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The biggest impediments to economic growth are the military and temperature.
When they go up the economy shrinks, when they go down the economy grows.

1) Economics is considered the dismal science because of its inaccuracy. But Reuschlein’s manufacturing productivity model of the US covers sixty years with 99.9% accuracy. Accuracy continued when extended thirteen years to 1996.
2) Global warming and cooling was not seen as a part of the 54 year cycle until Reuschlein’s May 1991 paper preceded the confirming event of the June 1991 Mt. Pinatuba eruption. Then this year Reuschlein’s World Future Society presentation showed a 55 year moving average gives a cycle adjusted straight line for global warming since 1973.
3) The book Spirit Level by Richard Wilkenson and Kate Pickett document how a couple dozen social and health effects are adversely affected by high levels of income inequality. The six strongest correlating factors of their nine factor index correlate .82 with my long term military spending averages and only .69 with their income inequality, making Reuschlein’s empire theory the better explanation.
4) The 240 experts of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can’t explain the current 15 year global warming stall. Reuschlein explains it and predicts it will continue for another 12 years.
5) Reuschlein 2013 is expecting three world events: in 2014 a major San Francisco earthquake, in 2025 the major war of our cycle, and 2036 the major economic depression of our times in each of the three “weather wealth and war” categories. Reuschlein has unique insights linking all three categories of the cycle.
6) The so-called experts often say there was no peace dividend in the nineties. No one predicted either the economic boom or the drop in crime rates that WAS the Nineties Peace Dividend except Dr. Robert Reuschlein’s books Peace Economics and Strength Through Peace.
7) Before Reuschlein invented the term Peace Economics to title his first book in 1986, the field was unfortunately termed “economic conversion.” Conversion only reminded people of unwanted religious visitors at your front door. Two years later the SANE/freeze peace movement used the new terminology adopting Peace Economy as their top priority.
8) Both economists and global warming theorists make the same mistake. They both think macro modeling can result from micro modeling, not recognizing that macro needs its own unique structure and that elegant science is still possible.  for audio at bottom of notice for text

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,  608-230-6640


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