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Horicon Marsh and Grandpa

Grandpa Starts Horicon Marsh, Largest Cattail Marsh in the USA

Lest anyone question my environmental roots, let me tell you how the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge was started, one of three national parks in Wisconsin.  William is my middle name, named for grandfather William H. Markham, who called himself the bard of Horicon after writing a book of poems, including one on me called “Bobby, My Baby Boy.”  William was born in Independence, Wisconsin, December 13, 1888, and went to Law School at the University of Minnesota, where he was valedictorian in 1911.  He married Mae of Mayville (where the Horicon Marsh visitor center is located), a second cousin of Joe Kennedy the father of President Kennedy.  My mother was very proud to be one fourth Irish.  He was admitted to the Minnesota bar and practiced law in that state until 1913, when he moved to Horicon, Wisconsin. There Markham served as city attorney and alderman before being elected mayor and state senator from the 13th district in 1926.  In 1927, in my grandfather’s first great legislative success, “the Wisconsin State Legislature, after pressure from conservationists beginning in 1921, passed the Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge Bill, providing for the construction of a dam to raise the water to normal levels and for the acquisition of the land by the government.” (from Horicon Marsh Wiki).  Also from the Wiki:  “Millions of waterfowl, including over 200,000 Canada geese, migrate through the marsh.”


Nikolai Kondratiev, born March 4, 1892, the first to write about the 54 year cycle in 1922, was a contemporary of my grandfather a continent away.  His major work was written in 1926, the year of grandpa’s State Senate election.  But Kondratiev’s work was always consigned to economic “theory”.  He suffered the double whammy of being from Russia, a foreign country considered communist, and being executed by Stalin for Leninist policies of freedom for small business and anti-Marxist claims that capitalism was not ending in the twenties and thirties, but only down then, to later resurrect in the forties fifties and sixties.  This unpopular prediction cost him his life in exile in Siberia, September 17, 1938, and earned him little credit in the West.  Now with my research into the Earth Cycle of 54 years and into links between the climate change, economic, and political war systems I am expecting to vindicate his great effort and show how pervasive and true are the applications of the 54 year cycle.


Skeptics of cycle theory turn into believers when they see this graph:


As for the family, grandpa went on to run for Secretary of State in 1948, his last hurrah in politics.  Unfortunately he lost to the incumbent in the primary.  That incumbent went on to be governor when the governor died in office.  So no governor in the family.  But there are a few British Admirals and one American Admiral, a cousin of my mother.  And a lady in waiting to Queen Victoria and six generations back an Archbishop of Canterbury.  Way back our ancestor Claron de Marsham was William the Conqueror’s top general.  On the Reuschlein side a lot of knights and priests in Germany back then and an uncle and two cousins who were engineers now.  But I guess I’ve got a little German scientist in me and one person in three thousand has my math aptitude.  Grandfather taught my oldest cousin and my older brother how to play checkers, but I beat them both on my own.  And my German father, a CPA, ended up much richer than my grandfather, who died when I was eight.

I will tell the tale of grandpa, Kondratiev, and my development of the Earth Cycle on March 8, 10am at Sequoya Library on Madison’s West Side just East of the ResearchPark at the corner of Midvale and Tokay on top of the hill.  We will be celebrating the 122nd Anniversary of Kondratiev’s birth.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein



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