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Smash Hit In Nashville

One day back from rocking two conferences with stunning new theories, both of my two best chances at winning a Nobel Prize were on the table for academic peers to judge.  And both were greeted with intense interest, applause, and people coming up to talk to me afterwards.  After all I had won a peer reviewed presentation excellence award for “Empire Economics” last year at the joint conference of Academic Business World and International  Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education.  Edd Joyner had obviously put together three of his best presenters for the opening act of the Centennial A “center stage” slot of three simultaneous slots for presentations.  Edd avoids keynoters to make room for all to make two presentations at this, the tenth annual edition of this Nashville classic.  My “Accurate Economics” had the co-presenter from Homeland Security nodding her head in frequent agreement during my presentation.  The moderator kept us on pace with fingers showing how many minutes we had left.  When we reached finger one, I was ready to wrap it up.  In my second presentation first up in Centennial B on Thursday, the second morning, the moderator was so taken with my presentation he sacrificed most of his time to let me go on.

Sunday this press release broke all viewership records, 155 views in just 15 hours.  Someone from Madison viewed the climate powerpoint nine times already on Sunday.   Time to hire me UW or lose a great researcher right under your nose.

I used to be happy when a press release reached 100 views in a week.  The Roosevelt press release reached 300 views in a week and this Nashville press release is already this morning at 278 views and will reach 300 in this the second day.

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Here are the peer reviewed abstracts approved for the conference presentations:

Title:  “Accurate Economics:  What can be inferred from macroeconomics if the model of it is found to be accurate”

Abstract For:  Academic Business World International Conference, Nashville, TN, May 21-23, 2014.

“The Accurate Economics approach is heavily based on 13 mathematical and logical relationships with military spending, the economy, climate, politics, and the social structure.  These 13 relationships average over 97% accuracy, with eight over 99% accuracy.

“The relatively unexplored worlds of 1) military spending, the economy, and the end of empires and 2) global warming and the long cycle can then be taught in depth.  The models that go the farthest in accuracy will have more meaning and successful corollaries.  Students will be equipped to analyze emerging or developing economies as well as those of the developed world.

“The result of a strong model is to show the folly of many traditional theories on the right or the left.

“Trade and banking are two very misunderstood fields, for example.  Military buildups can destroy the manufacturing sector just as well as the race to the bottom does.  Education can do wonders for an economy, but it cannot replace resources that are wasted on a massive scale.  The banking sector can be a huge source of profits, but financial manipulation at the expense of real innovations in our lives can set us back.”

Here is the power point used to present this topic:

Title:  “Teaching Global Warming the Third Way”

Abstract For:  The International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education, Nashville, TN, May 21-23, 2014. (

“The temperature patterns on planet Earth are a fascinating thing.  The current global warming debate is unduly concerned about whether our climate is being changed because of manmade overconsumption of fossil fuels or it’s just natural variability in the climate.  There is a third way to teach about temperature changes over time on our planet.  This third way emphasizes not the Greenhouse Effect but the Evaporation Effect on our planet.  This takes us out of the paradigm of whether 97% of scientists agree on something or you can’t predict the weather far into the future.

“Climate scientists like Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State would have us believe that the Vikings didn’t farm Greenland for four centuries a thousand years ago or that Greenland is radically different than the rest of the planet.  Skeptics on the other hand would have us believe ice buildup on Greenland shows the opposite of global warming.  Either can easily be shown to be absurd.

“Seasonality is much stronger in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern Hemisphere, but we are never told this or why it is so.  Evaporation is the answer, because a major part of the use of solar radiation is to evaporate water.  So where there is lots of water, there will be less heating, and where there is little water there will be lots of heating.  The extremes would be oceans and deserts.

“Global warming will reduce winters but not change summers that much, another result you do not hear much about.  The third way will give people a more balanced understanding of some of the main forces effecting our planet and the people on it.”

Powerpoint used:


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