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Football and Empire

Only 10% of the Roman gladiators died, but career NFL football players lose twenty years off their lifespan.  That’s about 25% of their lifespan.  The sport of empire replaced Baseball in popularity a half generation after World War II.

The number one sport in America today is football.  Football is a very militaristic sport.  The troops, or the participants in the sport, 11 on each team, there’s offense and there’s defense.  There are the players on the front line, and they’re referred to as “in the trenches,” like World War I foot soldiers they’re in the trenches, doing the tough work in the trenches just like the infantry.  And the highest thing you can do in a football game is score a touchdown by throwing “the bomb,” another militaristic term.   Another term is “blitzing”; linebackers blitz the line.

Note that the militaristic football of the Cold War, post World War II, high military spending society, comes in an exceptional period in American history.  Nothing else quite like it in American history, when America has become the empire, the Roman Empire of the modern day era.  Football players are the modern equivalent of the gratuitous violence of the Roman gladiators.  An estimated 70% of pro football players feel pain with that first step out of bed on Monday morning.  60% of pro football players have had concussions and 15% have had five or more brain concussions in their career.  Injury report lists every week are standard and players talk of playing through the pain.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein, 608-230-6640 for radio audio (see bottom of listing)


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