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10 Ways Football Mimics War

10 Ways Football Mimics War

#1. Only 10% of Roman Gladiators died in the coliseum. NFL Football players have longevity 20% less than average, thereby losing twice as much life as the gladiators did.
#2. Most football players step out of bed painfully on Monday mornings and many experience multiple brain concussions. War veterans have PTSD and multiple concussions.
#3. Both teams put most of there men on the imaginary line between the teams, the so-called “front lines”, and call play in this area “in the trenches” unlike most other sports; hockey and soccer come close, but do so much less frequently than the every down football standard formation.
#4. When a team wants to put pressure on the quarterback, they resort to a tactic called blitzing, very reminiscent of the German “blitzkrieg” attack plans of the Second World War. In both cases men are sent through the front lines attempting to get beyond the normal front line men in order to cause havoc.
#5. Both soldiers and football players wear helmets as standard equipment, as well as other kinds of shielding and protective gear.
#6. Both soldiers and football players try to hit the other guy as hard and fast as they can.
#7. Knocking the other guy’s leading person out of the game is often a goal of both soldiers and football players.
#8. Nuclear bombs are considered the ultimate weapon and throwing “the bomb” and scoring a touchdown is considered the ultimate football play.
#9. In the air game receivers resemble either aircraft or paratroopers and in the ground game linemen are like infantry blocking for the running backs who are like tanks. Linebackers are like defensive reserve tanks. The quarterback is like the aircraft carrier or base, or a launching pad for missiles.
#10. Until recently, domestic violence was treated by the NFL like collateral damage is treated by the air force, an indirect result of violent behavior to be safely ignored or whitewashed away.
For more information about how football and baseball apply to America before and after empire:

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