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Murder, Crime Drop In Nineties

The new young star on MSNBC, Chris Hayes, took over Ed Schultz’s primetime spot on weekdays (7 here and 8 Eastern) between Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow. But before this new superstar moved to primetime, he was doing a two hour early morning show at 7am on Saturday and Sunday. On the last weekend of last year he did a show on crime and guns with a couple of academic crime experts on the show. He pointed out to them and got them to admit that no one knew why crime had suddenly dropped to half its eighties level in the nineties.
Reuschlein’s research since 1989 has clearly shown that crime and military rates are exactly proportional among five of the G7 countries, with a correlation coefficient of a perfect 1.00 rounded to two decimal places, yes, a .996. So the drop in military spending at the end of the Cold War produced a corresponding drop in murder and crime rates. You can look up the details on my website. If Chris Hayes is right, then I am the only one in the world who knows the military cause of the drop in crime in the nineties. I amazed the Justice Studies Association with my presentation on crime May 30, 2012. I watched the eyebrows lift on the conference organizer.
A prophet is without honor in his own home town. But I feel the tide turning with a pickup in viewings on my academic website:
Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein, 608-230-6640 for actual voice recording at bottom of listing


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