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James Madison and War of 1812

My ancestor William Markham became Archbishop of York in 1776 the same year America declared its independence from Britain.  He was a fierce critic of pamphleteer Richard Price concerning the American rebellion. My ancestor Claron de Marsham was William the Conqueror’s top general.  Grandfather William H. Markham and my middle name show that William is a long term family name in the Markham clan.  But Archbishop Markham died in 1807 so he failed to see the James Madison Presidency and the War of 1812, although his son was a major naval figure. The anti-American attitude didn’t last too long in the family as one of the Archbishop’s grandsons came to Wisconsin in 1834 and I am now a fourth generation Wisconsinite on both sides of the family.

War cycle theory indicates 1808 was the anticipated date for a major war.  Europe came early at 1803 with the start of the Napoleonic Wars.  America came late with the War of 1812.  Mass conscription during the Napoleonic Wars was so vile that Europe mostly skipped the major war cycle due in 1862.  But America had its only European level of deaths in that Civil war.  Later, the memory of severe war a century old, Europe stumbled into triple death levels in the world wars.

The so-called Second War of Independence for America was little noted in Britain in comparison to the much bigger Napoleonic Wars.  I will tell the tale of my family, James Madison, and the War of 1812 this Saturday March 15, 10am at Sequoya Library, on Madison’s West Side at the corner of Midvale and Tokay.  We will be celebrating the 263rd Anniversary of James Madison’s birth.

For more cyclic war events see the war and weather war schedules here:

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