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Major Wars Occur in Cold Years

Great Wars occur at the end of the cooling cycle of the 54 year cycle.  So about 27 years after the hottest year of a period comes the coldest year of that complete cycle.  Often that is the exact year a major war starts.  Often the second biggest war of the cycle comes in the second coldest year of the cooling period, about fifteen years before the major war.  This cooling part of the long cycle is the high economic growth part of the cycle, as cooling helps economic growth.  Because this is the high growth part of the cycle, economic differences among nations are enlarged to a maximum extent by the end of the cooling phase of the cycle.  This maximizes tensions between the great powers.  Often there are two or three years of cooling in a row and the last year of cooling is the trigger year of the major war.  Having had a tune up war along the way against a lesser power emboldens the major power to take on the main enemy in the major war.  Next scheduled major war cold year?  2025.

for 2 page article, 8 war chart, on my academic website.
After this major war comes the heat wave part of the cycle which is largely peaceful with only minor wars or about 7% of the major or second major wars of the cooling period.  This peaceful period has a major economic collapse about halfway through the 27 year heating period.  The timing of the secondary war is usually right at the peak growth rate of the cooling cycle, about halfway through.  Then the timing of the economic collapse is thirty years later followed by a rise period of 24 years to the next economic peak and the next secondary war, for a total of 54 years in a complete cycle.

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Madison Wisconsin radio station WORT radio (89.9 FM) will play this four times today (12-27-13).
At 5am, 6:30am, and 9am CT right after the 8 0’clock Buzz show.
Then later at 2pm CTright after the Mel and Floyd political comedy show. for audio (at bottom of page)


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