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How I Earned My Doctorate

How I Earned My Doctorate

Peace Economics started for me in 1985 and 1986 with the original research and the first two publications.  Although the reception was outstanding, it was limited, so I decided I needed a Doctorate in order to have the world accept my findings for real.  I taught my first course and passed the GRE and applied to the local school’s economic department, the University of Oregon.  With only four economics courses to my name, but armed with the electrical engineering degree and an MBA, I was accepted and started in the fall of 1987.  At that same time I was teaching my second class of Peace Economics in the sociology department through the innovative education program.  Mike Grove of the economics department had helped me as I had helped him earlier in his run for the legislature.  He suggested URPE, the Union of Radical Political Economics for my first conference presentation.  That had gone well in August 1987 with a Japanese man buying two of everything I had (both books) and having my picture taken with him.

As the term unfolded, I learned from my instructors that they already knew about the non productive nature of military spending, but it was nowhere in their teachings.  Military Keynesianism was the basis for the first year of mathematical modeling of the economy, with a grade of incomplete until the full year was over.  My classmates were seven Koreans and I was the only American.  The model was one factor representing all businesses, one factor representing all households, and one factor representing all government spending.  The focus was on changes in inflation and interest rates.  I knew this model was useless to the model I was building around the “lost capital” nature of military spending.  Government spending had to have two components at least, one stimulative as in normal Keynesian economics, and one for military spending, that would do the opposite, depress the economy.  Furthermore, I saw inflation and interest rates as secondary factors that adjusted as necessary to clear the markets, but were reactive to the real economy effects of military spending representing a waste of manufacturing resources.  Thus, one factor for all businesses was also unrealistic, as the military business ends up wasted as governmental military spending.  Military spending did have a placeholder function as economic activity and could increase the deficit, which did stimulate the economy in my 99.9% accurate 60 year model of manufacturing productivity.  But if military spending is paid for with taxes, with no increase in the deficit, the effect is disastrous to the economy.

Then I got a snotty note in my mailbox saying I could not expect economists to accept my model.  I knew then that I had about as much chance in that program as Jesus had getting approval from the Jewish Sanhedrin or Galileo had with the church.  I was a heretic.  So I withdrew and was also rejected by political science and sociology.

Twenty years later, after a long career with my father in accounting, a friend helped me find a  good program as I enrolled in the Educational Leadership Doctoral program of Edgewood College in Madison Wisconsin.  I was completing the trifecta, having grown up two blocks away and attended Edgewood Elementary and High School on the same giant property.  Edgewood College had a cohort program with the philosophy that you should be able to complete the program if you were accepted into it, not the cutthroat way of most doctoral programs which capriciously weed people out.  With scant educational teaching experience, I was a stretch for the program admissions committee, but I talked my way into the program in the program founder’s living room.

Their philosophy of aiming for everyone in the class to pass saved me late in the program when the research supervisor took a dislike to me for reasons never explained.  She wanted everyone to do qualitative research and I insisted on quantitative research, so much so that I had to appeal to the doctoral program director.  The head of the school’s education department, had promised me I could do a dissertation on Peace Economics when I was recruited March 1, 2006.  Numbers have always come first in my life.  Fortunately, they hired an economist to teach political administration in the program, and he guided me through the dissertation, not without stormy incidents.  My major advisor stood up to the research director and ensured I completed the program.  I passed my final defense on August 14, 2009 and flew out to New York the next day for a Woodstock 40th anniversary conference on the Peace Economy.

At Woodstock I stole the show and made the cover of the local paper with the picture of my talking to the group on the second day.  By then I had secured the Wisconsin license plate DR PEACE.  My dissertation consisted of a survey of 32 peace studies program directors with four follow up interviews.  It was essentially a market survey, not a proof of concept, but I finally had the all important ticket to be recognized in academic circles.

Four years later in March 2013, I was honored to make three presentations at Youngstown State, the last a dinner in my honor.  Then I presented “Empire Economics” in Nashville getting a peer reviewed presentation excellence award in May.  Finally I presented to the World Futurist Society in July with fifty people so stunned at the key power-point frame that jaws dropped and cell-phone cameras went off all across the first row.  My 55 year moving average turned global warming into three straight lines, proving the 54 year cycle and showing how amazingly consistent the Earth can be.

That was last year, and this year I’m sharing my secrets with weekly radio commentaries on Madison’s WORT radio; and to the world press with 7780 press release viewings of 37 press releases; and to academia with 1200 viewings mainly by peace and justice academics.  My celebrity is growing.  Among the academic viewings, about one fourth is local from Wisconsin, one fourth Internationals, and one half from the rest of the United States.  I have another 1300 viewings from my website and another 600 from my blog, where I have 51 former press releases and commentaries archived since last summer.  Most of this is from just the last 12 months or less.

Here is my motivation for the doctorate, especially number one that started it all:

Here are my curriculum vitae:

Dr. Peace

Dr. Bob Reuschlein best contact

608-230-6640 to leave message  more info


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