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Military Political Domination

Military States Political Dominance                                                                 

Among the effects of high military spending on a society include the dominance of the national security state and those states most economically involved in that state.  These are the military states, as I have come to call them, and I identify them by whether they rank top 25 or below on per capita military spending.  Although I usually stop there for convenience, the Defense department may not be enough to describe a military state.  Other departments to include are usually Homeland Security, Space, and Energy.  Veterans Affairs and Interest on the National Debt are also directly related to military spending, but are not economically destructive to the society in the same way military spending redirects active economic resources away from the civilian manufacturing economy.  Veterans Affairs and Interest are transfer programs not unlike the insurance nature of most other government services.   

Because the US Statistical Abstract has charts of Defense Spending by state and per capita by state, that is the easiest measure to use to define a military state.  The military states dominated the elected presidency completely during the Cold War for the eleven elections from 1948 to 1988.  Seven times a major political party nominated someone from a low military state and all of them lost.  In four of those seven cases, a military state candidate from a smaller state beat a low military state candidate from a larger state. In the 1984 per capita military spending states, the home states of one term presidents were slightly over the national average military spending per capita, and the two term presidencies were about double the national average.  During the Cold War military spending dominated more strongly than since then, but military spending is still very dominant today, but with the inclusion of the CIA presidencies from the low military spending states of Arkansas and Illinois added into the mix.  One hundred million dollars a year of drug profits from the Contra War of the eighties helped make the Arkansas economy the strongest in the nation over the years of the Clinton governorship.  Obama was one of eight chosen students for the first class of former Carter national security advisor Zbignieu Brzezinski, where he first visited the staging grounds of the Afghanistan War against the Soviets in Pakistan 1981 and later working for the CIA front company Business International in 1983.  A Pakistani politician (who later served as acting president when Musharraf resigned) was asked by Brzezinski to watch over the fair haired boy Obama.                                                                  

Other than the presidency, the Speaker of the House is the next most militarized institution of government, followed closely by the Majority Leader of the Senate, the Supreme Court, the presidential Cabinet, and the Leadership of Congress.  Those groups were about 80% or better from high military spending states.  When leadership changes hands between parties, the new majority party is usually more militarized by state background and the minority party usually becomes less militarized, regardless of political party.  Although Obama and Hillary were both from low military spending states in 2008, Obama won 14 of 15 highest per capita military spending states including DC, so he was clearly the high military spending state choice in the primaries.  Hillary won slightly more votes and if delegates had been awarded like the electoral college she would have been nominated with 62% of the delegates, but Obama’s two to one lead in caucus states won him the nomination.  Operation Mockingbird, the CIA program to control the US press, may have contributed to Obama’s win, as one famous Saturday Night Live skit indicated the Obama preference of the press.  Rank order of the top 25 per capita military states in 2007:  DC, VA, AK, HI, CT, MD, AL, MS, MO, AZ, TX, MA, SC, WA, UT, ME, GA, ND, CO, VT, KS, OK, NH, KY, CA.  Note the complete exclusion of the large industrial states of the Great Lakes region of the nation, as coastal and Southern states make up the new aristocracy of modern politics.                                                                                                  

Link to stories and stats by president of the last century of militarism:

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