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When I reached out to to send press releases out to 7000 people once a week, I never dreamed it would go like this. With press releases averaging 200 views starting the once a week in December, none of them exceeded 300 until April 2014. Then I broke the 500 level in May with 900 in June, then 1000 in July, now 1400 in August. Military Money and Power is still growing strong at the end of its second week, might break 1500 fairly soon. Then Ferguson Missouri exploded with protests and “Militarized Terror Policing” becomes an online magazine article on page 125 for the Fall edition of Here at home Urban League leader Kaleem Caire writes “Bob, thank you so much for organizing the Rally!! That’s leadership!” as Madison seeks to join the country’s vigil Thursday August 14th.

But there is a problem in my yearlong publicity campaign for the peace economic ideas. I combined weekly press releases on with emails to my personal email list, local media list, the peace and justice listserve, and weekly two minute commentaries on local community radio WORT 89.9 fm in Madison, Wisconsin. But suddenly without warning, these community access commentaries that have been going on for twenty years were discontinued “due to technical difficulties” although one former board member suggests it is just laziness. Whether this is temporary, as the perpetrator Molly suggests, or permanent as a current board member thinks, it is clearly at odds with the express mission statement of WORT, which seeks to provide “community access to the airwaves” “with concern for those underrepresented by other media”. This is exactly what those of us using this privilege feel to be the case. My listeners think I’ve dropped the ball, when in fact I had the rug pulled out from under me.


I have had access to various tracking date from the 19,095 viewings by the press and 1009 viewings by academia of my papers. From academia I know city and country location information, so my followers are about one fourth Wisconsin locals, one fourth international, and one half other United States. From both I have totals by title. The results were counterintuitive as I broke them down by research area of Empire Economics (often called Peace Economics) or 54 Year Cycle Theory or mostly Biographical. Then I further broke down those three categories into two more, theory or historical. To my surprise, I found Peace Economics to be more theory, and cycle theory to be more history. In the actual research I found Peace Economics to be fairly simple, mostly figured out in six months, while cycle theory took me three years to figure out the main patterns. The press releases for peace economics were 72% theoretical, while those for biography were 90% historical. For academia, the results were more balanced, with the sharpest split for cycle theory, 68% historical. Cycle theory, although more complex, is very empirical. But numbers analysis is essential to both branches of my research.
The runaway favorite for the press is “Military Money and Power” with 1443 at this moment, while the favorite for academics is the one page “SUMMARY” at 124 viewings. That the press have so many more viewings is misleading. The press measures first viewing, while the academic measures those who take the trouble to take an extra click at the bottom of the page for additional information after reading the same press release. Of the top five for the press, four are on peace economics theory and one is historical biographical. Of the top eight for the academics, two are peace economics theory, three are cycle history and one cycle theory, while two are biographical, one theory and one history. Perhaps it all makes sense. In February I switched to cycle theory and the results were a slight retrenchment, then in March I tried biography and results improved, but the best results came when I went back to peace economics theory basics in the summer. People want to know the logic for all my claims, and the military is fascinating while global warming is not so much so, with biography in between. And academics are all over the place, interested in everything to some extent. Pure academic educational issues do the worst of all.

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Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,
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to leave message 608-230-6640
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(Peace Economics 1986 available for $10 ebook)


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