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Thanks to the Peace and Justice Studies Association, views on website have just exploded the last 45 days.  You finally noticed me with “Crime and the Military” December 5th and kept following for ten commentaries of Peace Economics.  The thirty day total of documentary views went from 19 on November 30th to 222 on January 13th.

See Graph on Link:

Since October I have had views from 40 countries and 34 states.  Press views have averaged over 100 per press release, with “Climate and the Economy” most popular going over 200 but almost ignored by the Peace Association with only 14 views, while the Class and Curriculum were very popular with the academics but not the press.  At one point five releases correlated about .99 between press and academics.  “Peace Economics or Peace Studies?” was most popular for the Peace and Justice Studies with 45 document views and 30 profile views.

Methodology:  using to send email press releases to 7000 press people, over 1600 have viewed those releases since the first one October 10th.  Locally, this was combined with weekly two minute commentaries on WORT radio in Madison, Wisconsin since September.  Then PJSA was the third part of the educational campaign.  The fourth part was my email list of 178.

Results:  the results show 403 viewings since October 7th, 329 (80%) in the last 45 days.  Worldwide, 70% of viewings were from the United States and 30% from the rest of the world.  Climate Cycle (considered green or environmental) postings were three times more popular in the rest of the world than in the United States.  In the United States, about 25% of the views came from locals in Wisconsin and Rockford, IL.  12% were rural with no city listed.

Of the remaining 63% from the United States, I divided them into the high military spending states and the low military spending states, each collectively having about 50% of the United States population.  66% came from military states and 34% from low military states.  This two to one ratio has shown up many times in many of my studies.  I will explain this in the future.

Thank you for letting me teach you a little Peace Economics, as I have formulated it.  It has been a breath taking journey for me, I hope it’s that way for you, too.

Peace Economics in a one page Summary:

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,


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