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Hurricane Flood Climate Cycle


To find out if a hurricane or flood is in your community’s future this year, look back 54 years, give or take two years, and see if a major flood or hurricane hit you then.  In February, it’s not too late to build up your community’s defenses, so contact your state and local officials now.

The weather cycle consists of 27 years of the Earth in a cooling trend, and 27 years of the Earth in a warming trend.  Around the end of a cooling trend or the end of a warming trend, you have the most extreme events.  The current warming trend ended in 1998 and the cooling trend we are now in should end about 2025, the time of the next major war.

In successive 54 year cycles, the land heavy Northern Hemisphere or the ocean heavy Southern Hemisphere alternately drives the heating cycle. In a complete pair of cycles the ocean based cycle has more coastal droughts and floods and the land based cycle has more inland droughts and floods.   So while most events are 54 year, a few are half cycle 27 or double cycle 108 years.

The hurricanes featured in the 56 event list include the big one, Hugo hit North Carolina in 1989 and dumped 12 inches of rain on the state, just like the 12 inches the same month of September in 1944, 55 years before.  Andrew in 1992 hit Miami with the biggest devastation in American history at the time, 27 years after the last Miami hurricane and 57 years after the one before that.  The deadliest hurricane in Louisiana history, 2000 deaths came 112 years before Katrina’s second deadliest at 1500 deaths.  The only other New Orleans hurricane hit 54 years after the first and 58 years before Katrina.  Sandy hit New York flooding the battery in 2012 and 52 years after the last flooding of the battery in 1960.  Haiyan hit the Phillipines in 2013 and 55 years before was the only hurricane to hit the Phillipines in the fifties and sixties.

Note the San Francisco earthquake is likely this year on the 108th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake.

Here’s a link to 56 more examples of the “peak to peak” 54 year weather cycle events:

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