normal academic testing in conferences. Without the widespread dissemination of ideas, serendipity cannot happen.
#3. Much of mainstream research money goes to follow on research rather than truly original research. Grants are awarded for research desired by the grantee, not necessarily for new innovations that have no obvious benefactor at first, but often change the world.
#4. Most of the greatest innovations come from the little person not from major research institutions. Like many others, Steve Jobs started out in a garage.
#5. Independent researchers are often looked down upon by the snobs in leading academic institutions. Colleagues have recommended I present my ideas to various UW Madison forums, but with Madison the 9th ranked city in snobbery, it’s hard to get recognition as an independent researcher.
#6. Large corporations can buy up inventions that they don’t want to compete with. Such as the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?” about California in the nineties.
#7. Large corporations can use the legal system to bankrupt the small inventor. This one was brought up as a major cause by a presenter on patent process information.
#8. Large corporations can use government restrictions to block progress of the small inventor. My personal experience in the small dry cleaner industry up against big oil shows that suspected cancer causing perclorethylene has 300 times tighter restrictions than known carcinogen in oil, benzene.
#9. Large research institutions can ignore research too far outside the mainstream. As a colleague of mine has said, 2% improvement makes you a great researcher, but 3% improvement means you are a nut job.
#10. Peer reviewed research limitations can stop small inventors from seeing the light of day. Imagine if Jesus had to have approval of the Sanhedrin to preach: that would have ended it right there.
Example of Independent Research:

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