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Healthcare and Empire

Crime, corruption, inefficiency, and waste are all results of the self destructive tendencies of empire.  Part of the reason we have the most expensive healthcare in the world with very poor results, compared to other developed countries, is our extremely militarized economy and culture, and the general stagnation that goes with empire has helped to prevent modernization.
Eight correlations over .99 proves the centrality of military spending at this link:

The Spirit Level book has the thesis of income inequality explaining the many differences among developed world nations in social and health statistics. America has the worst statistics in almost every category.  But empire, as expressed by long term military spending averages, has a much stronger pull on the leading Spirit Level statistics.  Comparing the nine average correlations with military spending and income inequality, military spending dominates .82 to .69.  So the ten worst effects of empire are mostly economic and health related and are, in order, lack of social mobility, then low manufacturing productivity, high prisoners, high teen births, high homicides, high work hours, high mental illness, high income inequality, low press freedom on national security issues, and high obesity.

It’s that sinking feeling we all have that America isn’t working out like it used to.  For a generation after World War II we still had the American Dream mostly intact.  Then they killed the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King and we started our long downhill slide deeper and deeper into a state of empire and empire decline.  Soon Nixon resigned and the one time spokesperson for the number one nuclear weapons contractor Ronald Reagan took the solar panels off the White House, over-built the military, cut taxes on the rich by 60%, busted the unions, and here we are today:  locked in the new feudalism, a land of 99% serfs dominated by top 1% lords.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein, 608-230-6640 for radio audio after Wednesday the 18th (see bottom of listing)


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