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10 Ways Empire Warps Us All

#1. Domination and control became ways of life and work. The military top down hierarchy and control become the standard for industry, education and government over time.
#2. Talent is diverted from useful productive purposes meeting ordinary human needs to use as destructive forces and political pawns.
#3. Manipulations into wars keep working as emotional tugs on ordinary citizens are used to instill fears and encourage reactionary over-reactions.
#4. Distant threats are conjured up as immediate and close at hand as resources are diverted from the homeland to distant shores.
#5. The media imperative of “it bleeds it leads” is used to promote national security types to the top of the media food chain, reducing resistance to foreign wars over relatively trivial and distant objectives.
#6. Damaged soldiers used to prosecute “dirty little colonial wars” are returned home to alienation from their families, post traumatic stress disorder, divorce, suicide, and domestic violence as the national crime and murder rates soar in proportion to the military spending.
#7. Attempts to balance the budget on the backs of veterans benefits leave war survivors under-served in veterans hospitals, despite growing numbers of amputees and brain injured, as the post war costs greatly exceed the direct war costs.
#8. Hard line stances taken against our adversaries overseas come home domestically in polarized extremist stands taken by politicians courting the fear vote.
#9. As economics and politics disintegrate, so does our health, as we lead less militarized nations in our peer group of developed nations in obesity, mental illness, teen births, infant mortality, and caesarian sections.
#10. The peace movement, strongest wherever the military spending is highest (except the media dead spot of the South), keeps itself ineffective. It pursues individual weapons systems and trivializes or ignores the severe damage the “economically inert war system as a whole” causes in pursuit of small financial gains.

For more information about how empire affects us all:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,
best contact to ask Bob to speak to your group:
to leave message: 608-230-6640
for more info:
(Real Economy 1999 available as $10 ebook)


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