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San Fran Earthquake Predicted

San Francisco Earthquake Predicted

August 24, 2014 my prediction came true as the biggest earthquake in the San Francisco area in twenty-five years hit the Napa Valley of California 40 miles North of San Francisco. On November 17, 2012 I predicted the next major San Francisco earthquake was most likely due about two years later in the year 2014. This came as part of my Peace Fest IV presentation at the Marquis Ballroom next to the popular Pancake Café on Nesbitt Road in the Fitchburg suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, with dozens of witnesses. Luciano Matheron captured the moment in the 44th minute of his video on vimeo. Here it is to see again: . This was an ad lib to the power point as Hurricane Sandy was mentioned as a current proof of the 54 year cycle less than three weeks before the presentation. The power point was modified November 23, 2012 showing the 2014 date on the schedule of actual events and with a statement on the top of the page saying I predicted a 50% chance of this occurring in the four year window 2012 to 2016 and using the central tendency of 2014 as the specific date on the chart of events.

That 56 event chart was posted here on my website in 2013, last year:
The prediction was listed as event number 18 of the 20 weather events listed, right after event 17 which was the event 25 years ago mentioned in the FOX news broadcast yesterday. No doubt in my mind the severe drought in California was a big part of the triggering occasion.
The prediction was repeated in six different presentations the last two years as I frequently warned audiences to not be in San Francisco in the year 2014 if they can avoid it. My most significant presentation came in Chicago with the World Futurist Society using this power-point on July 20, 2013. Look at frame 12 for the earthquake prediction:

The first notable prediction came with volcanoes in 1991, when I was living in Eugene, OR. Then I came out with my paper “Natural Global Warming” using mostly the Trends 90 book of long term temperature changes over various parts of the planet. Starting in 1988 with the NOAA data for the 95 years leading up to the 1988 drought, I did a number of numerical tests of the data using inspection and looking at cumulative changes over time. Eventually I used 14 temperature data sets and two on precipitation to reach my conclusions for the paper. I passed about seven copies of the paper to others including the Vice President in charge of research for the University of Oregon, John Moseley. I did this on May 7, 1991. Then Mount Pinutuba erupted in the Phillipines on June 16, 1991, and one of my readers came up to me and said “this is your first proof of your theory” because it was exactly 108 years after Krakatoa in 1883. Both came from the same South of China part of the world, where precipitation is the heaviest in the world as storms build steam coming East from the coast of South America across the biggest ocean on the planet, the Pacific. And both came after about two decades of strong global warming. These two volcanoes skipped the 54 year cycle and went to the 108 year cycle because of the oceanic nature of every other 54 year cycle.
The paper I sent out for review on May 7, 1991:

I was at a Martin Luther King party in January 2007 at Lorna Miller’s house in Madison, Wisconsin, with Ed Garvey (NFL players rep, Senate and Governor candidate near miss and founder of Fighting Bob Fest) present and a couple dozen or more revelers generally of the Democratic persuasion. I shared my thoughts as part of an open forum, explaining how the $70 billion surge in Iraq would lead to recession. I was right although the financial impact on the military budget shows the financial surge came in fiscal year 2008, as it takes some time to deploy troops and change the budget. That is about right, since unemployment started a two year surge in July 2007 until July 2009, and the recession officially started in December 2007. Certainly the financial crisis hit in September 2008, the last month of that fatal military buildup fiscal year. The years of lack of oversight of Wall Street came to a head in the high military, high crime and corruption states, since crime and the military spending states are strongly correlated. So the financial corruption that peaked with the real estate market bubble of the politically driven military buildup states stalled and collapsed the whole economy.
See pages 6-7, 12-13, and the all important conclusion on page 24:

Approximately in the year 2025 I expect the current global warming pause to end with a very cold year and a major war starting then, followed by 27 years of very strong global warming until 2052. To the people of the Bay Area, my condolences for your earthquakes, but you may not be out of the woods just yet. Just as the drought of 1934 was followed by the drought of 1936, the Mississippi flood of 1993 was followed by the 1995 near flood, and the Blizzard of 1993 was followed by the stronger Blizzard of 1996, nature may not quite be done with the Bay area just yet. The high danger window runs through 2016. Remember Mount Saint Helens had a much smaller eruption before the big one days later. The quake 25 years ago was 30 times stronger, and the 1906 one was one hundred times as strong as 1989. So the timing is there in this quake, but not the size, so there may be more to come. But it will probably come sooner rather than later, and after 2016 the risk will drop until the 2041 period 27 years from now. The 54 year earth cycle predicts timing much better than magnitude.

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