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Conservatives continue to believe ALL government is an economic problem, not recognizing the qualitative difference the loss of resources in military spending makes.  Health care, Education and Social Insurance do not destroy the economy.  Note that the post office did not fail to deliver Christmas presents on time, only the private sector failed.   Draining the manufacturing sector of key resources is the crucial mistake empires make.  It does not work to think defensively about the world wasting vast resources on short term security.  Societies need to remain on the offensive producing new products the world wants and needs.

Liberals need to understand two things:

1)  America is fraying at the edges compared to other developed societies because we live in a declining empire society.  Empire creates inequality, inequality has only half the accuracy of military spending explaining America’s numerous failings relative to other advanced societies.

2) Education is a wonderful thing for individuals and can be useful to whole societies if used appropriately.  The English speaking countries of Canada, Britain, and the United States have long devoted higher levels of resources to education than other developed countries.  Yet the G7 correlation between education and economic growth is poor.  The much stronger correlation is negative with military spending.  Education can help us swim upstream, but the powerful current of the military drain is pulling us closer and closer to the waterfall’s edge.  These points are covered in the third from last slide on my Accurate Economic Model powerpoint:

Audio (Jan15, bottom of page):

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,



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