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Climate Change for 3000 Years

Egypt-Britain Climate Change

James Burke of Australia reported how temperature changes in the Mediterranean region over the last 3000 years regularly changed the prevailing civilizations.  At the 45 degree latitude of Rome, for instance, the volatility of the global temperature change may be multiplied by about four.  So his report that the region varied from plus eight to minus eight degrees Fahrenheit from the long term average is not unrealistic for that far North.  In 1200 BC the region was minus eight degrees Fahrenheit, at the height of Egypt.  It slowly evolved higher to a peak of plus eight at 200 AD, the peak of the Roman Empire.  Cairo is 33 degrees North, Athens 41 degrees, and Rome at 45 degrees so as the ideal temperature zone moved steadily North dominance went from Egypt to Greece to Rome.

Rome collapses as the temperature hits minus seven around 450AD and the Barbarians are driven out of Northern Eurasia into the warmer climate of the Roman Empire.  The next warming is at plus eight around 1000 AD and the Vikings dominate Northern Europe, Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland.  They farmed Greenland until 1408 AD, making a mockery of the so-called Mann hockey curve which claims that time was colder than the present uninhabited Greenland.

The cooling bottoms in 1580 AD as the dominant powers became the Southern European nations of Spain and Portugal exploring and taking over Latin America.  The warming hits plus four at 1750 as three decades of great crop growing weather creates the industrial revolution in Britain.  Today we are plus six.  One climate change model shows with current carbon dioxide growth the planetary temperature levels off in the twenty-second century.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,



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