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General theory link:          Manufacturing is the key to economic growth, don’t be fooled by the Cassandra’s of the so-called knowledge based economy.  Those who are trying to substitute a service sector economy for a manufacturing based economy should look to Germany to see their folly.  These are the multitudes that have switched from engineering majors to finance majors to the national detriment.  With the finance sector ballooning to almost ten times its share of the economic profits forty years ago, they have sold out the Inland industrial Midwest for the Coastal military monetary economy.  Problem is, a military monetary economy is living off the largesse of the rest of us.  Parasites is the less polite word.  The coastal areas of America have colonized the Industrial Heartland and exploited it like they once exploited the Native Americans, then exploited the Latin Americans, then exploited the world, now exploiting the Midwest.

Midwest theory link:

Withdrawing engineers, scientists, and capital from the “golden goose” of manufacturing has radically changed the whole country.  The first big shake up was with the rapid recovery of Germany and Japan in the fifties.  Then the loss of the steel industry in the sixties.  Then the shake up of the auto industry of the seventies oil crisis and taking the dollar off the gold standard.  Then the assault on unions begun in the eighties.  Then a temporary reprieve with the end of the Cold War in the nineties.  Then the invention of the war on terror with all the big lies about September 11th.  Because while America was going through all these transformations, the military was also constantly reframing its mission so that it too could survive the changes.  The service sector grew to take up the vacuum of the declining industrial base, and the financial sector moved in to dominate the world and expand its share of the American economy tenfold.  Marx would laugh at us, saying I told you so.  The bi-coastal economy parasites, the military and the monetary, have taken hold like a fourth stage cancer.

Stages of empire link:

So what is the solution?  The solution is to solidify the presidential swing states of the Midwest against the cancer.  Elizabeth Warren seems to have a clue here.  She knows the too big to fail and to big to control bankers are the number one problem.  But she, like most of you, fails to see the real destruction emanating from the prime cause that put the bankers into a position of dominance.  And that, my friends, is the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.  Because the failure is to see that the tentacles of all the problems emanate from that one great institution.  That is why I started with a focus on military spending and the economy that kept growing into an empire focus.  First I noticed that all elected Cold War presidents came from high military spending states.  Then I noticed that half of all Cold War expenses represented a transfer of wealth from the Rustbelt to the Sunbelt.  These are the first dominoes leading to all the other troubles we try to take on one by one in isolation.  Then I noticed that society’s social fraying was all related to the economic decay caused by the military drain on key resources.  Empire theory was born.

Social decay of empire link:

And all we do goes around in endless circles, like a dog chasing its tail, because we do not see the primacy of the first dominos in an endlessly diverse chain, like a Japanese art object.  And this is all just a poetic way of saying “what the math convinces me” must be the case.  And that is why some think I’m arrogant, because I recognize the tight precision of the mathematical truth.  Are any of you electrical engineers?  I may be the only one in the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and few of the press are engineers either.

Internal mathematical integrity link:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,



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