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Cold Winter, Crazy Weather

Why is the weather so crazy lately?  Scientists took 150 years to figure out that molecular motion and heat were the same thing.    Let’s hope they don’t take so long to recognize my studies of the climate cycle.

First the cold.  Now they call it a polar vortex, thirty years ago they called it the Siberian Express in Eugene, Oregon or an Alberta Clipper in Madison, Wisconsin.  History shows that five of the ten coldest American winters over a fifty year period happened in the thirties.  This was a period of high global warming and the famous Dust Bowl droughts of the Great Depression in America.  So why were the winters so cold?  Because global warming always starts in the supercontinent, that conglomeration of half the world’s land in one place known as Eurasia and North Africa.  So when Siberia heats up, (remember molecular motion?) that supercold region with most of the world’s cold air over land, those air masses start moving.  And when they do, they dump on that small piece of land known as North America, as Siberian high pressure systems ward off the Artic air and as the Artic Ocean dumps on Canada and America they call it a polar vortex.

The other major effect going on is that since 1969 we have been in the Southern Hemisphere driven Ocean based version of the 54 year cycle.  This phase began with the global warming run up until the 1998, with new global highs every few years.  Since oceans dominate the planet this period runs a little long, sixty years, ending in 2028.  We are treading water at a high level with a new round of global warming stalled from 1998 to 2025.  We are in the erratic middle of that stretch, just as Spring and Fall are more erratic than Summer and Winter.  The nature of this period is oceanic, hence droughts and floods and winter storms are accentuated over the coastal areas, hence the California drought and the heavy snow storms of the Northeast and the Atlanta freeze storm, all especially bad in coastal states.

Five Page Description of the Earth Cycle:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,



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