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Economics has long been called the dismal science because there is no science there.  That all changed with Peace Economics.   Military Spending is a direct substitute for capital investment and economic growth.  Manufacturing and Military Spending are in competition for the same resources.  The industrial inland Midwest competes with the Coastal and Southern states for the same resources under control of the federal government, its politicians, and the mainstream national security dominated press.  The story of declining empire is the story of our times, often hidden behind simplistic financial stories and other red herrings.

The precision of this new theory is so strong it becomes a science like physics rather than another social science.  Conventional economics is to the social sciences what social promotion is to the schools, just another effort to “get by” when there is no accuracy.  Thirteen defining aspects of this theory have an average correlation of .97 with eight over .99.

To the 24 hour day, 365 day year, twelve month year, and four seasons, we must add the 54 year long cycle which defines the timing of climate change, economic change, major wars, and weather disasters with a new kind of season of about 13.5 years each.  All attempts to forecast global temperature changes are folly without including this long cycle, as the globe keeps failing to exceed the 1998 peak temperature year until the next major war and cold year in 2025.  Juglar waves of eight to ten years are a key component of the new science.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein, 608-230-6640  for audio of this message (see bottom of page)


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