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Global Citizen Award 2014

Annual Award by the Dane County United Nations Association

Global Citizen Award Nominee Peace Economist Dr. Robert Reuschlein

For Submission by Nomination Deadline July 18, 2014


Salem Oregon United Nations Association 1960-1982

Dorothy Patch was the leader of the United Nations Association in Salem, Oregon and the State of Oregon for decades.   Dorothy got the City of Salem Oregon to fly the United Nations flag co equal with the American and Oregon flags.  Dorothy Patch got Mark Hatfield to create the US Peace Institute, a federally funded institution.  She was the moral force behind US Senator Mark Hatfield, the peace senator from Oregon elected in 1966 against the Vietnam War, junior Senator to Wayne Morse.  Wayne Morse came from Madison to be Dean of the Oregon Law School.  He was one of two Senators opposed to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that Lyndon Johnson used to start the Americanization of the Vietnam War in March 1965. She was a close associate of the peace Republican US Senator Mark Hatfield, who as chair of Senate Appropriations under Ronald Reagan was the only member of the Senate to vote against the recession causing biggest peacetime military budget increase in American history in 1981.

Salem Oregon United Nations Association 1983-1993

Dorothy Patch held a meeting of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in her house in Salem, Oregon, in March 1983.  At that meeting Ada Sanchez gave me a brochure with Ruth Leger Sivard’s bar chart showing that over a twenty year period the higher the military spending the lower the manufacturing productivity growth rate for the G7 countries plus Denmark and Sweden.  That was the start of the long road to Peace Economics with my first book published in 1986.  It was a direct result of my pursuing a career in politics, going to 400 meetings in 1979 and countless thousands since then.  That fateful meeting in Dorothy Patch’s house was my second of three Oregon legislative sessions as an intern first, then a public interest lobbyist and Democratic Party official second and third sessions.  That is where I became personally acquainted with every future Governor of Oregon from 1986 to 2006.

World Military and Social Expenditures 1981-1996

Ruth Leger Sivard was let go by the Reagan administration in 1981 and she promptly published her common library reference “World Military and Social Expenditures” taking her public sector experience and privately publishing her work through the next decade and a half ending with the 1996 volume of this mostly annual work.  I met her on her Georgetown front porch once in 1986 and shocked her with my book’s revelation that all Cold War presidential elections elected presidents only from high military spending states.

United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica

Francis Richard Schneider founded Radio for Peace International in 1986 the same year as my first book Peace Economics.  He urged me to attend the opening conference of the United Nations University for Peace in June 1989 in Costa Rica.  He further urged me to attend his own conference on Radio for Peace International actually held on the University grounds the week before the UN conference.  That is where I saw the book “An Unending Story” about how International bodies had proliferated from about fifty in the fifties to over 6000 in the eighties and over 20,000 today.  I also saw the room where Radio for Peace International operated as a joint project with the UN University for Peace.  I presented my paper at the UN conference jointly with the author of the book “Planethood” Ken Keyes who became rich with his book “Handbook of Higher Consciousness” and famous with his peace book “The Hundredth Monkey”.  After hearing me I gave him a copy of my book “Peace Economics” and he later asked permission to include two and a half pages of material from my book in his book “Planethood”.  So in later editions I am in the index with five references, more than Paul Revere before me in the index or Ronald Reagan after me in the index.  I have more references that John F. Kennedy.  This helped make me an instant celebrity with World Federalists who considered “Planethood” somewhat like their bible.  I also met the Dalai Lama and Robert Mueller at the UN conference where the Tibetan leader and Oscar Arias keynoted as Nobel Peace Laureates.

United Nations Association in Eugene, Oregon 1986-1993

I joined the United Nations Association in Eugene, Oregon after publishing my book in 1986 and teaching my University of Oregon Innovative Education Department course in 1987 and making my first academic presentations at the Union of Radical Political Economists in August 1987.  One of my first students told me well after the first class ended that I should be in the Robert Heilbroner book “The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers” (1953).  At my first academic presentation, a Japanese professor bought two of both the book and the supplement and had his picture taken with me.  I met the Salem chapter head of the United Nations Association, Anita Owen, and she persuaded me to attend a national conference in Washington, DC, November 10, 1989.  At registration the first day the buzz was all about how the Berlin Wall had just fallen.  From 1991 to 1993 I was the main facilitator of monthly meetings of the Eugene chapter of  Oregon PeaceWorks.

Oregon PeaceWorker Columnist 1989-1997

After a Breitenbush Peace conference in the Oregon woods near Salem in 1989, Peter Bergel, the editor of the Oregon PeaceWorker, asked me to write an article about my international Peace Economics.  Then he asked me to become a regular monthly contributor to the 10,000 circulation magazine.  I did this about sixty times until limited time prevented me from continuing in 1997.

Madison 1993 to 2006

I moved back to Madison, Wisconsin in 1993 after being invited and attending the Clinton inauguration January 20, 1993.  In Wisconsin I renewed acquaintances with Midge Miller, who I had met on the floor of the Democratic National Convention where we were both Delegates in 1984.  I became a regular attendee at the Madison Institute’s Progressive Roundtable and made six presentations to that group over the years while Midge was still alive.  Midge loved my handouts and often asked for extra copies to give out to others.  I also became a member of the World Federalists when I moved back to Wisconsin and became their leader from 2001 to 2006, holding many a monthly Saturday noon conference call with Tom and Lee Brown in my condo on Stonecreek Drive.

Milwaukee World Federalists 1994 

In 1994 I made presentations to the Milwaukee World Federalists one morning and the Waukesha United Nations Association that evening.  Former Milwaukee Socialist Mayor Frank Ziedler was so impressed with the first talk he came out to Waukesha to hear the second talk.

Radio For Peace International          

In 1997 F. Richard Schneider prevailed upon me to offer a University of the Air course on Radio for Peace International.  By then he was even more impressed with my environmental theory of the global warming cycle (based on evaporation, not greenhouse effect), but agreed to let me put both the declining empire theory of military spending and the earth cycle theory of the Kondratiev Wave into the same class.  So the 26 classes were divided evenly between the two topics and the class was called “Weather, Wealth, and Wars”.  Working as a full time accountant prevented my doing both the column and the audio tapes for the first class in the April to June thirteen week broadcast period of 1997.  After the class, the website and related companion book to the class came out in 1999, when I attended the second Radio for Peace International board meeting conference and became a board member until 2001.

World Federalists 1998-2002

Fall Conferences of national World Federalists 1998-2002:  I gave workshop presentations on various aspects of peace economics five times in these five years.

Hague Peace Conference 1999

Everett Refior, economics professor of UW Whitewater and chapter head of the Whitewater World Federalists, invited me to talk to their group.  I also met him while making a presentation at the 100th Anniversary of the Hague Peace Conference in Holland in May 1999.  He later became Peacemaker of the Year for the Wisconsin Network of Peace and Justice, and nominated me for that same honor while he was still alive, where I was second choice in the voting October 8 2005 in Watertown. The winner, a La Crosse teacher, hosted the 2006 conference in La Crosse.  Everett died September 2006.

Wisconsin Interfaith Climate Change Campaign 2000-2003

Methodist pastor David Steffenson invited me to be a board member of the Wisconsin Interfaith Climate Change Campaign in 2000, where I remained until the Iraq War took up all my spare time in 2003

Madison Area Peace Coalition 1998-2005

In 1998 I became involved in US Out Now, opposed to the Desert Fox attack on Iraq under Clinton.  This evolved into the Madison Area Peace Coalition where I was elected to the first elected coordinating council in 2004 and served until 2006.  When Rae Vogeler was running the first meeting on September 25th, 2001, I was behind her on stage writing down notes on the blackboard and poster paper.  When the Downing Street Memos came out in 2005 I drafted the original version of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s second in the nation call for impeachment of Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld.  Later I observed the third anniversary of the memos organizing and leading an Impeachment Parade on July 23, 2005, a Saturday, where we marched around the Farmers Market and ended up with a rally at James Madison park where the actor who played Billy Jack spoke to the crowd.

Doctor Peace 2006-2009

From 2006 to 2009 I earned my doctorate from Edgewood College with a dissertation on “Peace Economics in Peace Studies”.  I focused on the Midwest peace studies programs because this is where the military buildups negatively impact the region and the manufacturing heartland the most.  I became Dr. Peace when I graduated and changed my Wisconsin license plate to DR PEACE.

Current Publicity Campaign Real Economy Institute 2013-2014

Now I am a regular weekly commentator on WORT radio since August 2013 and have had 12,000 views of my national and international press releases on since October 2013. most important discoveries

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,

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to leave message    608-230-6640

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